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1 Physics team observes extremely fast electronic changes in real time in a special material class
2 Physics: Bubbling and burping droplets of DNA
3 Stingers Have Achieved Optimal Pointiness, Physicists Show
4 Department of Energy Announces $132 Million for High Energy Physics Research
5 Breakthrough Towards Lasers Powerful Enough to Investigate a New Kind of Physics
6 Physics meets America's defense agenda
7 Particle Physics | Page 17 of 17
8 Howard County announces research partnership with Applied Physics Lab, new coronavirus testing site in Savage
9 Tabletop device might snare gravitational waves using tiny diamonds
10 Physicist optimizes DNA microscopy technique to improve imaging speed, add color
11 The e-bike revolution – Physics World
12 Follow the Crowd to Find a Smell
13 Ask Ethan: What New Evidence Could Revolutionize All Of Known Physics?
14 Welcome anyons! Physicists find best evidence yet for long-sought 2D structures
15 Meet Maria Goeppert-Mayer, the Woman With a Nobel Prize in Physics
16 Toward lasers powerful enough to investigate a new kind of physics
17 Howard County Announces Innovative Testing Partnerships with Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab and Quality First Urgent Care
18 Postdoctoral Fellow (ATLAS Group) in Berkeley, CA for Berkeley Lab
19 The explosive physics of pooping penguins: they can shoot poo over four feet
20 Physicists Observe Branched Flow of Light | Physics
21 Physics Department Chair Holds Town Hall to Discuss Executive Order Regarding Immigration and Visas
22 Exotic tetraquark: CERN physicists discover novel particle
23 July/August 2020 (Volume 29, Number 7)
24 The physics of N95 masks, imaging sensitive corals, how Fermilab's PIP-II accelerator will work
25 Hilarious physics game Supermarket Shriek is coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC later this year
26 Physicists who study fluids say toilet-flushing could be major way coronavirus spreads
27 'Light squeezer' reduces quantum noise in lasers, could enhance quantum computing and gravitational-wave detection
28 A Physics Phenomenon
29 Senators Propose to Overhaul US Research Security Policies
30 A Light Squeeze
31 European physicists boldly take small step toward 100-kilometer-long atom smasher
32 Quantum physics provides a way to hide ignorance
33 Rice Physics Lab’s Bright Idea Is Pure Gold
34 Nine MIT School of Science professors receive tenure for 2020
35 From virus spikes to narwhal tusks, physicists discover universal design for stingers
36 European Particle Physicists Look to Next Energy Frontier
37 Working in medical physics: not your average career – Physics World
38 The supersizing of quantum physics
39 Saturday Morning Physics goes virtual
40 A Tabletop-sized Experiment Could Help in the Search for Dark Matter
41 8.13 and 8.14: Physics Junior Lab
42 Physicists Announce Potential Dark Matter Breakthrough
43 In International Physics Collaborations, Working Remotely Is Nothing New
44 Livermore Lab Director Bill Goldstein announces retirement | News | |
45 CERN Physicists Discover Four-Charm-Quark Particle | Physics
46 Artificial Intelligence Can't Deal With Chaos, But Teaching It Physics Could Help
47 Quantum dots help preserve historic limestone monuments
48 Light-activated catalysts make nearly perfect water-splitters
49 Head, Department of Physics and Astronomy job with Purdue University | 274177
50 Europeans Decide on Particle Strategy
51 Four-charm tetraquark has been spotted at CERN – Physics World
52 When Politics and Particles Collide
53 Researchers develop novel approach to modeling yet-unconfirmed rare nuclear process
54 Teaching physics to neural networks removes 'chaos blindness'
55 South Bay physics teacher’s death shocks community
56 Stuck at home, physicists pivot to combat COVID-19
57 Exotic Particles Offer Deeper Insight Into Matter and Antimatter
58 Physics
59 Physicists Verify Half-Century-Old Theory about Rotating Black Holes | Physics
60 The secrets of success in electron and ion optics – Physics World
61 Physics of Fluids publishes new study that quantifies effectiveness of face masks
62 Quantum physics: Physicists develop a new theory for Bose-Einstein condensates
63 Physicists Have Observed Light Flowing Like a River, And It's Beautiful
64 A Behemoth –“That Brings an End to Time and Space and the Laws of Physics”
65 Physicists Discover Exotic, New 'Tetraquark' Particle We've Never Seen Before
66 Achievement isn't why more men are majoring in physics, engineering and computer science
67 Physicists propose how to entangle macroscopic objects using pulses of light
68 7 Tips on How to Survive Physics in Junior College
69 Astrophysicist Kunz receives NSF award for research and for establishing plasma physics summer school aimed at attracting underrepresented students to field
70 Hubble trouble, fighting 'flat-Earthers' and blue lasers for batteries: the July 2020 edition of Physics World is now out
71 Physics principle explains order and disorder of swarms
72 Atomic physics: Radiation pressure with recoil: Researchers deliver experimental proof for a 90 year-old theory
73 LANL: Seven Los Alamos Students Complete Fourth Annual, Virtual Summer Physics Camp For Young Women
74 Howard County to Announce Testing Partnerships with Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab and Quality First Urgent Care
75 Study: A Powerful Laser to Investigate a New Kind of Physics
76 Physics in the pandemic: mailing lab kits to students enhances learning at home
77 Bulked Up DeChambeau Is a Travelers Championship Favorite
78 The Key Device Needed for a Quantum Internet
79 Part-time Physics Technician at Altrincham Grammar School for Boys
80 Bipartisan bill aims to revamp National Science Foundation
81 The physics of river prediction: Physics Today: Vol 73, No 7
82 Cooling mechanism increases solar energy harvesting for self-powered outdoor sensors
83 Professor tackles one more mystery about quantum mechanics and time’s flow
84 Contest between superconductivity and insulating states in Magic Angle Graphene
85 Physicists Just Quantum Teleported Information Between Particles of Matter
86 From physics nerds to fashion entrepreneurs: Building Europe’s largest ethical clothing platform
87 Researchers Create Air Filter that Can Kill COVID-19
88 The Search for Deep Reality: Ancient Hindu Texts and Quantum Physics
89 Physicists obtain molecular 'fingerprints' using plasmons
90 Scientists create new device to light up the way for quantum technologies
91 Machine learning helps grow artificial organs
92 The Neutrino Energy Group is Disrupting the Standard Model of Physics
93 CERN makes bold push to build €21-billion supercollider
94 Physicists Have Reversed Time on The Smallest Scale Using a Quantum Computer
95 Physics
96 Yale astronomy students speak out against institutional racism
97 Physicists entangle 15 trillion hot atoms
98 Making science more equitable, starting with 101
99 Book review: From Infinity to Man: The Fundamental Ideas of Kabbalah
100 Neutrino! A Hauntingly Significant Particle