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1 Evolution of pine needles helps trees cope with rainfall impact
2 Face shields, masks with valves ineffective against COVID-19 spread: study
3 Recharging N95 masks for continued usage
4 Evaporation critical to coronavirus transmission as weather changes
5 Physics of Fluids publishes new study that quantifies effectiveness of face masks
6 Pine needles evolved to help trees cope with rainfall
7 Why bubbles burst in viscous liquids – Physics World
8 Neither face masks nor N95 masks with valve stop covid-19: Study
9 New Evidence Shows How COVID Can Spread Outdoors
10 Using a public restroom? Mask up!
11 Flushing toilets create clouds of virus-containing particles
12 Further Review: Chiefs Coach Andy Reid and the Incredibly Foggy (and So Wrong) Face Shield
13 Effectiveness of cloth masks depends on type of covering
14 Six feet not far enough to stop virus transmission in light winds
15 article image Humidity levels could be key to coronavirus control
16 Study says layered masks work better against COVID-19
17 Visualization Shows How Face Shields (and Some N95 Masks) Fail to Stop the Spread of COVID-19
18 Up Is Down in This Fun Physics Experiment
19 Survival of coronavirus in different cities, on different surfaces
20 Explained: How droplet evaporation affects spread of Covid-19
21 Inverted buoyancy makes tiny boat appear to defy gravity – Physics World
22 Coughing mannequin video shows why a face shield isn't enough
23 Physicists discover "anti-gravity" in bizarre buoyancy experiment
24 Using Physics to Improve Root Canal Efficiency
25 Face shields cannot be an alternative to masks
26 Droplet Spread from Humans Doesn't Always Follow Airflow
27 Does a face shield protect against Covid-19?
28 Japanese Research Cautions Against Using Face Shields As Alternative To Masks
29 Top COVID science stories of the week, from visors to steroids
30 Viscous electron fluids: Physics Today: Vol 73, No 6
31 As Schools Convene In A COVID Era, What Are The Best Mask Options?
32 3 Ways Healthcare is Using Predictive Analytics to Combat COVID-19
33 Humid air can extend lifetime of virus-laden aerosol droplets
34 JEE Advanced 2020 Paper 2 Analysis: Students find Chemistry section easy, Physics tough
35 Face shield can’t be a substitute for mask
36 Floating a boat on the underside of a liquid
37 Nonmedical masks reduce aerosols spread by coughing
38 Face mask construction, materials matter for containing coughing, sneezing droplets
39 When you cough, how far can it go?
40 Masks, PPE materials should be hydrophilic
41 Nanotech filter coating offers promise against COVID-19
42 Think twice before wearing a face shield to protect against COVID-19 instead of a cloth face mask — here’s why
43 What Is a Face Mask Bracket?
44 How Coronavirus Can Spread During Ordinary Conversation; Implications For Social Distancing?
45 Coronavirus: Face shields and valved masks fail to stop small droplets
46 Does a face shield protect against COVID-19? We're not sure — so a mask is probably a safer bet for now
47 Physics of giant bubbles bursts secret of fluid mechanics
48 SARS-CoV-2 as invisible threat: Mitigating aerosols in dental clinics
49 Do face shields offer better protection from coronavirus than masks?
50 ‘Even face shield, N-95 mask together can’t stop coronavirus’
51 Every Picture Tells a Story: Masks
52 Paradox-Free Time Travel is Mathematically Possible: Study | Physics
53 Photopyroelectric microfluidics developed by researchers
54 How earthquake swarms arise | Stanford News
55 What fluid dynamics can explain about COVID-19 spread—and how to protect yourself
56 Bubbles go with the flow: Simulating behavior of fluids moving through pipes
57 Covid-19 update: 03 September 2020
58 Fluids flow faster in liquid-walled channels – Physics World
59 Plastic Face Shields Won't Protect You From Covid-19
60 Polymers Prevent Potentially Hazardous Mist During Dentist Visit
61 The physics of fluids explains how crowds of marathon runners move
62 How earthquake swarms arise
63 Understanding the Spread of COVID-19 Through Physics-Based Modeling Used for Jet Engines
64 Bubble Dynamics Reveal How to Empty Bottles Faster
65 Young physicist 'squares the numbers' on time travel
66 University of Twente will research the role of aerosols in spreading of COVID-19
67 Electrons break fundamental physics law – Ohm’s law in fluids
68 Respiratory Droplet Motion, Evaporation and Spread of COVID-19-Type Pandemics
69 Squid-inspired robots might have environmental, propulsion applications
70 Speed and distance of Covid-19 droplets tracked by Mater researchers
71 Fluid dynamics simulation reveals the underlying physics of liquid jet cleaning
72 Engineers explain physics of fluids some 100 years after original discovery
73 Bubble dynamics reveal how to empty bottles faster: Glug, glug: Researchers zero in on the rhythmic sound bubble dynamics produce during bottle emptying to better understand the physics at play
74 Directional liquid dynamics of interfaces with superwettability
75 Lasers Reveal How Well Different Types of Facemasks Work
76 Respiratory droplets from cough last longer in humid, cold climates
77 Century-old food testing method updated to include complex fluid dynamics
78 Understanding the physics of coronavirus transmission
79 Scientists have found a connection between the dance of molecules in a liquid and its ability to absorb heat
80 The Battery Show & EV Tech Digital Days Announces First Wave of Globally Renowned Speakers
81 Gallery of fluid motion: Capturing liquids and gases in action
82 Theoretical breakthrough shows quantum fluids rotate by corkscrew mechanism
83 How Face Mask Construction & Materials Matter for Containing Coughing & Sneezing Droplets
84 Physicists who study fluids say toilet-flushing could be major way coronavirus spreads
85 Liquid mysteries – Physics World
86 Evaporation is critical for coronavirus transmission in colder months
87 Fluid mechanics mystery solved
88 AIP Conference Proceedings
89 Journal of Applied Physics
90 What Is Math? | Science
91 Repeated coughing adversely affects filtering efficiency of face masks
92 Fluids only get so runny as physicists put a universal lower limit on viscosity
93 Industrial bread dough kneaders could use physics-based redesign
94 Why Turbulence Is a Hard Physics Problem
95 New books: May 2020
96 New understanding of energy fluctuations in fluids: Work could lead to innovations for nanomanufacturing
97 Electrons in graphene follow viscous fluid laws
98 Physical distancing over six feet may be essential to prevent Covid-19: Study
99 Scientists reveal the physics of Jackson Pollock's painting technique
100 Paradox-free time travel is theoretically possible