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1 POLITICO Playbook: Is the GOP shooting itself in the foot?
2 ‘People Are Going To Be Shocked’: Return of the ‘Shy’ Trump Voter?
3 Biden to spotlight CDC officials shunned by Trump
4 Trump campaign files narrow appeal in Pennsylvania
5 Heitkamp's centrist path to USDA secretary
6 Republicans dash to defend perilous 2022 Senate map
7 Biden builds out White House legislative affairs team
8 On Parler, MAGA’s postelection world view blossoms with no pushback
9 Christie says Trump legal team ‘a national embarrassment’
10 Trump campaign cuts Sidney Powell from president’s legal team
11 'A pivotal moment': Democracies urged to band together to resist China
12 Man charged after exhaling on women outside Trump golf club
13 Bolton: 'Trump is throwing rocks through windows'
14 Newsom faces pressure to fill Harris seat with woman of color instead of presumed favorite
15 POLITICO Playbook: On Biden and McConnell
16 POLITICO Playbook: They can't agree what they're talking about
17 RNC chair urges Michigan board to pause certification of election results
18 Kelly Loeffler's latest coronavirus test comes back negative
19 Opinion | The Supreme Court’s “Breathtakingly Radical” New Approach to Election Law
20 Culture wars fuel Trump’s blue-collar Latino gains
21 FDA grants emergency use of Covid treatment given to Trump
22 Biden rewards loyalty
23 Trump’s final plan: Push lawmakers to overturn the voters
24 POLITICO Playbook: To dine, or not to dine
25 POLITICO Playbook: Karen Pence hosting 'Christmas Craft'
26 House Democrats consider slower timeline for renaming bases that honor Confederates
27 Is the left wing overplaying its hand?
28 Republican Senate signals it will confirm Biden Cabinet
29 Opinion | A Blueprint for Racial Healing in the Biden Era
30 Democrats: OMB froze World Health Organization cash with same tactic used to ‘illegally’ halt Ukraine aid
31 Could GOP states ignore voters and send Trump delegates to the Electoral College?
32 Lara Trump considers run for Senate in North Carolina
33 EU air quality improves, but problems remain
34 POLITICO Playbook: Is Trump done being president?
35 No Senate? No problem, progressive group tells Biden.
36 After Trump meeting, Michigan GOP leaders say Biden's win still stands
37 Ivanka Trump calls legal inquiries into Trump business political ‘harassment’
38 How thousands of scarce Covid shots could go to waste
39 Biden's pick for Education secretary will be tested on assessments
40 4 more years: Trump freezes 2024 presidential field
41 POLITICO Playbook: The last gasp of Trumpism
42 Opinion | Trump Can’t Fight the Laws of Presidential Eclipse
43 Biden builds team for Senate confirmation battles
44 Trump blocks Biden’s incoming staff in unprecedented ways
45 Poll: 46 percent say Trump should concede 'right away'
46 Trump, for once, listened when aides told him to lie low
47 Pentagon to impose new restrictions for workers as local Covid cases spike
48 Liberal dark-money behemoth raised nearly $140M last year
49 ‘This is not a television program’: Mulvaney slams Giuliani’s role on Trump campaign legal team
50 Trump unveils plan linking drug payments to cheaper overseas prices
51 Dan Bongino leads the MAGA field in stolen-election messaging
52 Dozens of House Democrats urge Biden to pick Deb Haaland as Interior secretary
53 New Pentagon chief racing to make changes before Trump's exit
54 Could Trump Really Hold On? Why Experts Aren’t Worried
55 Biden’s IRS could finally give Trump’s tax returns to Democrats
56 2020 Has Been Miserable. Is Extreme Masculinity to Blame?
57 Rudy Giuliani’s son tests positive for coronavirus
58 Pelosi suggests she’ll serve her last term as speaker
59 Democrats demand briefing from GSA chief on delay in ascertaining Biden’s win
60 The Biden adviser focused on the pandemic’s stark racial disparities
61 CDC recommends pre- and post-flight testing for international air travel
62 POLITICO Playbook: Maggie's Trump book, and some Biden world moves
63 ‘Confusion and chaos’: Republicans denounce Trump’s latest purge
64 Trump administration cancels Covid-19 celebrity ad campaign
65 Republicans livid over Trump’s plan to reduce troops in Afghanistan
66 Elissa Slotkin Braces for a Democratic Civil War
67 How Biden plans to fix the coronavirus testing problem
68 WHO COVID envoy warns of third wave in Europe in 2021
69 Trump seeks final stamp on drug prices with sweeping rule
70 Biden begins to fill top White House positions
71 McConnell: Transfer of presidential power won’t be delayed
72 Illinois Democrats threaten Michael Madigan's decadeslong hold on power
73 ‘A grand scheme’: Trump’s election defiance consumes GOP
74 It's starting to sink in: Schools before bars
75 DHS cyber chief out after debunking Trump's election claims
76 Pennsylvania Supreme Court rejects complaints about Philadelphia election observations
77 DOJ says Dems are out of time to force testimony on alleged obstruction by Trump
78 In race for coronavirus vaccine, Russia turns to disinformation
79 Will the U.S. heed Canada's Thanksgiving lesson?
80 Progressives to Biden: Kill Space Force
81 What Keith Richards Can Teach Us About Beating Our Donald Trump Addiction
82 Pence faces a new test after 4 years of fealty to Trump
83 ‘It’s all noise’: The reality behind Trump’s legal fight
84 How Kamala and the coronavirus tanked Trump's Fed pick
85 ‘Purely outlandish stuff’: Trump’s legal machine grinds to a halt
86 Could Obama Have Been Great?
87 Inside Donald Trump’s 2020 undoing
88 Trump officials clash over coronavirus precautions for Thanksgiving
89 Trump faces divided family and friends as calls mount for a concession
90 How 2020 Killed Off Democrats’ Demographic Hopes
91 How Biden swung the religious vote
92 Trump’s student loan cliff threatens chaos for Biden
93 ‘Devastating’: Top Pentagon leadership gutted as fears rise over national security
94 World’s cartoonists on this week’s events
95 Unions disagree over Biden's Labor secretary pick
96 Where Trump’s recount fundraising dollars are really going
97 Trump campaign pares back federal suit over Pennsylvania election results
98 Trump lawyer complains of harassing call from attorney at opposing firm
99 POLITICO’s final Election Forecast: Biden in command, Senate up for grabs
100 'We need his voters' in Georgia: Why Republicans embrace Trump's last stand