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1 US Vaccine Hesitancy Is Nothing New. Here's How The Polio Vaccine Overcame It : Shots
2 In India’s eradication of smallpox and polio, lessons on how to (and how not to) tackle Covid-19 vaccination
3 From polio pioneer to COVID-19 crusader | Penn Today Stephen Gluckman, infectious disease specialist and director
4 Vaccination Then and Now: Polio in the '50s and COVID-19
5 We did it to whip polio and smallpox. We can do the same to COVID with a simple shot in the arm.
6 How vaccination became 'hip' in the '50s, thanks to teens
7 History Happenings: Before COVID-19 came polio and, finally, a vaccine
8 Americans rejoiced over polio vaccine. 8 vintage photos show what it was like.
9 Can We Stop COVID-19 Like We Stopped Polio?
10 Keeping Syria polio-free requires sustained commitment
11 Officials say the COVID-19 vaccination is good for the community
12 COVID vaccine: Like polio vaccine, it can give us back our lives
13 Overcoming vaccine deployment challenges among the hardest to reach: lessons from polio elimination in India
14 The Last Time a Vaccine Saved America
15 Yemen: Research Terms of Reference: Situation Overview of Polio Outbreak and WASH Needs YEM2103 (March 2021, Version 1)
16 Polio survivor weighs in on pandemic, COVID-19 vaccine process
17 Russian Scientists Say Polio Vaccine Protects Against Coronavirus
18 How COVID hurt the fight against other dangerous diseases news feature
19 Brazil once vaccinated 10 million people for polio in a day. What went wrong with COVID-19?
20 Polio this week as of 28 April 2021
21 Coordinated Response to Imported Vaccine-Derived Poliovirus Infection, Barcelona, Spain, 2019–2020
22 Ask the Doctors: Long-haul COVID similar to post-polio syndtome
23 Racine man remembers nearly dying from polio in 1951. Now, he couldn't wait to get a COVID vaccine
24 Polio Outbreak Ends in Somalia
25 Boy and Girl Got Polio Vaccine Together in 1955 — Now They’re Husband and Wife Getting COVID Shots
26 Killing of female polio vaccinators puts Afghan eradication campaign at risk
27 Oscoda High School Interact raises $1000 to fight polio
28 New Film 'Chasing COVID' Parallels Pitt's Polio History with Battle Against Coronavirus
29 Warren Co. community welcomes home girl, 8, with rare polio-like condition: VIDEO
30 Polio this week as of 13 April 2021
31 Milton Rotarian earns international award for fighting polio
32 Dr. Scott Gottlieb explains why he believes Covid won't be eradicated in U.S. like smallpox
33 CIA's hunt for Osama bin Laden fuelled vaccine hesitancy in Pakistan
34 Letter: We beat polio, we can beat COVID
35 Letter: Polio survivor implores community to get COVID vaccine
36 Polio this week as of 21 April 2021
37 Scientific data was India’s strength in polio, leprosy fight. In Covid, it’s a silent victim
38 Pandemic, endemic and other items of importance
39 Letter: Getting vaccinated stopped smallpox and polio. Stopping COVID requires the same.
40 Russia’s Chumakov Center proves efficacy of polio vaccine against Covid-19
41 Richard Groves: It was a milestone for public spiritedness
42 COVID-19 is not a political issue | Blogs |
43 Rotary District donates callipers to polio ambassador
44 Rotary Reflections: Rotary's role in eradicating polio, Part 2
45 The myriad ways sewage surveillance is helping fight COVID around the world
46 Letters: Grateful for the time I had with my best friend — my mother
47 How a fake CIA-led vaccine sting against Bin Laden could still backfire today
48 Africa's Polio Outbreaks Continue: Travel Alert Issued
49 Millie LaFontaine: Mother's Day, at home during the pandemic
50 Poliomyelitis
51 Looking back 66 years ago to viruses conquered by vaccines, and ahead to the potential end of COVID-19
52 How COVID-19 vaccine patents are influencing our pathway out of the pandemic
53 Polio Eradication Report: '2020 Has Been A Terrible Year' : Goats and Soda
54 Talk of the County reader opinion: 'It's time to vote out the rest of the hypocritical, seditionist and insurrectionist Republicans'
55 Oral Polio Vaccines (OPV) market forecast unveils appealing opportunities over 2
56 Global Polio Vaccine Market by Type (Inactivated Polio Vaccine (IPV), Oral Polio Vaccine (OPV)), By Application (Public, Private) And By Region (North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Middle East & Africa), Forecast To 2028 – The Courier
57 David McWilliams: The property system won’t crash like 2008, but painfully grind to a halt
58 Bill and Melinda Gates to divorce, but charitable foundation to remain intact
59 New polio vaccine poised to get emergency WHO approval
60 Anti-vaxxers, vaccine skeptics and vaccine hesitant – The Manila Times
61 Obituary of John Phillip Hammons
62 Perspectives: Health Care Worker Burnout Is Concerning; Young People Struggling With Mental Health
63 Douglas Brouwer: Say good-bye to herd immunity
64 A new polio vaccine joins the fight to vanquish the paralyzing disease
65 Rotary Club of Coronado Binacional Celebrates 9th Anniversary
66 From Congo to Colorado: MPH Grad Envisions Outpacing Diseases
67 If we don't address transmission, we'll be chasing variants forever | TheHill
68 19 February 2021 Statement Statement of the Twenty-Seventh Polio IHR Emergency Committee
69 Africa Declares Wild Polio Is Wiped Out — Yet It Persists In Vaccine-Derived Cases
70 What polio in post-WWII America can teach us about living in a pandemic
71 How the polio vaccine virus occasionally becomes dangerous: Genetic study of the live vaccine could help efforts toward eradication.
72 Cameroon: National polio vaccination days kicks off today
73 UN says new polio outbreak in Sudan caused by oral vaccine
74 The polio eradication campaign is faltering. Can a new vaccine help it get back on track?
75 A brief history of vaccines from smallpox to COVID-19
76 Letters, May 7 – Medford News, Weather, Sports, Breaking News
77 Africa declared free from wild polio — but vaccine-derived strains remain
78 Anti-polio drive in Attock from June 7
79 Lessons From The Past And Present For Controlling Covid-19: Polio
80 Delhi will float global tender for coronavirus vaccine: Manish Sisodia
81 Africa Celebrates the End of the Wild Poliovirus (but Not the End of All Polio)
82 23 October 2020 How polio personnel are pivoting against COVID-19
83 The World Is Still Battling Polio. What That Warning Means for Covid-19.
84 Global Poliovirus Vaccine Market by Type (Inactivated Polio Vaccine (IPV), Oral Polio Vaccine (OPV)), By Application (Public, Private) And By Region (North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Middle East & Africa), Forecast To 2028 – The Courier
85 Plea In Calcutta High Court Seeks Scrapping Of Differential Pricing Policy Of COVID Vaccines, Universal...
86 Circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus type 2 detected in Tajikistan
87 How a New Polio Vaccine Faced Shortages and Setbacks
88 South Sudan: 'No child anywhere should suffer from polio' – UN health agency
89 “Vaxxies” may be new, but they're part of a long tradition
90 A look back at NC’s history with polio can illuminate how to deal with COVID pandemic
91 Before the coronavirus, here’s how Tampa Bay fought polio with vaccines
92 What the History of Polio Can Teach Us About COVID-19
93 How Elvis Got Americans to Accept the Polio Vaccine
94 How Covid-19 Vaccine Launch Evokes Memories of Polio Era
95 What the polio vaccine can teach us about the Covid-19 vaccine
96 Mexico's Government, Direct Relief Deliver Donated Polio Vaccine to Ecuador
97 The Lancet: New polio vaccine against strain that threatens eradication is safe and generates immune response in adults, young children, and infants
98 How ending polio in Africa has had positive spinoffs for public health
99 Is it ethical for cruise lines, schools or Broadway to restrict entry to people not vaccinated against COVID-19?
100 Polio programme accelerates efforts to respond to new polio outbreaks in Sudan and Yemen