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1 Priti Patel accused of inciting racial hatred after branding Travellers ‘criminal and violent'
2 Priti Patel 'shocked and saddened' by fatal shooting of police officer in Croydon
3 'Rule of six': Priti Patel's neighbours unimpressed by her shopping lawbreakers
4 Extinction Rebellion 'criminals' threaten UK way of life, says Priti Patel
5 Coventry MP signs letter branding home secretary's comments about travellers as 'hate speech'
6 'Sneak culture': Boris Johnson appears to criticise Priti Patel for rule of six snooping
7 Priti Patel 'deeply shocked' after Met Police officer shot dead by detained man in Croydon
8 Priti Patel to create police covenant to protect officers and staff
9 Priti Patel under fire as Home Office bids to target child asylum seekers
10 Spitting Image: Priti Patel vampire joke explained – Twitter divided in two!
11 Drive to rescue horse racing finances launched after Priti Patel meeting
12 Exclusive: The Shadow Home Secretary Says It's "Disgraceful" The Priti Patel Bullying Investigation Hasn't Been Published
13 Priti Patel planning weekly removals of Channel migrants to Italy, France and Germany
14 Priti Patel slammed for comments over ‘activist lawyers’ frustrating removal of migrants
15 Riding to racing's rescue not easy for Priti Patel's brunch companions
16 Coronavirus weekly round-up: Priti Patel forbids mingling amid...
17 Rishi Sunak to Priti Patel: Why British Indians wield more power than British Pakistanis
18 Priti Patel 'bitterly disappointed' by ruling grounding charter flight deporting asylum seekers
19 UK Home Secretary Priti Patel under fire as daily migrant crossings continue seemingly unabated
20 Skepta tweets photo of Priti Patel and no one knows why
21 Covid-19: Up to £10,000 fine for failure to self-isolate in England
22 Report into Home Office claims Priti Patel’s department based immigration policy on ‘prejudice’
23 Priti Patel demands police force release body cam footage of clashes with suspects
24 Priti Patel UK immigration plan to deport failed asylum seekers
25 Twitter reacts to Skepta’s photo of Priti Patel
26 Mother of 'IS Beatle' loses High Court challenge over Priti Patel sharing evidence with US
27 Dear Priti Patel: your parents aren’t the only immigrants that deserve compassion
28 Priti Patel warns organisers of 'unacceptable' illegal raves: ‘You are not above the law’
29 London chaos: Disturbing violence against police at 'selfish' anti-lockdown rally
30 Priti Patel wants to change the law to stop migrants from claiming asylum in Britain
31 Boris Johnson 'is resisting pressure' to publish Priti Patel bullying report
32 Priti Patel threatens to change the law Extinction Rebellion zealots could face five years in jail
33 Neighbours told to call police on isolation cheats with flouters facing £10k fines
34 Police to visit homes of self-isolating Brits in coronavirus crackdown as £10k fines come into force for rule
35 The Times view on Priti Patel and migrants: Channel Challenge
36 Priti Patel has admirable traits, but it’s not enough to be a woman in power to get my vote
37 Lissie Harper to meet with Priti Patel over Harper's Law campaign
38 Simon Case under pressure over report into alleged Patel bullying
39 ‘Like the English civil war’: Covid crisis inflames neighbour disputes
40 Britons told to ‘take responsibility’ for self-isolation
41 Government must get out of our private lives
42 Priti Patel vows to change laws to end ‘utter farce’ of migrants crossing Channel
43 Priti Patel gets behind Back British Farming Day
44 Facebook is aiding people smugglers, claims Priti Patel
45 Emergency lockdown plan to ban socialising and combat second wave of coronavirus
46 New fines for not self-isolating come into force
47 Talking Horses: racing urges workers with Covid-19 to come forward
48 More than 1,000 arrests and Class A drugs worth £1m seized as police shut '10%' of county lines
49 Priti Patel confirms investigation into Mercy Baguma's death
50 Calls for partial HGV ban in rural spots when new A120 is built
51 How comedian Michael Spicer hangs politicians out to dry
52 Newquay councillor writes to Home Secretary Priti Patel urging 'homophobic' pastor be deported
53 New A12 Chelmsford to Marks Tey route welcomed by Priti Patel
54 Sergeant Matt Ratana's Maori roots 'helped him to empathise'
55 ‘COVID Police’ Start Home Checks with £10,000 Fines for Flouters
56 ANDREW PIERCE: Are Nigel Farage and chums set for a comeback?
57 Priti Patel supports Witham farmers as they celebrate agriculture and food production
58 What do social distancing laws say about 'mingling'?
59 What has happened to the report into Priti Patel?
60 Priti Patel: Home Secretary takes on Ben and Jerry's over migrant boats
61 Priti Patel: Bullying claims from time at DfID revealed
62 Priti Patel 'minded' to decriminalise sales of 'poppers' drug
63 Priti Patel to unveil details of post-Brexit immigration plans
64 Priti Patel may have experienced one form of racism. That doesn't mean she gets to dismiss others
65 Wiley: Priti Patel probes Twitter and Instagram delay in removing 'appalling' posts
66 Coronavirus: Priti Patel 'sorry if people feel there have been failings' on PPE
67 Rule of six comes into effect to tackle coronavirus
68 Priti Patel clashes with Labour MPs over experiences of racism
69 Priti Patel: how the bullying allegations have mounted up
70 British trafficking victim sues Priti Patel alleging abuse of personal data
71 Home Secretary Priti Patel 'deeply concerned' by 'false MI5 claims'
72 Priti Patel's balancing act as home secretary
73 Pressure grows on Priti Patel after Vallance avoids full backing for UK quarantine move
74 'You will face justice': Priti Patel condemns minority of 'thugs' at UK anti-racism protests – video
75 Priti Patel accused of avoiding MPs’ scrutiny during national crisis
76 Priti Patel says ‘sorry if people feel there have been failings’ over PPE
77 Priti Patel promises 'compassionate' Home Office after Windrush scandal
78 Priti Patel expected to be cleared of bullying by Cabinet Office inquiry
79 Labour calls for immediate publication of inquiry into Priti Patel bullying claims
80 France trying to stop people crossing the Channel, Calais MP says
81 Priti Patel resists pressure to soften UK immigration bill
82 Priti Patel faces unfair dismissal claim from Philip Rutnam
83 Priti Patel announces 14-day quarantine for travellers to UK – video
84 Patel: 'I was racially abused in the street'
85 George Floyd protests: Priti Patel recalls childhood racial slurs as she condemns 'hooliganism' towards police
86 Priti Patel to tackle violence and abuse against shopworkers
87 Pressure mounts on Priti Patel over case of 11-year-old at risk of FGM
88 British Airways shuns Priti Patel meeting over quarantine plans
89 Priti Patel linked with monument protection campaign organiser
90 Priti Patel is wrong, modern slavery in Leicester is built on her government's failures
91 Priti Patel pledges to make English Channel ‘unviable’ for illegal crossings
92 Priti Patel dismisses concerns over immigration reforms
93 Windrush: Priti Patel promises to implement recommendations
94 Priti Patel 'truly sorry' for Home Office's treatment of Windrush victims – video
95 Priti Patel urges public to 'think about other people' after crowds at beaches – video
96 Priti Patel’s bust-up at the Home Office
97 Priti Patel thanks firefighters for tireless efforts during coronavirus
98 Priti Patel vows to 'dismantle' people smuggling gangs as 11 arrested for illegally facilitating Channel crossings
99 Priti Patel criticised over comments on Leicester’s sweatshops
100 Home secretary vows to stop illegal Channel crossings