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1 UW-Madison Primate Research Lab's history of complaints from animal rights groups
2 RX 6900 XT Goes Up Against GeForce RTX 3080 In OpenCL Tests
3 Jarrod Bailey: A 'shortage' of animals for labs will help, not hinder, a COVID-19 research
4 Chimpanzee sanctuaries are under fire. Can a new science-based tool improve ape welfare?
5 Saving sanctuaries
6 Primate Labs on MacRumors
7 UW researchers design ultrapotent COVID-19 vaccine candidate | Scinews |
8 Newly released footage shows UMass-led primate research
9 UW-Madison rebukes PETA claims of animal mistreatment
10 Feds Investigating Wisconsin Primate Laboratory Following Secret PETA Video
11 Will Seattle Primate Lab Become a COVID-19 Hotbed? | PETA
12 America Is Running Low on a Crucial Resource for COVID-19 Vaccines
13 Anti-animal research organization files complaint against UW's primate research center
14 Primate laboratories in the US: Wasted Lives, Wasted Money | PETA
15 Lab Shocks Monkey Penises Until Ejaculation | PETA
16 Oregon lab is forcing pregnant monkeys 'to eat lard and become nicotine and alcohol addicts'
17 Could the Next COVID-19 Wave Come From Monkey Labs? | PETA
18 Controlling monkey brains with light could get easier thanks to open data project
19 Something You Don't Know About Me: Alex Dubroff
20 Canada forces Apple and Primate Labs to testify in iPhone battery scandal
21 Exclusive: Arizona leads multi-state probe into older iPhones slowing, shutting down
22 GeoVax Reports 2020 Third Quarter Financial Results and Provides Corporate Update
23 Tulane National Primate Research Center expands its laboratory capacity
24 PETA Lawsuit Nets Video Footage Primate Experimenter Fought to Hide
25 NIH hosts nonhuman primate workshop amidst increased scrutiny of monkey research
26 Primates imported to UK for laboratory experiments ‘triple in a year to 6,752’
27 More Primates Are Being Used For Lab Research In The U.S. Than Ever Before
28 Should aging lab monkeys be retired to sanctuaries?
29 US faces monkey shortage for COVID-19 research
30 Mac mini developer test kit shows the promise of Apple Silicon
31 Mobilizing animal models against a pandemic | Lab Animal
32 Primate embryos grown in the lab for longer than ever before
33 Animal rights group calls OHSU’s primate lab ‘worst’ in the country
34 America is facing a monkey shortage as demand skyrockets for COVID-19 research
35 Other news to note for Nov. 30, 2020 | 2020-11-30
36 Primate Labs Geekbench 5 Has Arrived and it's 64-Bit
37 Apple A14 processor makes iPad Air 4 dramatically faster
38 iPad Pro vs Surface Pro 7: Specs, pricing and use cases
39 Sanctuary for retired lab chimps embroiled in dispute over quality of its care
40 Microsoft Surface Pro X (SQ2, 2020) review
41 Early tests show iPad 8 brings a huge performance boost
42 Scientists at Tulane National Primate Research Center studying vaccines, treatments for COVID-19
43 The Search for a Covid-19 Research Animal Model
44 Ryzen 9 5950X, Ryzen 9 5900X Benchmarks Back AMD's Claim of 19% IPC Uplift on Ryzen 5000
45 Geekbench 5 now available with support for new benchmark tests and Dark Mode on macOS
46 Trump's tariffs on monkeys could 'severely damage' US medical research and send labs to China
47 Air France Sends Monkeys to Die in Pointless Tests | PETA
48 Rocky Mountain Labs make advancements in race to combat COVID
49 Oregon National Primate Research Center hit by research shutdown
50 COVID-19 vaccine has hefty response in nonhuman primates
51 Harvard primate lab’s end puzzles researchers
52 UW
53 UMass settles lawsuit with PETA over research monkeys
54 These Lab Animals Will Help Fight Coronavirus
55 iPhone 8 and X are so much more powerful than any Android phone, it’s kind of ridiculous
56 Intel Rocket Lake Eight-Core CPU Struts Gen12 Xe Prowess In New Benchmark
57 Labs scramble to find right animals for coronavirus studies
58 Animal rights advocates sue federal government over treatment of research primates
59 Intel Core i9-10910: Rumored Apple Exclusive Fails to Impress on Geekbench
60 Mice, hamsters, ferrets, monkeys. Which lab animals can help defeat the new coronavirus?
61 Intel's Dual-Core Tiger Lake CPU Comes Out to Play in Latest Benchmark
62 Labs rush to study coronavirus in transgenic animals — some are in short supply
63 2020 MacBook Air benchmarks blow away its predecessor
64 More research labs are retiring rather than euthanizing monkeys when studies finish
65 US lawmakers propose plan to reduce primate research at National Institutes of Health
66 16-inch MacBook Pro blows away your old laptop
67 More research labs are retiring monkeys when studies finish
68 Primate Labs Inc. Releases Geekbench 4 For iOS And Android – Download Here
69 Experimental COVID-19 vaccine protects upper and lower airways in nonhuman primates
70 EETimes
71 New Tiger Lake Promo Vids and CPUs Leak Ahead of Official Launch
72 Record number of monkeys being used in U.S. research
73 Lawmakers Push NIH to Reduce Nonhuman Primate Research
74 Voles die of thirst, OHSU lab cited for animal welfare violations
75 Infant Monkeys Died in Accidental Poisoning at UC Davis Lab
76 Inside the horror lab where monkeys are forced eat lard and become addicted to booze
77 2020 U.S. spending bill restricts some animal research, pushes for lab animal retirement
78 Coronavirus Challenges in Primates, Compared | In the Pipeline
79 Investigational ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 vaccine protects monkeys against COVID-19 pneumonia
80 PETA Blasts University of Washington Monkey Laboratory
81 How lab animals have fared in the coronavirus crisis
82 Court Orders Controversial Oregon Lab that Does Horrible Tests on Monkeys to Release Videos
83 Taxpayer funds reportedly used for secret primate experiments in Sydney labs
84 Monkey strangled at Sorrento Valley research lab, USDA complaint alleges
85 Army germ lab shut down by CDC in 2019 had several 'serious' protocol violations that year
86 Overclocked AMD Ryzen 3 3300X Beats Intel Core i7-7700K in Geekbench
87 Life after the lab
88 As Primate Research Drops in Europe, Overseas Options Appeal
89 Women leading COVID-19 research at UC Davis: JoAnn Yee, manager of the Primate Assay Laboratory
90 Arizona Continues to Investigate Apple's iPhone Throttling Scandal
91 Primate Products: A Company that Breeds Lab Monkeys and Manufactures Lies
92 Apple iPhones slow down as batteries age, says report
93 Geekbench Chief: Android Stagnates While iPhone Soars
94 With shortage of mice for coronavirus experiments, Wash U lab hopes to make its own
95 Ridiculous Xiaomi Redmi K30 Geekbench entry shows why healthy skepticism is a prerequisite when it comes to interpreting benchmark data
96 Coronavirus: To cure the humans, scientists rush to experiment on primates
97 Answers in excrement: Fecal analysis yields insight about wild primates
98 Georgia pharmaceutical lab working on COVID-19 vaccine, waiting on federal funds
99 U.S. Research Labs Home to 100,000 Monkeys, Critics Call Experiments ‘Outdated and Barbaric'
100 Clash on treatment to continue after primate lab closes