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1 ‘Pokemon Go’ will connect to ‘Pokemon Home’ by the end of the year
2 This Japanese rock video is an adorable tribute to Pokémon’s legacy
3 Pokémon GO Strips Away Stay-At-Home Safety Features In The Middle Of A Pandemic
4 Rumor: Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver Switch Ports May Be on the Way
5 Animal Crossing, Pokémon, Mario And More Nominated In Golden Joystick Awards 2020
6 Official Pokémon Music Video Is Filled With 24 Years Of Series References
7 Team GO Rocket's Giovanni Is Set To Return To Pokémon GO This Month
8 Pokémon GO: Everything Arriving in the October Update
9 Pokemon Go October 2020 Community Day Detailed
10 Pokémon Go: Giratina Origin Forme Raid Guide
11 The Fantasy of Pokémon Go Is More Important Than Ever
12 It's Always Sunny In Pokémon GO
13 ‘Pokemon Go’: Top October events include shiny Origin Forme Giratina and mystery raid boss
14 Pokémon Sword and Shield’s Galarian Slowking evolution revealed
15 Pokemon GO free remote raid passes for two months
16 Studio BONES' New Pokémon Music Video Is STUNNING | CBR
17 Pokémon Go removes some temporary bonuses introduced due to COVID-19
18 Pokemon Go's October Community Day, featuring Charmander, will take place on the 17th
19 Pokemon Go October Community Day: Shiny Charmander, Special Research, and More
20 Pokémon Go partners with French fashion brand for cute in-game backpacks
21 Pokémon: 5 Ways Jessie & James Are Team Rocket's MVPs (& 5 It's Butch & Cassidy)
22 Pokemon Sword And Shield's Crown Tundra DLC Introduces A Helpful New Item
23 Pokémon is Finally Doing Something About Hidden Abilities
24 Pokémon Go: Mega Houndoom Mega Raid Guide
25 M’sian 3D Artist’s Creation of Muscular Pokemon Stolen and Sold Online
26 Logan Paul mindblown after pulling rare Pokemon cards worth $3000
27 Gigantimax Gengar, Grimmsnarl return to Max Raids for October Pokémon Sword and Shield rotation
28 10 Fire-Type Pokémon That Most Fans Forgot Existed | Game Rant
29 Adnatomy: How 3 Worldwide Teams Produced This Pokémon Ad
30 Pokémon: Everything We Know About Pikachu Project 2020 | CBR
31 ‘Pokemon Go’: September events focuses on flawed Mega Evolution system
32 Logan Paul's Dog Decided a $25,000 Pokemon Card Was a Snack
33 All of the Biggest Pokemon 25th Anniversary Game Rumors
34 Pokémon Go Zapdos counters, weaknesses and moveset explained
35 Pokémon GO Special Weekend in Japan
36 Niantic will give Pokémon Go players free Remote Raid Passes once per week
37 Steve Aoki is Opening a Shop with Iconic Sports Memorabilia, Pokémon Cards, and Modern Art
38 Picard, Power Rangers & Pokémon GO- Daily LITG, 30th September 2020
39 ‘Pokémon GO’ Spearow Spotlight Hour: Start/End Times, Bonus And Shiny
40 ‘Pokémon GO’ Mega Buddy Challenge: Timed Research, Photobombs, Spawns, Shiny Doduo, Mega Bonuses
41 Pokémon Go fans are tired of hats so here's a whole event about hats
42 ‘Pokémon GO’ Porygon Community Day: Start/End Times, Date, Shiny, ‘Decoding Porygon’ And Move
43 Pokemon's Viral Music Video Has Fans Speechless Over Its Animation
44 Pokemon's New Music Video Holds Several Obscure Gen One Easter Eggs
45 10 Hoenn Pokémon That Most Fans Forgot Existed | Game Rant
46 Shiny Lapras Raid Guide For Solo Pokémon GO Trainers
47 Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver Switch Ports Have One Big Problem
48 What if Digimon had defeated Pokémon?
49 Mega Houndoom Raid Counters Guide
50 The Pokémon Pokedex Gets a Stunning Reinvention as a Medieval Illuminated Manuscript
51 [Last Chance] Pokemon Go Zapdos Guide: Weaknesses, Best Counters, And Raid Tips
52 What to Expect from Pokemon's 25th Anniversary | Game Rant
53 Pokémon GO October 2020 Events, Spotlights and Special Research
54 Pokémon's Official Twitter Jokes About Infamous Seizure Episode
55 Pokemon: 10 Episodes That Prove The First Season Is The Darkest
56 Pokémon Journeys: Ash Catches His First-Ever Ghost-Type Pokémon
57 Pokemon Leak May Hint at New Next-Gen Game
58 Pokémon Go Maker Sued by NantWorks Over Augmented Reality Tech
59 Pokémon Go App Creator Sued for Patent Infringement
60 How to use Surfshark to spoof your location in Pokémon Go
61 Pokemon Go Holding Team Rocket Event Before Jessie And James Leave Today
62 What the pocket monsters of Pokémon can teach us about Japan's Shinto faith
63 'Pokémon Go' creator Niantic starts global AR alliance
64 Pokémon Max Diamond & Max Pearl: All Leaks & Rumors Explained
65 This 'Avatar' and 'Pokémon' Mashup Is Adorable
66 Pokémon: Ash's Future Lies With Serena | CBR
67 Pokemon Journeys Releases Full 'Darkest Day' Trailer
68 Nintendo, Creatures And Game Freak File Trademark For The Legendary Pokémon Entei
69 Pokémon Journeys: Ash FINALLY Gigantamaxes His Pikachu | CBR
70 Mega Pidgeot Raid Guide
71 Battle Jessie and James until September 30 2020
72 Pokémon GO 0.187.0 APK Breakdown: Gust, iOS 14 and 20 new costumes
73 Pokémon Journeys: Goh's Childhood Was Surprisingly Lonely | CBR
74 Pokemon Masters EX's latest story event focuses on newly added Sync Pair Volkner & Luxray
75 What we know about Pokémon's two new games
76 Pokémon Go players caught nearly a billion pokémon at this year’s online-only fest
77 Pokémon: The Japanese game that went viral
78 pokemon announces new games mobile apps and more
79 Niantic adds ‘reality blending’ to Pokémon Go to make your virtual pals even more realistic
80 Pokémon Go adds powerful Mega Evolution forms
81 Pokémon, Stay
82 Netflix nabs exclusive Pokémon episodes in latest move to dominate children’s television
83 Gotta quiz 'em all: the Guardian's Pokémon quiz | Games
84 Pokémon throws a celebration every year. Here's how that helps its brand
85 Pokémon Café Mix is an absolutely adorable puzzle game for Switch and mobile
86 Pokémon Go will end support for older iOS and Android phones in October
87 The Pokémon Go grandpa’s bike evolves to hold 64 smartphones
88 Stuck inside with: Pokémon Go
89 What the weird world of Pokémon can teach us about storytelling
90 Tune in to the Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield Showcase on Twitch June 14th
91 How COVID-19 transformed Pokémon Go into “Pokémon stay-at-home”
92 Watch: Pokemon Presents livestream promises even more news
93 Pokémon Smile turns brushing your teeth into an augmented reality adventure
94 Launch date unveiled for part one of Pokemon Sword Expansion Pass and Pokemon Shield Expansion Pass
95 CASETiFY Reunites with The Pokémon Company for Another New Collection
96 Pokémon of the year contest proves no one actually knows what the best pokémon is
97 Due to coronavirus, Pokémon Go just got easier to play inside
98 How to use Pokémon Home to move your pokédex between games
99 Pokémon Sword and Shield: Isle of Armor review
100 Niantic will make Pokémon GO more stay-at-home friendly with remote raids