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1 PolitiFact: Fact-checking Donald Trump, Joe Biden in the final presidential debate
2 Fact-check: Is viral image of migrant ’cages’ from the Obama years?
3 PolitiFact: Fact-checking the first debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden
4 Fact-check: Were ’phony’ ballots printed without Trump’s name?
5 Fact-checking claims about Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, and China | PolitiFact
6 What we know about claims about Hunter Biden and the Senate GOP report that helped fuel them
7 Fact-checking the vice presidential debate, Mike Pence vs. Kamala Harris | PolitiFact
8 Can You Handle The Truth?: PolitiFact California Fact Checks The Vice Presidential Debate
9 Fact-checking Donald Trump, Joe Biden in the final presidential debate | PolitiFact
10 Trump falsely says federal debt was going down before the pandemic | PolitiFact
11 Fact-checking misinformation about Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis | PolitiFact
12 Advice For Making Sure Your Mail-In Ballot Gets Counted In California
13 Biden vs. Politifact
14 Fact-checking the first presidential debate | PolitiFact
15 Fact check: COVID deaths in the Rio Grande Valley double the state average
16 Can You Handle The Truth? PolitiFact California Fact Checks Mail-In Ballots
17 Fact check: Does CDC study show '85 percent' of COVID-19 patients wore masks? Not exactly.
18 Fact-Checking the Vice Presidential Debate: PolitiFact Flags False Claims by Harris and Pence
19 Can You Handle The Truth?: PolitiFact California Fact Checks Claims About Kamala Harris And Planned Parenthood
20 Fact-Checking the First Presidential Debate: PolitiFact Breaks Down the False Claims
21 WRAL, Politifact partner for live fact check during presidential debate
22 Donald Trump on the issues, a PolitiFact guide
23 Fact-checking the first 2020 presidential debate: Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden
24 Are Floridians better off than they were four years ago? | PolitiFact
25 Fact check: Trump falsely says national debt declining before the pandemic
26 Trump’s 10 biggest coronavirus falsehoods | PolitiFact
27 What do presidents denied a second term have in common? A poor economy | PolitiFact
28 PolitiFact Wisconsin: Photo ID and COVID-19 claims
29 Fact check: Cooper says Forest would allow 'rich' to use state aid for private schools
30 Election 101: Just the facts, ma'am
31 Trump, Biden hold final presidential debate, with live fact-checking by WRAL, PolitiFact
32 Fact check: Biden ad says Trump would slash Medicare benefits
33 It's Live!
34 Fact-checking claim on Amy Coney Barrett and a racial slur in the workplace
35 PolitiFact fact-checks 'Plandemic': A documentary full of false conspiracy theories about the coronavirus
36 Fact-check: Did the boilermakers union endorse Joe Biden?
37 PolitiFact: Fact-checking 22 claims from Donald Trump’s Axios interview
38 Who Are Your Trusted Sources for Information on Voting?
39 PolitiFact: How to fact-check your friends and family on the coronavirus
40 Is Biden right about ACA lawsuit? ::
41 Fact check: No, the WHO didn't 'admit' Trump was right about lockdowns
42 Progressive Group Highlights Trump, Tillis Weakness on Insulin Price Tags
43 PolitiFact: Fact-checking Pam Bondi’s RNC attacks about Hunter Biden
44 PolitiFact: QAnon hoax has been linked to violence. Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld falsely claimed it hasn’t
45 PolitiFact: Trump said children are ‘almost immune’ from coronavirus. That’s not accurate.
46 From the staffs of KHN and PolitiFact
47 Can You Handle The Truth?: PolitiFact California On Trump's California Visit, And A Postcard Confusing Voters
48 PolitiFact: Donald Trump says students don’t catch, spread coronavirus. Studies say it’s not that si
49 The Philadelphia Inquirer is now PolitiFact's exclusive state partner in Pennsylvania
50 Viral mailbox photo isn’t proof of suppression: PolitiFact
51 PolitiFact: Is Black Lives Matter a Marxist movement?
52 PolitiFact: Did Nancy Pelosi break the law by ripping Trump’s State of the Union speech?
53 PolitiFact
54 PolitiFact's 2019 Lie of the Year
55 PolitiFact: Don’t fall for this video. Hydroxychloroquine is not a COVID-19 cure.
56 PolitiFact: Donald Trump’s Pants on Fire ‘unsolved mystery’ attack on Joe Scarborough
57 PolitiFact: Fact-checking the Nevada Democratic debate
58 PolitiFact: Tara Reade has accused Joe Biden of sexual assault. Here’s what we know.
59 PolitiFact: Why medical experts worry about President Trump touting chloroquine
60 Politifact: A coronavirus vaccine: Where does it stand?
61 PolitiFact: Ron DeSantis falsely claims he was never asked about COVID-19
62 PolitiFact: Sorting out the truth about conspiracy theories in Iowa
63 PolitiFact: Face masks, including homemade ones, are effective COVID-19 protection, experts say
64 PolitiFact: Top 10 uncertainties about the coronavirus
65 Can You Handle The Truth?: PolitiFact California On Voting Misinformation, Why You Can't Vote Twice
66 PolitiFact: Trump blames past administrations for a flawed COVID-19 test. The test couldn’t have exi
67 Fact-check: Is there a difference between absentee, mail-in voting?
68 PolitiFact: Fact-checking the Joe Biden-Bernie Sanders face-off
69 PolitiFact: Fact-checking the free-for-all Democratic debate in South Carolina
70 PolitiFact: Donald Trump spreads baseless claim that MSNBC host murdered a staff member in 2001
71 Is PolitiFact biased? This content analysis says no
72 7 ways to avoid misinformation during the coronavirus pandemic
73 PolitiFact: The leading 2020 Democrats’ climate change plans, explained
74 Trump's Boast About U.S., South Korea Coronavirus Testing Misses The Mark
75 WRAL partners with PolitiFact NC to fact check political stories
76 Daniel Funke, PolitiFact
77 PolitiFact: About the Politico story at the heart of a Ukraine conspiracy theory
78 Behind the unlikely success of PolitiFact and the Truth-O-Meter
79 Politifact looks into President Trump's claim COVID cases falling across US
80 PolitiFact California: Does Voting By Mail Lead To Higher Turnout In Red, Blue and Purple States? It's Not That Simple.
81 Politifact: Joe Biden Conflates Tests on the Market With Americans Tested
82 PolitiFact: What else is Congress doing besides impeachment hearings?
83 PolitiFact: Fact-checking Trump’s attack on former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine
84 PolitiFact Florida: Sen. Rick Scott’s Iowa ad misleads about Joe Biden
85 PolitiFact: Warren’s argument that millions can’t afford their Rx drugs holds up
86 PolitiFact: Sanders' ‘Medicare for All' Claims
87 PolitiFact launches new Sunday morning fact-checking show on Newsy
88 Facebook is fighting back against fake news with PolitiFact as a partner
89 PolitiFact: Bloomberg's Claim of 95% Reduction in Stop-and-Frisk
90 PolitiFact’s guide to fact-checking your family at Thanksgiving
91 PolitiFact: Fact-checking the Democratic presidential debate
92 Why impeachment editorials matter — and who's writing them » PolitiFact's Lie of the Year » The feud on 'The View'
93 PolitiFact: ‘Defund the police’ movement: What do activists mean by that?
94 Instagram Posts Make False Claim California Voters Will Be 'Turned Away' From Polls Due To Mail-In Voting
95 Here's what I learned about fact-checking elections after embedding with PolitiFact
96 PolitiFact: Lie of the Year and Top Ten Fact Checks
97 The fact-checkers venture into Red America to try to win over skeptics
98 PolitiFact: Elizabeth Warren’s plans equal $7 trillion in new spending over 10 years, before Medicar
99 The Washington Post, PolitiFact and are using this widget to make facts more shareable
100 PolitiFact Wisconsin looks at Governor Tony Evers' campaign promise to cut middle class taxes