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Result Content Idea Research
1 Americans and Germans Diverge in Views of Transatlantic Alliance Heading into 2021
2 Sharp Divisions on Vote Counts, as Biden Gets High Marks for His Post-Election Conduct
3 America is exceptional in the nature of its political divide
4 Government restrictions on religion globally reached new high in 2018
5 During Trump presidency, global image of US has declined
6 Americans Followed Election Returns Closely | Pew Research Center
7 What 2020 election poll performance might mean for other survey work
8 Two-thirds of U.S. adults say they've seen their own news sources report facts meant to favor one side
9 On genetically modified foods, widespread skepticism in 20 publics
10 Election 2020: Two broad voting coalitions fundamentally at odds
11 Most voters are 'fearful' and 'angry' about the state of the U.S., but a majority now are 'hopeful,' too
12 More Baby Boomers have retired since COVID-19 began than before
13 5 facts about the QAnon conspiracy theories
14 Government Restrictions on Religion Rise Globally | Pew Research Center
15 Governors Announce Small Business Aid Alongside Restrictions
16 What Were Reading Top State Stories
17 Nearly All States Suffer Declines in Education Jobs
18 Tuna Fishing Oversight Body Should Advance Adoption of Electronic Monitoring
19 Biden Likely to Help States Increase Health Care Access
20 North Carolina's Coastal Habitats, Economies Deserve Effective Conservation Planning
21 How Philadelphia and Other Cities Work to Achieve Fiscal Stability
22 Pew Study: Contact tracing efforts face skepticism, participation challenges | The Numbers Racket
23 The Changing Racial and Ethnic Composition of the U.S. Electorate
24 BuzzFeed to acquire HuffPost | Pew Research Center
25 Amid COVID-19 recession, unpartnered mothers less likely to be at work
26 News from the Pew & Pulpit
27 Pew Report Highlights How States Used CARES Act Funding for Broadband, Including Fiber Deployments
28 In South Carolina Oyster Shell Recycling Helps Rebuild Reefs With Many Benefits
29 Next-gen laser tech will charge your phone with a pew! Pew! Pew!
30 Pew: Pandemic hits newspapers hard as TV news thrives
31 To court Latinos, Democrats have to expand strategy in 2022
32 Style Conversational Week 1412: We’re scrambling!
33 For families with multiple generations under one roof, the pandemic has brought unique challenges
34 Transition 2021: Do Germans Believe America Is Back?
35 As Disasters and Coronavirus Combine to Hit Budgets, Policymakers Can Seize the Moment
36 PUBG Update Allows Vehicle Drivers to Use Weapons | Game Rant
37 Buying a home: Why it's harder for younger generations than their parents
38 With Coronavirus Vaccines on The Way, Researchers Say It's Time to Build Trust
39 AOC Raised $200K On Twitch Platform |
40 Wolfgang Van Halen Regrets Eddie Didn't Get to See 'Grand Finale'
41 Holidays are time to give back for St. Clair Township police
42 How we are covering COVID-19
43 Restrictions on religion rise across the globe, Pew says
44 Unfavorable Views of China Reach Historic Highs in Many Countries
45 U.S. Image Plummets Internationally as Most Say Country Has Handled Coronavirus Badly
46 U.S. Public Now Divided Over Whether To Get COVID-19 Vaccine
47 Guzzardi: Trump goes down swinging
48 White Christians continue to favor Trump over Biden, but support has slipped
49 Biden Holds Wide Leads Over Trump on Coronavirus, Unifying the Country
50 Pew Research Center at AAPOR 2020
51 59% of lower-income US parents expect obstacles to online schoolwork amid COVID-19
52 How 14 Countries View International Cooperation as UN Turns 75
53 Religion news – Nov. 28
54 Two-Thirds of Americans Think Government Should Do More on Climate
55 Montana nursing home lawsuit amended to add more claims
56 8 facts about Americans and Instagram
57 American News Pathways
58 In fallout over polls, "margin of error" gets new scrutiny
59 Science and Scientists Held in High Esteem Across Global Publics
60 Most Americans Say the Country Needs More Covid Aid
61 Amid Coronavirus Outbreak, Americans' Views of China Increasingly Negative
62 Trump just pardoned Michael Flynn. How do presidential pardons work?
63 Many Americans Get News on YouTube, Where News Organizations and Independent Producers Thrive Side by Side
64 How important is climate change to voters in the 2020 election?
65 Americans' Views of Government: Low Trust, but Some Positive Performance Ratings
66 Religiously unaffiliated people more likely than those with a religion to lean left, accept homosexuality
67 Americans' Trust in Government, Each Other, Leaders
68 Americans' Views on Dating and Relationships | Pew Research Center
69 4. Important issues in the 2020 election
70 Americans are divided on whether colleges that brought students back to campus made the right decision
71 As the Pulpit Goes | Columns |
72 1. The Trump-Biden presidential contest
73 Voters Highly Engaged, but Nearly Half Expect Difficulties Voting in 2020 Election
74 Americans Who Mainly Get Their News on Social Media Are Less Engaged, Less Knowledgeable
75 Americans more divided over COVID-19 than those in other advanced nations
76 Americans blame unfair news coverage on media outlets, not the journalists who work for them
77 Black Lives Matter support down since June, still strong among Black adults
78 Economic Fallout From COVID-19 Continues To Hit Lower-Income Americans the Hardest
79 Few Americans say their house of worship is open, but a quarter say their faith has grown amid pandemic
80 White evangelical approval of Trump slips, but eight-in-ten say they would vote for him
81 Trump Trails Biden on Most Personal Traits, Major Issues
82 Other voices: The COVID-19 vaccine is a gift from science. Accept it
83 How religion factors into US Hispanic teens' lives
84 About a fifth of U.S. adults moved due to COVID-19 or know someone who did
85 Study finds mask mandates result in compliance
86 Texas funeral becomes a COVID-19 super spreader event after 100 people pack into the pews
87 Despite Pandemic, Many Europeans Still See Climate Change as Greatest Threat to Their Countries
88 COVID-19: Has Europe handled the pandemic well?
89 Voters' Attitudes About Race and Gender Are Even More Divided Than in 2016
90 COVID-19 Response Approved by Most in 14 Nations with Advanced Economies
91 Trust in science becomes a political issue. How did that happen?
92 Around world, people favor natural gas over other fossil fuels
93 Top election issues for Latino voters: Economy, health care, COVID-19
94 Partisans in the U.S. increasingly divided on whether offensive content online is taken seriously enough
95 How Democrats and Republicans Use Twitter
96 Political Typology Quiz
97 A majority of young adults in the U.S. live with their parents for the first time since the Great Depression
98 An examination of the 2016 electorate, based on validated voters
99 Majorities Across Racial, Ethnic Groups Express Support for the Black Lives Matter Movement
100 More Americans say they are regularly wearing masks in stores and other businesses