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Result Content Idea Research
1 Biotech venture wins UB entrepreneurship competition
2 A Mars Colony in Hawaii? A Microbiologist Experiences Life Beyond Earth
3 Life After CU Denver: Accomplished Lynx Share Words of Inspiration
4 3Q: Fighting racism in the nuclear community
5 Contact Tracing Apps Unlikely to Contain COVID-19 Spread: No Real-World Evidence of Effectiveness
6 Stick with me
7 Alumni Spotlight: Bharath Ramakrishnan
8 A new approach to carbon capture
9 Beyond the Petri Dish: Gabriela Alvarado, PhD’19
10 MIT research on seawater surface tension becomes international guideline
11 When baby planets melt
12 PhD Students Present Final Defenses with Little Degree of Online Difficulty
13 History shows why quarantines are so difficult to implement
14 UB research on gender and leadership emergence wins award
15 A mechanical way to stimulate neurons: Magnetic nanodiscs can be activated by an external magnetic field, providing a research tool for studying neural responses
16 Computer scientists' new tool fools hackers into sharing keys for better cybersecurity
17 UConn Research: More Carbon in the Ocean Can Lead to Smaller Fish
18 Alumni brothers pioneer groundbreaking method of cybersecurity
19 Kiss and Make Up, or Not? Researchers Analyze Post-Conflict Behaviors
20 Electrical fields can throw a curveball: Particle-scale phenomenon akin to the swerving of a curveball could allow selective separation of suspended nanomaterials
21 Making a remarkable material even better
22 Supervision of principals should focus on instructional leadership, according to Vanderbilt research supported by the Wallace Foundation
23 The Hidden Math of Bacterial Behavior
24 Tiny optical cavity could make quantum networks possible
25 Neural networks facilitate optimization in the search for new materials
26 The intersection of technology and war | News
27 Artist Gittes '10 Donates 1800 Paintings to NYC Hospital Staff
28 Otherworldly worms with three sexes discovered in Mono Lake: Eight species of nematode discovered in the lake's harsh conditions
29 Nature-inspired CRISPR enzymes for expansive genome editing
30 NASA moon rocks help form new picture of early moon and Earth
31 Three Longhorns Want to Change the Way Music Makes Onto Your Playlists
32 How to extract DNA from strawberries | News
33 Ultrasound Imaging Extended Into the Microscopic Realm
34 Optical Microcomb Device May Result in Improved Telecommunications, Sensors, Clocks
35 Why Quarantines Are So Difficult to Implement: Lessons From the 1800s
36 Why C. difficile infection spreads despite increased sanitation practices
37 COMMANDing drug delivery
38 Researchers' Analysis Confirms Effects of Cognitive Training for Older Adults
39 Communication Problems in Autism Are a Two-way Street
40 Nature-Inspired CRISPR Enzyme Discoveries Vastly Expand Genome Editing
41 New York | CU Boulder Next
42 Scientists Target Link Between Chronic Pain, Cognitive Impairments
43 Otherworldly Discovery: Worms With Three Sexes in Mono Lake
44 The race to develop renewable energy technologies
45 Researchers brighten path for creating new type of MRI contrast agent
46 Computing and the search for new planets
47 Stimulating neurons with magnetic nanodiscs
48 Understanding the impact of deep-sea mining
49 Helping machines perceive some laws of physics
50 New Discovery on How Crystals Form on Surfaces Advances Semiconductors and Nanotechnology
51 Heller holds first Sankofa Community Conference on racial justice
52 Injections to become pills, in vision of Harvard-launched startup
53 New High Precision Chip-Based Laser Gyroscope Can Measure Earth’s Rotation
54 Cumming School first-years shave their lids for kids
55 Heating by cooling
56 In the Fight: How UT Researchers Have Been Working Tirelessly to Defeat COVID-19
57 Identifying a melody by studying a musician's body language
58 Study finds electrical fields can throw a curveball
59 Whitehead Institute receives $10 million to study sex chromosomes' impact on women's health
60 Two projects receive funding for technologies that avoid carbon emissions
61 5 Weeks Instead of 50 Years: Neural Networks Optimize Search for New Materials
62 From 'gut brains' to supply chains, PhD students tackle complex problems
63 Investigating Public Policy and Sexual Freedoms | Stanford Humanities and Sciences
64 Desalination by sunlight
65 Newly discovered enzyme “square dance” helps generate DNA building blocks
66 A former malaria patient takes on her wily foe
67 Workers Are Getting Smaller Pieces of the Pie – MIT Study Finds Out Why
68 With Minecraft model of Brown's campus, students cultivate community
69 Harun '20 Receives Governor's Innovation Fellowship | News @ Wesleyan
70 Researchers Examine How COVID-19 Virus May Increase Lung Inflammation
71 How a new MIT recommendation model can help retailers predict customer trends
72 Searching for strong signals in big data's noise
73 Team Creates Shape-Changing Material That Pushes Biological Boundaries
74 Following her heart | News
75 Stanford Earth Young Investigators high school internship program goes virtual
76 IIT Bombay Awards 211 Degrees At Interim Session Of Its 58th Convocation
77 Protecting sensitive metadata so it can't be used for surveillance
78 How door-to-door canvassing slowed an epidemic
79 Metal Pollution in Warming Oceans is a Serious Threat to Soft Coral Sea Fans
80 Audiologists Spread Word About Noise-Induced Hearing Loss
81 February in Photos
82 Hundreds gather to march in Global Climate Strike
83 The RoboBee flies solo: Cutting the power cord for the first untethered flight
84 UCLA Engineering 2020 Award Recipients
85 Study: VNS Shows Promise for Improving Peripheral Nerve Recovery
86 RoboBee Cuts The Cord: 4 Wings And Solar Panels Helps Microbot Fly Solo
87 A new way to irrigate crops year-round
88 Detail-oriented, with an eye on the big picture
89 Researchers develop a roadmap for growth of new solar cells
90 Exercise and breast cancer survivors: Study indicates additional benefits
91 Chemistry breakthrough could help produce new drugs, molecules
92 In the Year of the Nurse, USD Nursing School Recognizes Dr. Patricia Roth at Rodgers Lectureship
93 Shining a Light on Elder Abuse
94 Quantum sensor resides on silicon chip | FierceElectronics
95 Deep Learning Used to Trick Hackers
96 Cedric Benson: An Appreciation | The Alcalde
97 Galapagos Islands illustrate power of biodiversity in changing climate
98 Beloved University professor passes away at 64
99 UT Dallas Team Demonstrates Renewable Power of Liquid Metal
100 Bioengineers Develop Quick, Saliva-Based Detection Test for Marijuana