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1 Discovery of new praying mantis species from the time of the dinosaurs: Fossilized wing imprints solve evolutionary puzzle
2 Here's what male praying mantis are doing to avoid getting eaten during sex
3 Male mantises fight females to mate
4 Wing imprints reveal dino-era praying mantis
5 Exceptionally preserved fossil of a 100-MILLION-year-old praying mantis is discovered in Canada
6 Enjoy a Video of Praying Mantises Watching TV in Their Tiny Home
7 ‘Praying mantis’: China mocks Secretary of State Mike Pompeo over latest US sanctions
8 Praying Mantises: More Deadly Than We Knew
9 Copulate without losing your mind: the vital tactic of Mr. Mantis
10 Lesson of the Day: ‘Praying Mantises: More Deadly Than We Knew’
11 Meet Mantis
12 Around the Web: Fungal Fashion. Crustacean Craze. Plague Prescriptions. Can Conundrum. Pharmaceutical Favors. Pig Painting. Nacho Narrative. Mesmerized Mantises.
13 Don Davis: Lawn and garden predictions for the coming year
14 Awesome Photos of Praying Mantis' Visit to JP Resident's Flowers
15 Lessons About Love and Invasion from America's Foreign Mantises
16 Megan McCubbin grew up with a loo full of animals and a bedroom like a mini zoo
17 Praying mantises stay alive by scaring the you-know-what out of predators
18 How a Praying Mantis Says ‘Boo!’
19 Praying mantises will save us all from murder hornets
20 High-speed video shows every second of a praying mantis's lethal strike
21 10 Questions With Megan McCubbin
22 Praying mantises advance on Anza
23 A new mantis species rises from the ashes of Brazil's National Museum
24 Could praying mantises kill or control the Asian giant hornet population in Washington state?
25 (PHOTOS) Praying Mantis Camouflaged in Bamboo
26 Pen in Hand: Praying Mantids: When it comes to other insects, they say "Let us prey"
27 Mating mantises
28 The Benefits of Biological Diversity in the City
29 WATCH: Praying mantis eats a murder hornet’s face, becomes Twitter’s new hero
30 Natural Sightings: Praying mantis? More like preying mantis
31 Weekend Round-Up: Macabre Praying Mantises, Elaborate Back-Scratchers, And Missing Blockbusters
32 Praying pets: Wilton woman raises exotic mantises
33 Praying mantis: Nature's bug killer
34 This praying mantis is pulling for Astros
35 Praying mantis nests may be hiding in your Christmas tree
36 Asian Insider, Jan 18: Japan PM Suga's rating drops; China poised for further expansion
37 What to Know for Praying Mantis Mating Season
38 Butterfly house raising ‘black market’ praying mantids, even when no one is there to see them
39 Scientists shed light on how praying mantises use the element of surprise to survive
40 New Species of Praying Mantis Impales Its Prey on Barbed Spikes
41 ‘Don’t flip out’: Harmless praying mantis egg sacs could be lurking in your Christmas tree
42 11 Wondrous Facts About Praying Mantises
43 Praying mantis bats away wasp trying to steal grasshopper snack from its jaws
44 Customs officers intercept mantis, eggs concealed in computer mouse
45 Praying Mantises Catch and Eat Birds Alive [Video]
46 Woman Finds Beautiful 'Flower Mantis' Insect That Looks Just Like a Flower Living in Her Garden
47 Praying Mantis Seen Hunting Fish for the First Time
48 Earth Matters: What color is your praying mantis?
49 Bug vs. Bird: Praying Mantises Feast on Feathered Prey
50 These are 14 pets who have been welcomed to homes across Milton Keynes during lockdown that are guaranteed to make you smile
51 Birds Beware: The Praying Mantis Wants Your Brain
52 Horrifying moment alien-like tentacles burst out of dead praying mantis in stomach-churning footage
53 Researchers who made praying mantises wear glasses discover a new type of vision
54 Nature News: Look for the elusive praying mantis egg cases
55 Peculiar praying mantis looks and acts like a wasp
56 Praying mantis found in Jersey News | Nov 10, 2020
57 Praying Mantis Spotted Fishing for Its Dinner
58 Praying Mantises Can Kill Birds and Eat Their Brains All Around the World
59 ‘Like a mountain lion in your landscape’: Praying mantises will attack birds
60 Why These Praying Mantises Are Wearing Itty-Bitty 3D Glasses
61 Praying mantises are all over Ohio right now (and people are putting them on their faces)
62 Praying Mantises Are Killing Birds And Devouring Their Brains All Over The World
63 Help for Gardeners: Could praying mantises help control the dreaded spotted lanternfly?
64 Does the praying mantis have chameleon-like skills to change colors?
65 New 'unicorn' praying mantis species found in Brazilian rainforest
66 Praying mantis hanky-panky is way weirder than you think
67 Tiny glasses help reveal how praying mantises can see in 3-D
68 Praying Mantises Released for Pest Control Are Hunting Hummingbirds
69 Why Is This Praying Mantis Wearing 3D Glasses?
70 Praying mantis — beautiful but...
71 3-D Vision in Praying Mantises May Help Robots See
72 Horrifying Creature Filmed Emerging From Praying Mantis Corpse
73 Virginia Woman's Home Invaded by More Than 100 Praying Mantises Brought in by Christmas Tree
74 Column: The Praying Mantis
75 Vietnam praying mantis named after Sir David Attenborough
76 See a Praying Mantis Devour a Spotted Lanternfly (Photos)
77 Valley 5-year-old shares science lessons on Facebook
78 Praying Mantises Are More Badass Than We Realized
79 Eat, Pray, Fossilize? Praying Mantis Fossil Is 110 Million Years Old
80 More than 100 praying mantises brought in by Christmas tree invade woman's home
81 What eats spotted lanternflies?
82 Garden tip: Praying mantises a welcome visitor in garden
83 Praying Mantis Egg Sacs Could Be Hiding in Your Christmas Tree
84 How Praying Mantises Can Jump Faster Than the Blink of an Eye
85 Praying mantis good for the garden
86 Praying mantises: The good, the bad and the ugly | Nature Watch
87 Hummingbirds beware: Study documents praying mantises killing, eating birds
88 Here is a photo of a praying mantis repairing a broken heart
89 Stories From the Past | Lifestyles |
90 Ambitious Praying Mantis Discovers Sashimi
91 Insect Sex: Watch Headless Praying Mantis Continue To Mate After Being Decapitated by Female
92 Praying Mantis Devours Hummingbird in Shocking Photo
93 7 super powers of the praying mantis
94 For The First Time, We Have Record of a Wild Praying Mantis Catching Fish
95 Why Female Praying Mantises Devour Their Partners During Sex
96 Officials Warn to Check Christmas Trees for Praying Mantis Eggs
97 Colorado Avalanche are the Praying Mantis. Who’s the Murder Hornet?
98 Praying Mantis Looks Like a Flower—And Now We Know Why
99 Ancient mantis-man rock carving found in central Iran | Daily Sabah
100 The Praying Mantis, a Friend and Foe of New York City Gardens