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1 How one security researcher is working to secure vulnerable IoT devices
2 Security researchers hack, steal Tesla Model X within minutes
3 Ransomware, attacker behaviour to shape IT security in 2021
4 Security experts observe shifts in global cyberattacks
5 Shoppers are willing to swap personal data for discounts
6 Some Apple Apps on macOS Big Sur Bypass Content Filters, VPNs
7 online shopping bargains Black Friday
8 #BlackFriday: 84% of Consumers Willing to Risk Personal Data in Search of Bargains
9 Advanced Persistent Threats in 2021: Kaspersky Researchers Predict New Threat Angles and Attack Strategies to Come
10 You need to stop sharing your passwords with your partner
11 Elections Are Partisan Affairs. Election Security Isn't.
12 Experts Insight On Android Users Could Spy On Others Using Facebook Messenger
13 Research report: Cyber frauds in India may go up in 2021
14 GRIMM Wins DARPA Award to Research Assured MicroPatching (AMP)
15 Cyber frauds in India may go up in 2021: Kaspersky
16 Cyber frauds to see an uptick in India in 2021: Report
17 Placing your trust in ‘Zero Trust’
18 Malicious Use of SSL Increases as Attackers Deploy Hidden Attacks
19 Q&A: David Emm, Principal Security Researcher, Kaspersky
20 Researchers spot 22 AWS APIs that can be abused to leak info
21 Advanced persistent threats in 2021: New threat angles, attack strategy changes are coming
22 Beware a New Google Drive Scam Landing in Inboxes
23 Warning: Banned Baidu Apps Exposed ‘Sensitive’ Data On Millions Of Android Phones
24 Privacy Experts On API Bug On Dating Site Bumble Exposed Personal Information Of 100M Users
25 Postdocs under pressure: 'Can I even do this any more?'
26 AWS Flaw Allows Attackers to Find Users' Access Codes
27 New threats and attack strategies in store for 2021
28 OSINT: What is open source intelligence and how is it used?
29 Daily briefing: 'Serendipity' boosted Oxford–AstraZeneca vaccine's efficacy
30 Why You Should Trust Open Source Software Security
31 Ex-NSA hacker drops new zero-day doom for Zoom
32 Which countries and hackers are targeting Covid vaccine developers?
33 African scientists root for research, innovation to hasten pandemic recovery
34 Your work laptop may not be as secure as it should be
35 Trump Site Alleging AZ Election Fraud Exposes Voter Data
36 Facebook awards $1.98 million to researchers for findings bugs in 2020
37 EFF Welcomes Cybersecurity Expert Tarah Wheeler to Advisory Board
38 Canadian officer in Huawei CFO's arrest says he did not ask for phone passcodes
39 Attackers Target Small Manufacturing Firms
40 Researchers Discover New macOS Ransomware Downloaded From Pirated Torrent Sites
41 The #AppSec 50: Top application security pros to follow on Twitter
42 Texas government spoofing campaign discovered by security researchers
43 Fiberisation essential to address digital divide: COAI’s Kochhar
44 Italy tells Enel plans to create national broadband network cannot be postponed
45 Russia opens case against Google, saying it failed to delete banned content
46 Britain's telcos face fines if they use suppliers deemed high-risk, like Huawei
47 How smart is the cybersecurity protecting smart cities?
48 Will journalists be considered front-line workers for COVID-19 vaccines?
49 New ThiefQuest ransomware discovered targeting macOS users
50 Businesses increasingly at risk from cyber attack due to home working
51 Vodafone hit by three-hour mobile network outage in Germany
52 Windows 10: Security researcher 'rickrolls' himself to exploit bug patched by Microsoft
53 Researcher Finds New Office Macro Attacks for MacOS
54 Security teams struggle with ransomware, cloud services
55 Research Exposes Cybersecurity Industry's Vulnerabilities On The Dark Web
56 I am here on mission
57 Why are millions of Americans traveling for Thanksgiving as the pandemic rages?
58 $3M Grant Helps Students Bridge Sciences to Solve the World's Biggest Problems
59 Making Security a Business Priority: Four Things to Communicate to Leadership
60 How do I select a SIEM solution for my business?
61 How to build up cybersecurity for medical devices
62 Podcast Episode 6: Taking Over IoT Devices with MQTT
63 How to make your Zoom meetings more secure
64 The Importance of Content for Security Tools like Tripwire
65 Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2020: Key Insights From Industry Experts
66 Podcast Ep. 3: How the MITRE ATT&CK Framework Improves Defenses
67 Jeff Bezos’s iPhone had Apple’s state-of-the-art security, and that may have helped its alleged hackers
68 Canada's opposition parties urge Trudeau government to ban Huawei 5G, say China is threat
69 Cybereason's Principal Security Researcher Amit Serper is First in World to Discover a Killswitch to Stop 'NotPetya' Ransomware
70 Political conspiracy movies to make you paranoid
71 CYBERSECURITY: 'Major vulnerability': EV hacks could threaten power grid
72 Diplomats Attacked with Firmware Bootkit
73 Expert Reacted On Multiple Critical Vulnerabilities In Two Popular Industrial Remote Access Software Solutions
74 AWS APIs can be abused to leak information
75 New Mac Ransomware Is Even More Sinister Than It Appears
76 Kaspersky research finds new spying Trojan targets diplomatic entities in Europe via spoofed visa application
77 Notarized Malware Slips Into Mac App Store
78 BSNL likely to submit 4G tender details to empowered technology group: Report
79 There is no cybersecurity silver bullet
80 Breaking Down AI's Role In Cybersecurity
81 Kaspersky spots customised UEFI firmware bootkit
82 Top 3 Emerging Technologies That Define 'Future' Cybersecurity!
83 Zero Trust Means It's Time to Rethink Your Security Model
84 Rare Firmware Rootkit Discovered Targeting ...
85 Sophos security researcher says frequent password resets not necessary
86 Security Awareness: Preventing Another Dark Web Horror Story
87 Vulnerability allows attackers to register malicious lookalikes of legitimate web domains
88 Black Hat and DEF CON go virtual: What's lost, what's gained
89 Nearly Half of Employees Don’t Know What to Do When Ransomware Hits
90 On the relationship between AI and security in mobile networks
91 Vodafone Idea gets Rs 3,760 crore by selling 11.15% stake in Indus Towers after merger with Infratel
92 New to telecommuting? Here are 8 rules you should follow.
93 Coronavirus: How hackers are preying on fears of Covid-19
94 BEWARE: New Mac Ransomware ThiefQuest is so Sinister--Puts Your Device in Serious Danger
95 Chinese hackers suspected in cyber-espionage operation against Russia, India
96 Researchers Receive DARPA Funding to Improve Chip Security
97 Five Factors That Form How Security Awareness Training Programs Are Developing
98 Social Captain Instagram Account Exposed And Experts Reactions
99 An ’80s File Format Enabled Stealthy Mac Hacking
100 Hackers Exploiting SaltStack Vulnerability Hit Data Centers