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1 Tracking traffic patterns in the mouse brain – Physics World
2 The ethics of quantum computing, starter homes on the Moon – Physics World
3 Iridium in undersea crater confirms asteroid wiped out the dinosaurs – Physics World
4 Bond distance of rare element einsteinium is measured – Physics World
5 NASA's Perseverance rover lands safely on Mars – Physics World
6 Image-processing technique tracks tau tangles as Alzheimer's disease develops – Physics World
7 International Space Station sheds light on blue jets from thunderstorms – Physics World
8 Open-source algorithm predicts heart attack risk from chest CT scan – Physics World
9 Can physics prove if God exists?
10 Bottling the world's coldest plasma: Laser-cooled plasma-in-a-bottle could answer questions about the sun, fusion power
11 Bottling the World's Coldest Plasma to Unlock the Secrets of Fusion Power
12 How English became the language of physics
13 New History of the Physics Department by Raj Gupta and Paul Sharrah Published
14 US team hopes to make statement at world juniors
15 Physicists Show a Speed Limit Also Applies in the Quantum World
16 Iridium in undersea crater confirms asteroid worn out the dinosaurs – Physics World
17 Read more Physics World announces its Breakthrough of the Year finalists for 2020
18 Physicist creates AI algorithm that may prove reality is a simulation
19 Intriguing particles emerge when two photons couple: Researchers exploring the interactions between light particles, photons and matter find that optical microresonators host quasiparticles made by two photons.
20 New research indicates the whole universe could be a giant neural network
21 Bryson DeChambeau's assessment of his driving at the U.S. Open makes it seem like we were watching a different tournament
22 Global Astronomical Telescope Market 2021 – Celestron, Meade, Vixen Optics, TAKAHASHI, ASTRO-PHYSICS – KSU | The Sentinel Newspaper
23 Comments on: See World's First Video of a Space-Time Crystal
24 The three physicists: Physics Today: Vol 74, No 3
25 Female Nuclear Medical Science Officer reflects on her military career
26 Texas A&M Team Plans Out-Of-This-World Construction
27 Ultra-fast electron measurement provides important findings for the solar industry: Processes in a model system for organic solar cells analyzed at the femtosecond scale for the first time
28 Cockcroft Institute awarded more than £11 million to boost accelerator research
29 An AI Was Taught to Play the World's Hardest Video Game and Still Couldn't Set a New Record
30 Quantum physics at play with Human DNA
31 Physics in the pandemic: 'Our mission was to include young nuclear physicists wherever they were in the world' – Physics World
32 10 Fearless Women From History Who Fought for a Better Future
33 Citadel Physics Department makes virtual learning a physical reality for high school students
34 “Youth Research”: entirely digital at Audi for the first time
35 Can We Patch Up the Natural World We’ve Hurt?
36 New postage stamp honors Chien-Shiung Wu, trailblazing nuclear physicist
37 Young graduate beginning his career killed by falling tree
38 The 10 quirkiest physics stories of 2020 – Physics World
39 Read article: A century of change: the Institute of Physics turns 100
40 Scintillator Market Poised for Growth | Key Players – Saint-Gobain, RMD, Hamamatsu. – KSU | The Sentinel Newspaper
41 #BlackInPhysics – Physics World
42 UBC engineering physics student named 2021 Rhodes Scholar
43 Fuel for world's largest fusion reactor ITER is set for test run
44 The 10 greatest predictions in physics – Physics World
45 NIT's PG Department of Physics commemorates National Science day
46 Dutch physicist and Nobel laureate Martinus Veltman dies aged 89 – Physics World
47 Rock Bottom, On Top of the World
48 Inside the quantum bubble – Physics World
49 Nobel prize sizzle: building excitement in the run-up to the physics award – Physics World
50 Elastic diamond could be used to make LEDs and lasers – Physics World
51 Obscure Bay Area: This Palo Alto park is home to the world's most famous donkey
52 This year`s Nobel Peace Prize candidates are third highest ever
53 A fluttering nebula, Twitter poster session winners, physics of insulated cups, pondering spin – Physics World
54 Rules of Innovation: Where Big Ideas Come From
55 Read article: The physics of giant pumpkins, the world's smallest boat
56 Global Microwave Radiometer Market 2020-2025 (Impact of Covid-19) | Radiometer Physics GmbH, Radiometrics Corporation, Airbus Defence and Space, Optical Scientific, RPO ATTEX LLC, Jauntering International Corporation, etc.
57 Acoustical tweezers trap microbubbles – Physics World
58 China launches GECAM all-sky scanner to study extreme cosmic events – Physics World
59 Quantum cryptography network spans 4600 km in China – Physics World
60 Quantum advantage demonstrated using Gaussian boson sampling – Physics World
61 Lightning 'superbolts' have a unique formation mechanism, satellite studies suggest – Physics World
62 Is anybody there – science and the supernatural – Physics World
63 Have dark bosons been spotted in ytterbium isotopes? – Physics World
64 Yale's Franke Program hosts MIT professor Hockfield
65 Beating COVID-19: the April 2020 issue of Physics World is now out
66 Exotic hyperons interact with protons at CERN – Physics World
67 NAU astronomer receives prestigious 2021 Cottrell Scholar Award
68 Astronomers reveal most detailed atlas of the Milky Way – Physics World
69 Dramatic footage emerges of Arecibo Observatory collapse – Physics World
70 Dark-coated Starlink satellites are better but not perfect, say astronomers – Physics World
71 Are We Living in The Matrix? Physicist's AI Algortihm May Prove Reality is a Simulation
72 Overlooked for the Nobel: Chien-Shiung Wu – Physics World
73 LIGO–Virgo announces 'bumper crop' of gravitational-wave detections – Physics World
74 Smashing the glass ceiling
75 Why COVID-19 could make physicists kick some of their habits forever – Physics World
76 Researchers form single molecule in an optical tweezer – Physics World
77 Superconductivity endures to 15 °C in high-pressure material – Physics World
78 Alumnus' gift benefits teaching and research in School of Engineering, Physics and Astronomy
79 Jupiter's moon Europa could glow in the dark – Physics World
80 Japanese Nobel-prize-winning neutrino pioneer Masatoshi Koshiba dies aged 94 – Physics World
81 Roger Penrose, Reinhard Genzel and Andrea Ghez bag the Nobel Prize for Physics – Physics World
82 Fundamental constants set upper limit for the speed of sound – Physics World
83 Borexino spots solar neutrinos from elusive fusion cycle – Physics World
84 Arecibo Observatory will be decommissioned, says US National Science Foundation – Physics World
85 US heads to the polls in an election focused on science – Physics World
86 ASTRO Annual Meeting highlights radiation oncology innovation – Physics World
87 Sweat evaporator could power fitness trackers, supersonic slap cooks a chicken – Physics World
88 X-rays unearth novel nanofeatures in bone – Physics World
89 Nanodiamond quantum thermometer measures the temperature of worms – Physics World
90 Why ultrafast is ultra-good for medical imaging, helping children learn physics at home, the Cheerios effect – Physics World
91 Portable sensor detects biomagnetic signals in noisy outdoor environments – Physics World
92 Has the COVID-19 lockdown changed Earth's climate? – Physics World
93 Best in physics: multi-target tracking and carotid plaque evaluation – Physics World
94 Supertest evaluates performance of engineering students in Russia, U.S., India, China
95 Smooth photonic waveguides keep propagation losses low – Physics World
96 Quantum error correction achieved using oscillator grid states – Physics World
97 Quantum dots track two-dimensional diffusion in cells – Physics World
98 'Smart speaker, tell me about your acoustic sensor' – Physics World
99 Design Contest Challenges Innovators to Create the Future and Win $25,000
100 Rania Lampou excelled by being one of "The Global Icon 2020"