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Result Content Idea Research
1 Muon's Escalating Challenge to the Standard Model
2 A new method to generate and control orbital angular momentum beams
3 Using exoplanets as dark matter detectors
4 Scientists glimpse signs of a puzzling state of matter in a superconductor
5 How Maxwell's Demon Continues to Startle Scientists
6 Disorder enhances transport in 1D systems, calculations reveal – Physics World
7 Bringing neutron stars down to Earth
8 The imaginary part of quantum mechanics really exists!
9 Physicists Build a Quantum Bit That Can Search for Dark Matter
10 PRX Quantum
11 Review Journals
12 Physicists develop theoretical model for neural activity of mouse brain: The new model may have applications for studying and predicting a range of dynamical systems
13 Physicists Use Rapidly-Spinning Black Holes to Look for Dark Matter | Astronomy, Physics
14 Using Ultrasound Waves to Make Patterns That Never Repeat
15 Study Shows Abnormal Enhancement of a-Particle Clustering in Uranium Isotopes
16 Now Online: APS's first Perspective article, published in _PRX Quantum_
17 Physical Review X
18 Theorists React to Potential Signal in Dark Matter Detector
19 Scientists report remarkable enhancement of α-particle clustering in uranium isotopes
20 The future of particle accelerators is here: Behind the scenes of the Electron-Ion Collider, green accelerators that waste no energy, and chiral magnetic effect results debuting this summer
21 Physical Review E (PRE)
22 Supernova deaths of white dwarf stars may explode like a nuclear bomb
23 Review Journals
24 Physical Review Journals
25 Physicists Developed a Technique to Finally Detect Dark Matter
26 Physics
27 New Isotope Of Uranium, The Lightest Yet, Has Been Created
28 Researchers observe new isotope of fluorine
29 Watching an Egg Cook with X Rays
30 50 Years of Physical Review C: Probing the Secrets of Nuclei
31 Using sound waves to make patterns that never repeat
32 Physicists Just Created a New Kind of Uranium
33 Physicists hunt for dark matter dragging on black holes
34 Coronavirus Hits Otters in US Zoo
35 Physics
36 Physics
37 PRX Quantum
38 Ultrasound Waves Create Never-Repeating Pattern in Carbon
39 Physical Review Journals
40 Fast-spinning black holes narrow the search for dark matter particles
41 Fermilab’s Muon g-2 Experiment Finally Gives Particle Physicists a Hint of What Lies Beyond the Standard Model
42 Ultrafast intra-atom motion tracked using synchrotron radiation
43 Physics
44 COVID-safe swimming and artificial cells: News from the College | Imperial News
45 Study Sheds Light on Stellar Origin of 60Fe
46 Major Physics Publisher Goes Double Blind
47 Sensitive qubit-based technique to accelerate search for dark matter
48 Physics
49 High-Resolution Technique Tracks Blood Flow in Live Fish
50 Physics
51 Reviews of Modern Physics
52 Mental health and social interactions of older people with physical disabilities in England during the COVID-19 pandemic: a longitudinal cohort study
53 Physics
54 The Back Page
55 Physics
56 How LIGO and 'Physical Review Letters' worked together to publish the paper of a lifetime
57 Muons don't stick to the Standard Model of particle physics
58 50 Years of Physical Review B: Solid Hits in Condensed Matter Research
59 Physics
60 Physics
61 Einstein Versus the Physical Review: Physics Today: Vol 58, No 9
62 Physics
63 Follow the Crowd to Find a Smell
64 Single-Photon Transistor Using a F\"orster Resonance
65 Physics
66 Demonstrating driven space-time crystals at room temperature
67 Physics
68 2020 Nobel Prize in Physics Announced
69 Physics
70 ITFA issues guidance on 'controversial but misunderstood' synthetic LCs
71 Using drones to create local quantum networks
72 Spin Current in an Antiferromagnet is Coherent
73 Physics
74 Burden or Clarity from Hazard Communication Standard Amendments?
75 Physics* seeks a staff editor
76 How do birds breathe better? Researchers' discovery will throw you for a loop
77 Study shows that the GW190521 event could be explained by primordial black holes
78 Researchers Describe Structure and Properties of Novel Hydrogen Clathrate Hydrate
79 Physics
80 Equitable Admissions in the Time of COVID-19
81 Optical Clocks Join the Hunt for Dark Matter
82 Digging into the 3D Quantum Hall Effect
83 How Speaking Creates Droplets That May Spread COVID-19
84 A Comprehensive Framework for Modeling Molecular Polaritons
85 Physicists circumvent centuries-old theory to cancel magnetic fields
86 A space-time crystal
87 Physics
88 Physics
89 Expanding the Scope of Electronic-Structure Theory
90 Observing magnon-polarons using a nanopatterned magnetic structure lit by short laser pulses
91 Physics
92 Physics
93 Physics
94 This Month in Physics History
95 Physics
96 Researchers observe what could be the first hints of dark bosons
97 LIGO Picks Up on the Third Ring
98 Fort Worth prison classified drug conviction as ‘violent,’ so woman missed early release
99 Skill development to overcome unemployment in J&K: Dr Samoon
100 Highlights of the Year