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Result Content Idea Research
1 Life on ancient Earth and alien planets
2 Stellar Smashups May Fuel Planetary Habitability, Study Suggests
3 What if Earth shared its orbit with another planet?
4 Planetary Scientists Say It's Time To Explore Venus
5 Water may be naturally occurring on all rocky planets
6 Famed meteorite reveals early water on Mars—and an early outer space bombardment
7 MSc Earth and Planetary Observation | Find a course
8 Is China winning the new space race?
9 Supersonic winds, rocky rains forecasted on lava planet
10 Redox state of Earth's magma ocean and its Venus-like early atmosphere
11 How many alien civilizations are out there? A new galactic survey holds a clue.
12 China set to bring back first rocks from the Moon in more than 40 years
13 Planets with many neighbors may be the best places to look for life
14 The Rogue Planets That Wander the Galaxy Alone
15 The craters on Earth
16 We're About to Witness a Super-Rare Planetary Alignment Not Seen in 800 Years
17 Where were Jupiter and Saturn born?
18 Is there really phosphine on Venus?
19 Jupiter may host atmospheric ‘sprites’ or ‘elves’ never seen beyond Earth
20 Guiding lights
21 Scientists, students demand action to keep Arecibo radio telescope operating
22 About half of Sun-like stars could host rocky, potentially habitable planets
23 Scientists find hell planet where it rains rocks and oceans are made of lava
24 Life in Our Solar System? Meet the Neighbors
25 Radioactive elements may be crucial to the habitability of rocky planets
26 NASA Grant Funds Simulation to Study Atmosphere of Venus
27 Heat and Dust Help Launch Martian Water Into Space, Scientists Find
28 Planetary scientist Sarah Hörst receives prestigious award from American Geophysical Union
29 Curiosity Finds Deposits from Megafloods in Martian Crater | Planetary Science, Space Exploration
30 Evidence of the interconnectedness of global climate
31 Lowell Scientists Help Characterize Earth's Second Known Minimoon
32 WSU prof wins NASA grant
33 Three New Books That Stare Up at the Stars
34 How Many Habitable Planets are Out There?
35 SpaceX Launches Satellite for Multinational Ocean Observation Effort
36 NASA Virtual Field Trips
37 Entering Cloud "Twilight Zone"
38 Final Frontier? The Evolution of Planetary Science Missions
39 Signs of Recent Volcanic Eruption on Mars Hint at Habitats for Life
40 Prospects for Life on Venus Fade--but Aren't Dead Yet
41 $5M award aids search for a 'recipe' for habitable worlds | University of Hawaiʻi System News
42 What other planets can teach us about Earth | Stanford News
43 To boldly go: Penn State launches planetary science consortium
44 What Are The Health Risks of Space? Scientists Just Unveiled The Biggest Study Yet
45 More Moon Water and an Update From Venus on Our 18th Anniversary!
46 How water shaped the Earth – Sciworthy
47 First Evidence of a Recently Active Volcano on Mars
48 Yale to rename Geology & Geophysics department
49 Introducing Biden's Super Team to Revive NASA
50 NSF to decommission Cornell-designed Arecibo telescope | Cornell Chronicle
51 Some planets may be better for life than Earth
52 Hayes, Lunine to chair Planetary Science 10-year survey panels
53 Scientists Speak on Water's Role in Climate Change, Public Health and Planetary Science at Radcliffe Institute Event | News
54 'Curious and unexplained.' Gas spotted in Venus's atmosphere is also spewed by microbes on Earth
55 Earth formed much faster than previously thought, new study shows
56 How planetary forces shape Earth's surface
57 Europe is building a 'digital twin' of Earth to revolutionize climate forecasts
58 Has Earth's oxygen rusted the Moon for billions of years?
59 Astronomers discover an Earth-sized 'pi planet' with a 3.14-day orbit: The rocky world, with its baking-hot surface, is likely not habitable.
60 Weighing Space Dust With Radar Pulse Waves
61 NASA Science Division Updates to the Community | Planetary News
62 We Have No Idea What Makes A Planet 'Potentially Habitable'
63 Reginald A. Daly Postdoctoral Research Fellowship
64 As many as six billion Earth-like planets in our galaxy, according to new estimates
65 ASU to offer the world's first astronomical and planetary sciences degree online
66 Students get a glimpse of the professional world of planetary science | News
67 ABB and Nüvü to deliver exo-planet cameras for NASA future telescope
68 Lava tubes on Mars and the Moon are so wide they can host planetary bases
69 For sustainable business, how do 'planetary boundaries' define the new rules?
70 Three Research Associate Positions at University of Texas Institute for Geophysics
71 Are planets with oceans common in the galaxy? It's likely, scientists find
72 Bizarre new planet is largest known rocky world, 40 times as massive as Earth
73 3 Questions: Using fabric to “listen” to space dust
74 Astronomy student discovers 17 new planets, including Earth-sized world
75 NASA's new rover will collect martian rocks—and clues to planet's ancient climate
76 Ocean Planets Could be Common in Galaxy
77 Planetary Science Journal Launches With Online Papers | Planetary News
78 UA researchers receive NASA grant to study interaction between Venus' atmosphere and surface | NewsChannel 3-12
79 Planetary scientist Myriam Telus wins NASA Early Career Award
80 The Most Overhyped Planet in the Galaxy
81 On Venus, Cloudy With a Chance of Microbial Life
82 End-Triassic Mass Extinction Occurred Slightly Later Than Previously Thought | Paleontology
83 No star, no problem: Radioactivity could make otherwise frozen planets habitable
84 Job Opportunity: Lunar and Planetary Institute, Director | Planetary News
85 Nine Reasons We're Grateful to Live on Earth
86 Rogue Rocky Planet Found Adrift in the Milky Way
87 PhD and Postdoc Opportunities at Dartmouth College | Planetary News
88 New research provides evidence of strong early magnetic field around Earth
89 This is our first direct look at a multiplanet system around a Sun-like star
90 Cataclysmic bashing from giant planets occurred early in our Solar System's history
91 Higher concentration of metal in Moon's craters provides new insights to its origin: New observations could challenge previous theories of how the Moon was formed
92 The origin of life as a planetary phenomenon
93 Life on Venus? Scientists hunt for the truth
94 The Origin of Earth's Water | Planetary News
95 The Role of Earth and Space Scientists During Pandemics
96 Coming Back to Earth with Planetary Scientist Tanya of Mars
97 Earth-size, habitable-zone planet found hidden in early NASA Kepler data: While the star it orbits is much smaller than our Sun, it gets about 75 percent of the sunlight Earth does
98 How Earth Climate Models Can Help Scientists Search for Life on Other Planets
99 Giada Arney, Research Space Scientist,Will Look for Life on Exoplanets
100 Meet the MIT bilinguals: Dual history and planetary science major Charlotte Minsky