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1 Lightning 'superbolts' have a unique formation mechanism, satellite studies suggest
2 RSNA 2020: AI highlights from an all-virtual annual meeting
3 MR-Linac commissioning – improving accuracy and efficiency with BEAMSCAN MR
4 Single molecules keep to the straight and narrow – Physics World
5 New family of quasiparticles appears in graphene – Physics World
6 Arecibo Observatory destroyed as metal platform collapses onto the iconic telescope
7 Reflecting the community: Physics World's new contributing columnists expand our team of opinion writers
8 Has the proton radius puzzle been solved at last? – Physics World
9 Neutron-rich tantalum offers a view of how heavy elements are forged
10 A century of change: the Institute of Physics turns 100 – Physics World
11 Quantum software company tackles big computing challenges
12 Borexino spots solar neutrinos from elusive fusion cycle
13 Ultracold atoms put high-temperature superconductors under the microscope
14 Molecular spins show promise as quantum bits – Physics World
15 US president-elect Joe Biden set to put science centre stage
16 Magnetic perovskite gets the lead out – Physics World
17 Inside the quantum bubble – Physics World
18 Optical clock sets new constraints on dark matter – Physics World
19 Fish save energy by swimming in schools – Physics World
20 China launches sample-return mission to the Moon – Physics World
21 Hunting dark matter with quantum sensors, working abroad brings career advantages
22 Perovskites could be platforms for exciton condensates – Physics World
23 Arecibo Observatory will be decommissioned, says US National Science Foundation
24 Scientist To Delve Deep into Quantum Physics with NSF CAREER Award
25 Imaging spectrometer slims down
26 Optimizing MLC leaf speed could improve radiotherapy plan quality
27 Carbon ions team up with immunotherapy to tackle advanced tumours
28 Jupiter's moon Europa could glow in the dark – Physics World
29 Second cable failure puts iconic Arecibo Observatory at risk of collapse
30 Japanese Nobel-prize-winning neutrino pioneer Masatoshi Koshiba dies aged 94
31 ESTRO 2020 enables digital dialogue on radiation oncology
32 #BlackInPhysics – Physics World
33 Focused ultrasound treatments target childhood cancers – Physics World
34 Physics challenges for green aviation – Physics World
35 Can low-dose radiotherapy treat COVID-19-related pneumonia?
36 Focused ultrasound tackles brain tumours in a myriad ways
37 Milky Way magnetar could be the source of a fast radio burst
38 Antibody-doped gold nanoparticles provide a rapid COVID-19 test
39 Deep-learning-based algorithm helps radiologists detect cerebral aneurysms
40 Arches of chaos in the solar system, luxury watch has bits of Stephen Hawking's desk
41 Benford's law and the 2020 US presidential election: nothing out of the ordinary
42 Hundreds of copies of Newton's Principia found, how to cross stitch a black hole
43 U.K. seeks site for world's first fusion power station
44 Teacher, Mentor, Researcher, Friend: Alumni Praise Professor Gordon Jones
45 Can a Computer Devise a Theory of Everything?
46 Collision models impact the future of energy
47 “Powering the Universe?” –Relic Light of the Big Bang Reveals an Exotic Unknown Force
48 New exhibit highlights women who changed the world
49 UMass Lowell classes in energy systems spark real-world projects
50 Physics
51 Heavy boson triplets test Standard Model | symmetry magazine
52 Blue Plaque unveiled for Nobel Prize-winner Abdus Salam | Imperial News
53 Beating COVID-19: the April 2020 issue of Physics World is now out
54 Perimeter Institute: The weird world of quantum matter
55 Mika Rottenberg Is Everywhere, Even Though She Is Just Working From Home
56 Geometry Reveals How the World Is Assembled From Cubes
57 Science snapshots from Berkeley Lab
58 Physics breakthrough: Number of parallel universes in existence 'certainly a lot'
59 Missouri S&T physics professor among the world’s most highly cited researchers
60 Physics World announces its Breakthrough of the Year finalists for 2019
61 American Vacuum Society honors Jefferson Lab accelerator scientist
62 Transition Bio, Inc. Closes Seed Financing and Launches Company
63 Is anybody there – science and the supernatural – Physics World
64 IOPP expands OA journal portfolio with launch of Neuromorphic Computing and Engineering
65 The physics of giant pumpkins, the world's smallest boat
66 An astronomer has searched the world for a possible message from his Creator
67 Physics in the pandemic: 'Moving the International Physicists' Tournament online was challenging'
68 Nobel prize sizzle: building excitement in the run-up to the physics award
69 World Science Scholars Announces 2020 Cohort
70 Kent State physics professor elected as 2020 fellow of scientific society
71 Entangled light is unscrambled using entanglement itself – Physics World
72 Why COVID-19 could make physicists kick some of their habits forever
73 Doomsday Clock ticks closer to disaster – Physics World
74 Overlooked for the Nobel: Chien-Shiung Wu – Physics World
75 Michael Menzel, Webb Mission Systems Engineer, Leads Worldwide Team
76 LIGO–Virgo announces 'bumper crop' of gravitational-wave detections
77 World's smallest atom-memory unit created
78 Coeur d'Alene Press
79 Roger Penrose, Reinhard Genzel and Andrea Ghez bag the Nobel Prize for Physics
80 Have dark bosons been spotted in ytterbium isotopes? – Physics World
81 2020 grand challenge winners announced
82 US heads to the polls in an election focused on science – Physics World
83 From the lab to the courtroom – Physics World
84 Has evidence of life been found in the clouds of Venus? – Physics World
85 Fundamental constants set upper limit for the speed of sound
86 Evidence for life is found on Venus, wider access to the best radiotherapy
87 Microswimmers benefit from thermoelectric guidance – Physics World
88 Has the COVID-19 lockdown changed Earth's climate? – Physics World
89 Uncrushable beetle reveals its strengths to scientists – Physics World
90 Nanodiamond quantum thermometer measures the temperature of worms
91 Women of science posters for you to colour, marshmallow LINACs, iridescent chocolate
92 'I'm no party boy': One Nobel winner won't miss the pomp at low-key awards
93 Six decades of laser science – Physics World
94 Global Bio-Nano Sensor Market Research Report 2020 | Optics11, Airbus and University of Bristol, Nanowear, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow Institute of Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and more
95 Unprecedented ice loss is predicted for Greenland Ice Sheet
96 Rippling graphene harvests thermal energy – Physics World
97 Superconductivity endures to 15 °C in high-pressure material
98 Protons could be lighter than we thought – Physics World
99 Can you beat the winning captain from TV's University Challenge in his quantum quiz?
100 Best in physics: multi-target tracking and carotid plaque evaluation