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Result Content Idea Research
1 Neolithic “Woodhenge” Discovered at Perdigões' Complex Portugal
2 Neolithic “Woodhenge” Discovered in Portugal
3 “Woodhenge” Discovered in the Iberian Peninsula
4 4,500-year-old 'timber circles' discovered in Portugal
5 12 of the best things to see and do in Ghana
6 Stonehenge-Like 'Timber Circles' Found in Portugal | Smart News
7 Archaeology news: 'Wooden Stonehenge' discovered in Portugal
8 Mysterious Timber Circles Discovered in Portugal Older than Stonehenge
9 Ghana considering second round of voter registration for general election
10 Avengers Endgame: Florida Tech Professor, Lisa Perdigo, Studying Superhero Regeneration
11 Chronic mercury exposure in Late Neolithic/Chalcolithic populations in Portugal from the cultural use of cinnabar
12 Satellite imagery helps Ghana fight illegal mining
13 Mystery of Sweden's Stone Age Cultures Unraveled with Genetics
14 Largest Neolithic Circle Ever Discovered In Britain
15 Origin of Stonehenge's Sarsen Stones is Finally Pinpointed
16 In the Right Hands, NASA Satellite Data and Analysis Make Earth Better
17 Rare Photo Reveals Ingenious Stonehenge Engineering Secrets
18 2019-20 Standard-Times Boys Basketball Season Preview
19 Letter: Do I have to wear a hijab?
20 7000-Year-Old Ritual Site Unearthed in Poland
21 Pagan & Shinto News: 5000 Sign Petition to Demolish Decorative Torii Gate in The Bahamas
22 Polio fails to stop play for inspirational footballers
23 Ghanaian App Offers Salvation Through Your Smartphone
24 How Ghana conducts its 2020 digital census — Quartz Africa
25 A New App Wants A Cut of the $9 Billion Black Hair Care Industry
26 One Farmer's Journey From Agriculture to Algorithms
27 Archaeologists Uncover 9000-Year-Old Underwater Stone Age Settlement
28 Syrians finding refuge in Ghana as war at home grinds on
29 MFWA engages with Ghanian citizens on processes around elections
30 Seth Dei, the Ghanaian investor behind fruit exporter Blue Skies
31 For the Record
32 How Satellite Data Can Fight Illegal Mining in Ghana
33 The ups and downs of drug-delivering drones
34 Silicon Lagoon: Africa's Tech Revolution Heads West
35 Ghana’s new lifesaving medical drones: like Uber, but for blood
36 Stonehenge Builders Were Immigrants From What is Now Turkey
37 Ghana sisters blending style, tradition for Muslim women
38 Ghana's new president sworn into office
39 The Stone Age: The First 99 Percent of Human History
40 Evidence Suggests Stonehenge May Have Been Built Using Pig Fat
41 Prehistoric Britons Brought Pigs From As Far As Scotland For Stonehenge Feasts
42 Moments from a historic day of worldwide protests
43 How A Census Can Drive Sustainable Development in Africa
44 Ghana: Electoral Commission wards off cyber-attack
45 A kind waitress helped feed a fussy toddler so the mom could actually enjoy her dinner
46 The Where, When and How of Quarrying Stonehenge 'Bluestones' Is Revealed in New Report
47 Massive Monumental Cemetery in Eastern Africa Challenges Ideas of Monumentality
48 Social Ties in Stone Age South Africa: Experts Find Stone Tools Connected Far Away Communities
49 Ghana’s new census shows its data-driven approach to fighting poverty
50 A Missing Piece of Stonehenge Is Returned and Could Answer Big Questions
51 Supporters of La Plata County commissioner’s recall fall 1,105 signatures shy of their mark
52 Stonehenge Builders Had Ancient Knowledge of Pythagorean Geometry
53 5600-Year-Old Ceremonial Center Found Near Stonehenge, Built 1000 Years Before Stone Circle was Erected
54 Second Anglo-Saxon cemetery with fascinating grave goods unearthed near Stonehenge
55 No Pain, No Gain: R&D Challenges for Success of Microneedle Systems
56 TRACK & FIELD | DSHS captures girls championship at Live Oak Eagle Relays
57 Prehistoric Calendar Revealed at Stonehenge
58 Major Discovery: 4500-year-old megalithic super-henge found buried one mile from Stonehenge
59 The Mystery of Stonehenge, Ancient Petroglyphs and Crop Circles
60 Prompted by MFWA petition, police investigate attack on journalists
61 25 Cars Inspired by Airplanes and Fighter Jets
62 Stone Age Text Links Australia to Europe: Initial Evidence for Worldwide Travel by an Ancient Stone Age Civilization
63 San Jose bishop to Congress: Pass Dreamer legislation
64 Elevated Origins: Radical new theory suggests Stonehenge was base of an above-ground celestial altar
65 Report of religious group 'sex slave' rattles Church in Spain
66 Architect presents radical new theory that Stonehenge was a two-storey, wooden feasting and performance hall