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1 Xbox Head Phil Spencer Sparks Speculation Of Nintendo, Kojima Projects
2 Head of Xbox Phil Spencer Makes Bold Predictions About the Future of Cloud Gaming
3 Head of Xbox Phil Spencer Praises The Legend of Zelda Franchise
4 Phil Spencer and Cliff Bleszinski praise the NES in new 'Playing With Power' teaser
5 Phil Spencer: Budget rumours – the pros and cons for agents
6 ViewRay Announces Appointment of Phil Spencer to its Board of Directors
7 Phil Spencer shares how to add 20 percent to property value by making garden changes
8 Elden Ring Update Could Be Planned For March | TheGamer
9 Phil Spencer: In the future, cloud gaming will be the priority
10 Phil Spencer: Love It or List List host offers advice to grieving fan over parents' home
11 Phil Spencer: Expert shares what’s ‘vital to get right’ when building a loft conversion
12 Phil Spencer: Property expert’s top tip on maximising buyers when selling your home
13 Phil Spencer reveals the ‘key’ thing you must get right when converting a loft to add value to your home
14 Phil Spencer home insurance warning: Property expert urges buyers 'don’t risk a disaster’
15 Microsoft Reportedly Holding a ‘What’s New for Gaming’ Event on March 23rd
16 PlayStation ads suggest Horizon 2 is still on track for ‘late 2021’
17 Microsoft’s Phil Spencer on the new Xbox launch
18 Microsoft is hosting a virtual gaming and AI research summit starting today until 24th February
19 Xbox head Phil Spencer on video games as a way of life, even for the powerful
20 Microsoft's Phil Spencer on Xbox's new approach to gaming
21 Video: Check Out This Exclusive Sneak Peek From Playing With Power: The Nintendo Story
22 Phil Spencer discusses game exclusivity, first-party studios, monetization, and more in interview
23 Robert Altman, the CEO and founder of Bethesda parent ZeniMax, has passed away
24 Phil Spencer says Microsoft is building Xbox consoles as fast as they can
25 Xbox director Phil Spencer praises The Legend of Zelda franchise
26 Is Xbox Game Pass too good to be true?
27 VGC’s Person of the Year: Phil Spencer
28 Phil Spencer on the ‘console war’ mentality, and Xbox’s shift away from the box
29 Xbox Series X, PS5 output curtailed by global chip shortage
30 You need to play the most important Nintendo game ever on Switch Online ASAP
31 Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Explains Why the PlayStation 5 Is So Big
32 Xbox Boss Phil Spencer On Series X Launch, Halo Infinite & Bethesda
33 Rumor
34 PlayStation 5 to be in short supply till second half of 2021 due to chip shortage
35 Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment Announces New Programming for Crackle for March
36 Phil Spencer Has 'Played Quite a Bit' of Elden Ring, Says It's 'Clearly' Miyazaki's Most Ambitious Game
37 Xbox leader Phil Spencer reflects on gaming's huge wins during a global crisis
38 Xbox Head Phil Spencer Apologizes for Xbox Live Gold Pricing Situation
39 Phil Spencer says Microsoft isn't shopping around for Japanese studios
40 Phil Spencer: Microsoft 'absolutely' plans on releasing future console hardware
41 Xbox set to push new frontiers in 1-2 years, Phil Spencer teases
42 Xbox Series X Autographed By Phil Spencer Available On eBay
43 Phil Spencer comments on Xbox earning trust in the PC community, says there is more work to do
44 Console Sales Aren’t a Goal For Microsoft Says Phil Spencer
45 An Xbox Series X signed by Phil Spencer is on eBay for over $2500
46 Xbox boss Phil Spencer revealed the Xbox Series S in June and no-one noticed
47 Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Calls Out the Worst PS5 and Series X Fans
48 Phil Spencer says Microsoft is cranking out as many next-gen consoles as it can
49 Xbox boss Phil Spencer wants games to embrace diverse business models
50 Xbox boss Phil Spencer praises PS5 DualSense ‘I applaud what they did’
51 Phil Spencer "Applauds" Sony's Innovation With The PS5 Controller
52 Xbox Game Pass is “completely sustainable”, says Phil Spencer
53 Phil Spencer Claims Gamers Decide Next-Gen Game Prices
54 Xbox boss Phil Spencer on the $7.5 billion ZeniMax deal: "Our Plan Is To Leave It Alone”
55 Phil Spencer says there is 'no signal' from Microsoft to slow down on studio acquisitions for Xbox
56 Streaming Roundup (2/26/21): HBO Max Streams 'Isabel,' Comic Danny Chieng Gets 3-Project Netflix Deal
57 Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Knows Fans Want to See Classic Franchises Return
58 Living on a prayer
59 Phil Spencer calls for more diverse leaders in games
60 Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Says 8K Is 'Aspirational Technology'
61 Phil Spencer says more Xbox news is coming in August
62 Head of Xbox Phil Spencer Thanks Workers Who Prevented Any Online Outages During Christmas
63 Microsoft’s Phil Spencer Talks About A Unique Challenge Facing Both Xbox One And PS5
64 Phil Spencer says Xbox is ‘absolutely planning’ for more consoles in future
65 Xbox boss Phil Spencer praises PlayStation 5's DualSense controller
66 Phil Spencer suggests Xbox Game Pass likely won't come to other consoles after all
67 Xbox lead Phil Spencer talks xCloud in Safari, App Store fees
68 Phil Spencer says next year's games are more likely to be hit by coronavirus delays than this year's
69 Xbox Game Pass family plan has been considered, says Phil Spencer
70 New Xbox Series X Tease From Phil Spencer Promises Some Exciting News in August
71 Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer: how we made Location, Location, Location
72 Phil Spencer: The Hardware Advantages That We’ve Built in Xbox Series X Will Show Up
73 Phil Spencer addresses the Mixer and Facebook Gaming deal
74 Phil Spencer Thinks Apple Will Come Around On xCloud for iOS
75 Kate Rayner: Gears of War developer proudly comes out as trans
76 Xbox head says the company needs “a more diverse team”
77 Why Phil Spencer is Skeptical About 8K Games
78 The Game Awards Pre-Show Panel Includes Head of Xbox Phil Spencer
79 Phil Spencer: No Delay Expected for Xbox Series X, But Game Production Is 'Bigger Unknown'
80 Phil Spencer says Microsoft 'can look at' releasing Halo Infinite's campaign and multiplayer separately
81 A Journalist Showed Phil Spencer A Picture Of Steve's Suggestive Minecraft Meat
82 Phil Spencer explains how they're trying to make the Xbox Series X more affordable
83 Phil Spencer Interview Analysis – Unlocked 438
84 Phil Spencer 'felt even better' about Xbox Series X after PS5 reveal, still on track for 2020
85 Xbox boss Phil Spencer is going on the Animal Crossing talk show
86 Phil Spencer: Xbox Series X Game Reveals Won't Be 'Too Much of a Wait'
87 Phil Spencer Discusses Whether Or Not Developers Are Held Back By Xbox’s Focus On Cross-Gen Support
88 Phil Spencer is a fan of the Craig the Brute meme
89 Xbox's Phil Spencer: 'We'll see more console hardware down the road'
90 Phil Spencer says toxic fanboys can make him leave the industry
91 Mixer Team Accused Of Racist Behavior, Xbox's Phil Spencer Responds
92 Phil Spencer commends Animal Crossing at TGS Xbox Showcase
93 Phil Spencer says rich people want a lot of free Xbox stuff
94 Mixer Shuts Down July 22, Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Has No Regrets
95 Head of Xbox Phil Spencer Teases 1 vs 100 Return | Game Rant
96 When to cut back hydrangeas
97 Phil Spencer: "There's no slide deck that says we want to turn everyone into a subscriber"
98 Head of Xbox Phil Spencer to be keynote speaker
99 Phil Spencer Calls for More Black and African American "Visible Leaders" in Gaming Industry and Microsoft
100 Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Stresses That Streaming Won't Take Over For A Long Time