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1 PRC Chairman celebrates 50 years of ensuring transparency and accountability for USPS
2 USPS seeks early retirements for non-union postal employees, management hiring freeze
3 Postal Service to Start Negotiations for Giant Mail Truck Contract
4 USPS, Treasury reach agreement on $10B coronavirus relief loan
5 Here's why your mail and packages are a no-show or delivered late
6 USPS warns staff of temporary mail delays as it cuts ‘soaring’ delivery costs
7 USPS reduces morning office time for letter carriers for ‘more consistent delivery’
8 Philly congressional reps call for more Postal Service funds
9 Commentary: Expand Vote-by-Mail to Ensure Ballot Access During Pandemic
10 Paid parental leave takes shape under new OPM regulations
11 Bellville appeals USPS decision to close post office – The Claxton Enterprise
12 In Florida, if you’re voting by mail for the primary, don’t wait too long
13 How handwritten notes build relationships remotely
14 Thousands of feds apply for coronavirus workers’ compensation
15 GSA puts out guide for navigating new rules banning Chinese telecoms equipment
16 Over 20k military members have now been diagnosed with coronavirus
17 Our postal service is under attack | News, Sports, Jobs
18 Unsanitized: Federal Benefit Extension Looks Remote as Anger Mounts
19 Regulatory agency proposes path for Postal Service to set higher rates
20 Appeals court tells USPS regulator to rethink ‘incomprehensible’ package revenue formula
21 White House dusts off USPS reform plan to save $97B in 11 years
22 Misguided Attacks on the U.S. Postal Service
23 Bowling Green apartment suit against USPS dismissed from federal district court, will move to Postal Regulatory Commission
24 Postal Regulators Lay Out New Proposal to Enable Larger USPS Rate Hikes
25 Postal Regulatory Commission rejects Postal Service's planned 2020 rate increases
26 UPS Wins Challenge to Postal Rate Regulation in DC Cir.
27 USPS board set to lose quorum as deputy postmaster general resigns
28 New Postal Pricing Proposal Will Threaten Nonprofit Mailers
29 Alfa Laval commences the recommended public cash tender offer for all shares in Neles on 13 August 2020
30 Appeals court overturns Postal Service’s largest stamp price increase
31 USPS ‘nearly breaking even’ if House-passed reform bill becomes law
32 US Postal Service Announces New Prices for 2020
33 USPS Board of Governors vice president steps down, but quorum remains
34 PRC Financial Analysis for FY19 Shows USPS Financial Losses are Largest in a Decade
35 Postal Service Fails to Stop Data Release for Foreign Letters
37 Trump sets ultimatum for USPS to raise prices before approving $10B emergency loan
38 Dependable service
39 USPS begins search for new postmaster general amid 13 years of net losses
40 USPS requests $75B amid pandemic to recover from ‘steep’ drop in mail volume
41 The tumultuous history of the U.S. Postal Service—and its constant fight for survival
42 New Commisioners for the Postal Regulatory Commission
43 Senate Bill Proposes Postal Service Bailout
44 DC Circ. Tells USPS Regulator To Fix 'Incomprehensible' Order
45 PRC Modifies Rate System For Classes of Market Dominant Products
46 USPS board nominees see no ‘easy answers,’ but common ground for postal reform
47 Trump blames internet companies, including Amazon, for Postal Service struggles
48 PRC endorses USPS plan to end customized postage
49 First Edition: Aug. 12, 2020
50 Postal regulation nominees: USPS faces ‘very real threat’ to long-term viability
51 Court Declares Postal Rate Increase Unlawful
52 USPS 5-year business plan: ‘Innovate faster,’ cut costs to remain solvent
53 State Roundup: Despite concerns, Hogan OKs severely curtailed polling places
54 Editorial: Don’t panic over Postal Service
55 USPS, Regulator Pursue Different Paths in Fighting Court Ruling on Rate Hikes
56 Two New PRC Commissioners Sworn in as Market Dominant Rates Are Under Review
57 Updated: House coronavirus spending bill gives USPS $25B, wipes slate on its Treasury debt
58 Large increase in military members diagnosed with COVID-19
59 Amazon and UPS have been quietly fighting over the post office’s cost structure — long before Trump
60 Postal Service Sees More Cuts to Workforce Costs to Avoid Running Out of Money by 2024
61 U.S. Postal Service: Expanding Nonpostal Products and Services at Retail Facilities Could Result in Benefits, but May Have Limited Viability
62 Cross-border postal rates going up July 1 for many shippers
63 USPS reports first dip in package volume in nearly a decade
64 Business Community Urges Congress to Rescue USPS with Relief Bill
65 Appeals court rejects Postal Service's secrecy regarding losses on inbound foreign mail
66 As Battle Lines Are Drawn for Successor, USPS Chief Delays Retirement Indefinitely
67 Postmaster General announces retirement as USPS seeks financial reform
68 Mining Comparative Guide
69 Perspective: Should the Postal Service receive additional federal funds?
70 Battle lines forming over setting of US stamp prices
71 Federal building projects move forward in FY 2021 spending bill draft
72 PRC proposes giving USPS greater freedom to raise stamp prices
73 What to Know in Washington: Virus Relief Standoff Leaves Damage
74 Is Amazon Bad for the Postal Service? Or Its Savior?
75 PRC Approves Lower Postal Rates Ahead of UPU Meeting
76 2020 Census count keeps on moving despite pandemic
77 PRC Evaluates USPS FY 2019 Performance Report and FY 2020 Performance Plan
78 USPS Ends Another Fiscal Year With Billion-Dollar Losses
79 OPM: Denial of Sick Leave Provided in Virus Relief Bill Can Be Appealed
80 What to watch today: Dow to drop as U.S.-China tensions rise, Wall Street awaits July jobs report
81 USPS stakeholders consider postal reform amid congressional inaction
82 Know your new paid sick leave benefits during the coronavirus pandemic
83 Restructuring the US Postal Service
84 Stamp Fulfillment Services comes under PRC scrutiny
85 USPS Hikes Price 23.8% For Some Nonprofit Mail
86 The hunt is on for a federal deputy CIO
87 Why Marketers Need to Care About USPS Promotions
88 Column: Trump is plotting to destroy the Postal Service
89 Regulator Rejects USPS 2020 First Class Mail Rates
90 USPS seeks definition of its universal service obligation
91 challenges USPS decision to end customized postage
92 What to Know in Washington: Stimulus Talks Near Edge of Collapse
93 Lawmaker looks to secure hazard pay, extra leave for feds
94 USPS Regains a Functioning Governing Board for the First Time in Five Years
95 USPS Announces New Prices for 2020
96 New Postal Rates Help Level Global Commerce, Trump Official Says
97 Congress Should Make Postal Reform a Priority – InsideSources
98 Bill to eliminate pay cap for VA’s top healthcare workers passes Senate
99 Ruling Could Result in Higher Shipping Costs for Online Sellers
100 Postal Highway Project: Construction work comes to halt with non-payment issues in Birgunj