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1 Mary Divine – Press Enterprise
2 Premack: Secession is illegal, would hurt senior community
3 South Korea's 'ghost surgeon' industry is thriving: CNN report
4 Southwest Journal's first-place awards
5 Firearm Buyback Program announcement leaves local business owner in the dark
6 Some fashion-industry insiders allege a mega-influencer's retail empire is bolstered by stolen designs
7 Why AI Training Is a Human Responsibility
8 Prince George gun vendor says proposed federal firearm law will put an end to replica air-gun sales
9 Priya Krishna, Rick Martinez, Sohla El-Waylly Exit Bon Appétit Test Kitchen
10 Federal government shifts buyback responsibility; local buisness continues to lose thousands
11 How to add current spouse to home deed
12 Bon Appétit Staffers of Color Say EIC Rapoport Led 'Toxic' Culture
13 Q&A with Rachel Premack on trucking reporting
14 Teacher's Pet: Use natural rewards strategically | Entertainment |
15 Here is what happens when a will names no beneficiaries
16 'They've had a rough year': Prince George Legion receives heartfelt donation from local businesses
17 'Dave whisperers': Amazon logistics execs reveal unusual culture
18 Bon Appétit names publishing powerhouse Dawn Davis as new editor-in-chief
19 California school districts, charter schools to get $6.8 billion, in varying amounts, of federal aid
20 Bon Appétit video editor Matt Hunziker returns to work at Condé Nast
21 What to do if your deceased relative got a stimulus payment
22 New Amazon shipping requirements could knock down USPS
23 Can family members witness a will?
24 Harpers Ferry council decides to delay vote on bond ordinance
25 Laura Premack – The Conversation
26 Condé Nast employees say Black celebrities like Lizzo and Megan Thee Stallion were rejected from videos based on a 'racist' vetting process
27 Can I be trustee and beneficiary of my trust
28 Harpers Ferry Town Council postpones water project decisions after nearly half the council absent at meeting
29 Bon Appétit: Timeline of allegations, drama, new chefs, employees
30 Elana Premack Sandler LCSW, MPH
31 COVID-19, falling dollar spur sales at local gun store
32 Local gun shop owner taking legal action against firearms ban
33 Condé Nast has suspended a Bon Appétit video editor amid an internal investigation
34 Harpers Ferry decides against legal challenge of state tourism district law
35 WeWoreWhat, Danielle Bernstein controversy timeline
36 California’s charter schools soon to enter an uneasy era
37 Critter Corner: Premack Principle used to reinforce low-probability behaviors
38 Two voices spoke up during Minneapolis riots in 1969. They both carried
39 Can mom’s house be transferred to her sister after death?
40 Some Pennsylvania rest stops closing, and truckers have few options
41 The estate tax still exists, Mr. President
42 How 'do not resuscitate orders' affect life insurance benefits
43 The controversial founder of WeWoreWhat Danielle Bernstein has officially joined TikTok
44 Can an executor do probate without a lawyer?
45 FMCSA announces four key changes to HOS laws that truck drivers hate
46 VIDEO: Truckers disrupt Trump press conference on coronavirus vaccine
47 Homage to a mentor, a journalist’s journalist
48 Can a will be signed by rubber stamp?
49 Latest version of sweeping California charter school bill waters down original draft, is 'setting the clock of progress way back,' opponent says
50 MCE's Got Talent virtual event puts spotlight on Minneapolis youth
51 How to protect separate property IRAs in second marriage
52 Home equity loan liability after divorce and death
53 Educational Philosopher and Concrete Practitioner
54 How easy is it to make illegal wills in Texas if the person has dementia
55 Craig Premack recounts being shot during Cache Creek bike race
56 John of God: my encounter with Brazil's accused faith healer
57 Dead Man Talking
58 Opinion | The World’s Smartest Chimp Has Died
59 What is the best way to give funeral instructions?
60 How to protect yourself from a spouse's debt
61 Replace, do not amend, powers of attorney
62 Cohabitation agreement can avoid implication of marriage
63 Summer offerings for all – Southwest Journal
64 Survivorship and lady bird deed must be coordinated
65 Angry Michiganders slam Pence for driving on car-free Mackinac Island
66 Paying for Fluffy’s care after Dad dies
67 What Texas laws says about accessing decedent’s safe deposit box
68 Meat is horrible
69 Can a video be used as a Will?
70 Jeff Bezos' former No. 2 is retiring with more than 48000 Amazon shares worth as much as $158 million
71 Truck drivers protests stop traffic in Arizona, Texas, and California
72 Home ownership when owner dies in second marriage
73 Substitution of Agent and Delegation of Authority
74 Mineral rights have modest Medicaid exemption
75 What happens when a non-Texas resident dies with property in Texas
76 88,300 truck drivers lost their jobs in April, and it's the biggest trucking job loss on record
77 Reverse mortgage to one spouse only
78 Most California districts would get more in federal aid than they’d lose in budget cuts
79 The fast food industry is facing a growing crisis
80 Local Tribunal Attempts to Disenfranchise Citizens to Keep Town Council Positions
81 Forced Legal Partition of Inherited Property
82 Molly Baz said that she will no longer appear in Bon Appétit videos after three Bon Appétit stars of colour announced they were leaving the video channel
83 Craig Premack, B.C. randonneur cyclist, shot during Cache Creek 600
84 Can adult children force sale of the homestead?
85 Life estate deed by agent must preserve estate plan
86 The markets did something this week that hasn’t been seen since 1999
87 Why Korean companies are forcing their workers to go by English names
88 Is home cam which watches elderly Dad legal?
89 Property Tax Deferral is high-cost option
90 Agent’s Fiduciary Duty to Account
91 Transfer of house title before or after death
92 Harpers Ferry Town Council debates taking legal action against state bill
93 Truckers say ELD mandate has lowered their salary and quality of life
94 Tax account record is not official ownership record
95 How to revoke a recorded durable power of attorney
96 Must a will always go to probate?
97 COVID ended City Pages — and the era of alt-weeklies in the Twin Cities
98 Minor intestate heirs pose expensive problems
99 Can MERP claim be avoided?
100 Gen Zs Vs Millennials: How the 2 Generations Are Drastically Different