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1 Federal judge wants to see more evidence on Justice Department's handling of Strzok, Page texts
2 Compromised review: Peter Strzok on Trump, Russia and the FBI
3 Peter Strzok, Notorious Ex-G-Man, Explains Himself And Takes Aim At Trump
4 Peter Strzok Has a Warning About Russia—and Trump
5 Anne Applebaum Interviews Peter Strzok
6 Peter Strzok: Trump orbit has "pervasive pattern of contact" with Russians
7 FBI agent who Trump accused of bias says Attorney General Barr's actions "smack of political partisanship"
8 Strzok on Russian interference: We've grown dull to outrage
9 ‘The Comey Rule’ Actor Steven Pasquale Calls Trump ‘Career Criminal, Peter Strzok ‘Unsung Hero’
10 Peter Strzok: President Trump's 'False' Claims Hurt America's Global Standing
11 Watch CBS This Morning: Former FBI Agent Peter Strzok on new book
12 Former FBI agent Peter Strzok: Trump’s campaign strategy of division gives Russia ‘enormous leverage’
13 'You deserve to be divorced, not fired': Peter Strzok quotes wife in arguing against FBI firing for anti-Trump texts
14 Peter Strzok: 'I believe that the president is compromised by the Russians'
15 Peter Strzok and the Russia Investigation | The Brian Lehrer Show
16 Peter Strzok should be jailed for his action as FBI agent
17 One-On-One With Peter Strzok
18 Trump tweets Fox News video on ex-FBI agent Peter Strzok's anti-Trump texts, Internet refuses to believe chann
19 Peter Strzok
20 INTERVIEW: Peter Strzok On His New Book
21 Peter Strzok: ‘Staggering’ that Trump admits to preferring dictators
22 Bipartisan group of representatives introduces $2 trillion relief package in attempt to break stalemate
23 Peter Strzok: Trump 'surrounded by people' who have 'pervasive contact' with Russia
24 Jeff Daniels deftly captures the former FBI director in Showtime's 'The Comey Rule'
25 Bay Area political events: SF supervisor debate, conservation history
26 Meet the Press
27 The unanswered question of our time: Is Trump an agent of Russia?
28 Oklahoma and Publishers Weekly bestsellers
29 Ex-FBI agent Strzok due out with book about Trump, Russia
30 FBI Agent Says ‘Get Trump’ Attitude Marred Mueller Probe
31 Andrew McCabe to testify before Senate Judiciary Committee about 2016 Russia investigation
32 This week's bestsellers from Publishers Weekly | Features
33 A searing look at the Mueller investigation — from the inside
34 New titles claim top 3 fiction, nonfiction bestsellers spots
35 From Russia (to Biden) With Love
36 Northwest Bestsellers | Sunday AM |
37 The Stubborn Persistence of the Russia Bogeyman
38 Trump Watch: Trump's Justice Department Won't Stop Attacking Career DOJ Attorneys
39 The past 48 hours of Justice Department political shenanigans, explained
40 Peter Strzok alleges in new court filing the federal government violated his rights
41 Top Ten | Sunday AM
42 The Comey Rule accuracy: what's fact and what's fiction in Showtime's two-part miniseries.
43 Rosenstein Released FBI's Peter Strzok and Lisa Page Texts | Time
44 FBI lovebirds Lisa Page, Peter Strzok conspired in Michael Flynn case: docs
45 Trump uses FBI director as a foil ahead of Election Day
46 Top Senate Republicans pressing for investigation on Mueller team phones being 'wiped'
47 Sidney Powell: Obama's Fingerprints Are "All Over" Flynn Investigation
48 Comey to testify before Senate panel weeks before election
49 The Debates Could Seal Biden’s Fate
50 Trump target Lisa Page sues Justice Department, FBI over 'unlawful' disclosure of texts with Peter Strzok
51 F.B.I. Agent in Russia Inquiry Saw Basis in Early 2017 to Doubt Dossier
52 Larry Elder: Many Blacks, Hispanics aligned with Trump's concerns
53 Peter Strzok Archives
54 A closer look at the newly-discovered notes of former FBI Agent Peter Strzok
55 CPAC play 'FBI: Lovebirds' based on Strzok, Page anti-Trump texts
56 DOJ outlines slew of Strzok 'security violations,' says wife learned of affair through unsecured phone
57 'This is a lie. Nothing like this ever happened': Ex-FBI lawyer Lisa Page tears into Trump claim
58 Best-sellers | Features |
59 Fracking for votes: Pennsylvania's Supreme Court has opened the door to election chaos
60 Woodward's 'Rage' the new No. 1 book
61 Peter Strzok sues FBI for firing him over anti-Trump texts
62 Strzok stopped FBI from ending Flynn probe despite lack of 'derogatory' evidence, unsealed documents reveal
63 Ex-FBI agent Strzok to release book this fall
64 Literary notes: In case you missed it, highlights from new books about President Trump
65 FBI agent Peter Strzok fired over anti-Trump texts
66 Lisa Page owes an apology — to Peter Strzok’s wife | Christine Flowers
67 Gowdy suggests Durham focusing on Peter Strzok: He 'has his fingerprints on every aspect' of Russia probe
68 Peter Strzok fired from the FBI
69 ACLJ Files FOIA Request After Mueller Team “Accidentally” Wiped Their Phones Multiple Times Before Turning Them Over to DOJ
70 The Comey Rule review: Showtime's miniseries plays the 2016 election as a horror movie.
71 GOP reveals new Strzok texts concerning 'crescendo of leaks,' demands watchdog investigate
72 Declassified Peter Strzok document raises new questions about origins of Russia probe
73 FBI agent Peter Strzok explains why he sent anti-Trump text
74 Howie Carr: Things about to get worse for fired FBI agent, love-struck Strzok
75 Former US attorney on Michael Flynn case: Peter Strzok was 'at the heart' of the Trump-Russia 'storm'
76 Former FBI Agent Peter Strzok Sues Over 'Unlawful' Firing
77 Peter Strzok’s Attorney Responds to Trump’s ‘Unhinged Attacks’
78 DOJ Admits in Michael Flynn Case That FBI ‘Mistakenly Identified’ Peter Strzok Notes
79 Lisa Page Claims the FBI Revealed Her Texts with Peter Strzok Only to Help Jeff Sessions Politically
80 Guest lineups for the Sunday news shows | National Politics |
81 ELDER: Breaking down Trump's rising poll numbers
82 Newly uncovered Strzok notes turned over to Flynn’s lawyer
83 International: 30 bestselling books for the week of Sept. 19
84 The Strange Tale of Peter Strzok
85 Lisa Page explains why she and Strzok talked 'insurance policy' about Trump
86 James Comey CBS Studios Mini Sets Steven Pasquale As FBI Agent Peter Strzok, Oona Chaplin As Lawyer Lisa Page; Lovers’ Text Exchanges Riled Trump & Embarrassed Bureau
87 FBI agent Strzok escorted from FBI building Friday
88 Lisa Page, Ex-F.B.I. Lawyer Whose Texts Criticized Trump, Breaks Silence
89 FBI lover Lisa Page LIED when confronted over affair with Peter Strzok
90 The desperate search for the Ukraine scandal’s Peter Strzok
91 FBI fires Peter Strzok in wake of anti-Trump text messages
92 New Set Of Unsealed Documents Reveal What Peter Strzok Did
93 Strzok notes show Obama, Biden weighed in on Flynn case even as Comey downplayed it: lawyers
94 Amid interviews and IG reports, fact remains: Strzok and Page did real damage | TheHill
95 How 7 words in the 500-page IG report give Donald Trump all the 'deep state' ammo he wanted
96 Andrew McCabe and Peter Strzok are both suing the Justice Department
97 Lisa Page slams Trump after he suggests she got restraining order against Peter Strzok
98 FBI Agent Peter Strzok Testifies on 2016 Investigations
99 New FBI document confirms the Trump campaign was investigated without justification | TheHill
100 Inside the FBI Life of Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, as Told in Their Text Messages