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1 Researchers Sequence 1.2-Million-Year-Old Mammoth DNA | Genetics, Paleontology
2 Stop building wind energy in California condor habitats
3 Paleontologists Find 3.58-Million-Year-Old Ground Sloth Fossil | Paleontology
4 They Ran Out of Big Game to Hunt. Then Their Brains Swelled
5 'Neanderthals' weren't that bad. Biden should apologize to them.
6 The enduring mystery of Critchfield's spruce
7 What's the coldest Earth has ever been? | Earth
8 Extinction of larger animals led to the human brain doubling in size around 30,000 years ago
9 Woolly Mammoth Tusk. Mammuthus primigenius. Pleistocene. Alaska, | Lot #72028 | Heritage Auctions
10 South American scientists unearth skull of ancient 12-foot-tall ground sloth
11 Dazzle to survive
12 360,000-Year-Old DNA Sheds New Light on Evolutionary History of Cave Bears | Genetics, Paleontology
13 Popocatépetl Volcano Volcanic Ash Advisory: VA EMS HAVE DISP IN STLT IMAGERY
14 Wrasses dazzle: how fairy wrasses got their flamboyant colours
15 North American extinctions, including horses, were likely climate driven, say researchers
16 Could Climate Change Be More Extreme Than We Think?
17 Why did humans survive while our Denisovan and Neanderthal cousins died out? Just one gene could have made all the difference
18 Strong local, not global, controls on marine pyrite sulfur isotopes
19 Wrasses Dazzle: How Fairy Elves Got Their Blazing Colors
20 Denisovan DNA in Late Pleistocene sediments from Baishiya Karst Cave on the Tibetan Plateau
21 Genetics leaves little doubt that humans wiped out passenger pigeons
22 Persistent influence of obliquity on ice age terminations since the Middle Pleistocene transition
23 HOW OUR COMMUNITY CAME TO BE – The Waynedale News
24 Arctic-adapted dogs emerged at the Pleistocene–Holocene transition
25 Introduced herbivores restore Late Pleistocene ecological functions
26 Evidence of Late Pleistocene human colonization of isolated islands beyond Wallace's Line: New isotopic study of fossil teeth shows flexible human adaptations to Pleistocene island life through time
27 Prehistory To Ancient History, Strong Objects Take Over $1M At Artemis Gallery
28 Should Siberian tigers seek exotic Sumatran mates? | Stanford News
29 Past tropical forest changes drove megafauna and hominin extinctions: New biochemical research shows significant turnovers in Southeast Asian environments and animals during the Pleistocene
30 Our Rich History: 'Endless and bottomless sand' nearly doomed Cathedral construction
31 Current issue articles for Geosphere posted online in February
32 Dire Wolves Split from Living Canids 5.7 Million Years Ago: Study | Genetics, Paleontology
33 Dino News and Views: A Mammoth-sized Discovery
34 Evidence for habitual climbing in a Pleistocene hominin in South Africa
35 Late Pleistocene exploration and settlement of the Americas by modern humans
36 Australia's Oldest Known Rock Painting is a Kangaroo | Archaeology
37 Gordon Ramsay’s Bank Balance: A few cheese boards short of a four-course meal
38 Pleistocene Epoch: Facts About the Last Ice Age
39 Plio-Pleistocene decline of African megaherbivores: No evidence for ancient hominin impacts
40 The Ocean Releases Dark Black and White Video for “Pleistocene”
41 One Russian scientist hopes to slow the thawing of the Arctic
42 Two Subspecies of Cave Lion Identified | Genetics, Paleontology
43 New GSA bulletin articles published ahead of print in February
44 Mid-Pleistocene transition in glacial cycles explained by declining CO2 and regolith removal
45 Reorganization of surviving mammal communities after the end-Pleistocene megafaunal extinction
46 Israeli researchers offer new theory on human brain evolution: We were hungry
47 Late Middle Pleistocene Levallois stone-tool technology in southwest China
48 Our higher cognitive abilities were developed as we embraced larger animals
49 World’s oldest DNA sheds light on mammoth evolution
50 Denisovan DNA Detected in Pleistocene Hominin Fossil
51 Footprints Mark a Toddler’s Perilous Prehistoric Journey
52 Ancient Paintings Depict Humans Living Alongside Mastodons
53 Video: The muddle in the middle-Pleistocene
54 BEYOND LOCAL: How social bubbles work, during COVID-19 and throughout history
55 Geology: Dire wolf, distant relative of grey wolf, finally found close to home
56 Dire Wolves Were Not Really Wolves, New Genetic Clues Reveal
57 THE OCEAN Incorporates a Little Black Metal Into Their New Song "Pleistocene"
58 NEWS: The Ocean release new song, 'Pleistocene'!
59 Campo Laborde: A Late Pleistocene giant ground sloth kill and butchering site in the Pampas
60 Pleistocene Comet Impact And Earth's Culture And Environment
61 The Ocean Unveil New Single/Video, “Pleistocene”
62 Pleistocene Park: One Russian family's quest to save the permafrost
63 Bone marrow storage and delayed consumption at Middle Pleistocene Qesem Cave, Israel (420 to 200 ka)
64 Since the Late Pleistocene Humans Were Already Radically Transforming the Earth
65 Footprints preserve terminal Pleistocene hunt? Human-sloth interactions in North America
66 Large, violent animal packs shaped the ecosystems of the Pleistocene epoch
67 57,000 year-old wolf puppy found frozen in Yukon permafrost
68 Increasingly fragmented tiger populations may require 'genetic rescue'
69 Saber-toothed cats were surprising heavyweights
70 World's largest planetarium in Shanghai to begin trial run in June
71 Siberia's Pleistocene Park: Bringing back pieces of the Ice Age to combat climate change
72 'Ghost' footprints from the Pleistocene made visible | Cornell Chronicle
73 ‘Ghost’ footprints from Pleistocene era revealed by radar tech
74 Scientists document late Pleistocene/early Holocene Mesoamerican stone tool tradition
75 Digging into the deep past
76 We sequenced the cave bear genome using a 360,000-year-old ear bone and had to rewrite their evolutionary history
77 Meipu teeth shed light on the human settlement of Asia
78 Kimberley rock art oldest in Australia at 17,300-years-old
79 Pleistocene North African genomes link Near Eastern and sub-Saharan African human populations
80 Cave art link to Australia's first people
81 Woolly rhino remains found in melting Siberian permafrost
82 Put more horses in the Arctic to help permafrost stay frozen
83 Humans reached Saudi Arabia at least 120,000 years ago
84 Amud 9 is shown to be a Neandertal woman weighing 60 kg who lived in the Late Pleistocene
85 More light shines on Pleistocene extinction event with possible discovery of new genus of horse | News | CORDIS | European Commission
86 Spectacular Native American rock art newly discovered in the Colombian Amazon
87 Indian beasts that existed 50,000 years ago could hold the key to evolution and extinction
88 Cordilleran Ice Sheet mass loss preceded climate reversals near the Pleistocene Termination
89 Scientists study how a single gene alteration may have separated modern humans from extinct hominins
90 The Bay Area During the Ice Age (Think Saber-Tooth Cats and Mammoths)
91 Denisovan DNA Found in Sediments of Baishiya Karst Cave
92 The past and future human impact on mammalian diversity
93 Ice Age manatees may have called Texas home
94 Climate Change Drove Woolly Rhinoceros to Extinction: DNA Study | Genetics, Paleontology
95 Love avocados? Thank a toxodon
96 DNA Study Reveals Insights About the Scimitar-Toothed Cat
97 Russian Scientists Hope to Restore Ice Age Steppe with 'Pleistocene Park.' Will It Work?
98 Evolution: Oldest DNA Discovered in Mammoth Tooth from the Siberian Permafrost
99 'Field Notes:' North America's Pleistocene Megafauna
100 10 million snowblowers? Last-ditch ideas to save the Arctic ice