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1 'Pro-Israel': How a term hijacked by the right could decide who controls the U.S. Senate
2 Jewish and pro-Israel groups angling to cement Trump gains
3 In Santa Cruz, building a college pro-Israel community in challenging times
4 For US Jews, 'Are you pro-Israel?' is no longer a yes or no question
5 AIPAC Distorts U.S. Policy on Israel, Obama Admits in Book
6 I no longer identify as 'pro-Israel,' and neither should you – opinion
7 The Pro-Israel Progressive Movement Notches a Win
8 In Georgia run-offs, pro-Israel groups are handmaidens of the far-right
9 COLUMN: Georgia Needs a Pro-Israel Senator
10 Pro-Israel groups say new congressional makeup bodes well for bipartisanship
11 Biden knows well that being pro-Israel does not make one anti-Palestine
12 Strategic Affairs Ministry introduces fund for pro-Israel NGOs
13 Why Trump’s pro-Israel policies couldn't win him the Jewish vote
14 Compartmentalizing the American Alliance with Israel from the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
15 Trump was great for Netanyahu. Biden will be better for Israel.
16 It’s Time for Pro-Israel Groups to Divorce Azerbaijan
17 Post election: Examining the pro-Israel records of key Senate races
18 'Highly Motivated': In Israel, U.S. Voters Lean Toward Trump
19 Why the Pro-Israel Lobby Made 'a Deal With the Devil' and Embraced Trump
20 How can pro-Israel policies still be advanced for conservatives Jews?
21 UK amends status of Israel and Jerusalem following pressure from pro-Israel lobby
22 Pompeo's Latest Israel Trip Could Have Implications For Biden's Presidency
23 Jewish and pro-Israel groups, policy experts react to Biden national security picks
24 Ice Cube to speak at pro-Israel organisation gala following past allegations of antisemitism
25 US: Pompeo Pushes More Pro-Israel Policies During Historic Visit to West Bank
26 Joaquin Castro shows the path forward for Democrats
27 Turkey’s Hamas-supporting regime is seeking to use Israel again
28 Joe Biden will continue the pro-Israel status quo
29 US college vows to protect Jewish, pro-Israel students after federal complaint
30 Facing federal complaint, University of Illinois pledges to protect Jewish, pro-Israel students
31 Jewish groups lay out priorities for Biden administration, next Congress
32 What Stands in the Way of Closer Ties between Brazil and Israel?
33 Tanden nomination is reminder of Democrats' resistance to Iran deal, Palestinian human rights
34 90 Day Fiance: Loren & Alexi Are Proud Of Their Pro-Israel Stance
35 What Biden's top defense secretary candidate has to say about Israel – and Iran nuclear deal
36 Israel celebrates UAE’s National Day amid new peace joy
37 Why Joe Biden's Middle East and Israel policy is not Obama's
38 Jordan's King Abdullah and Palestinian leader Abbas meet, hope Biden revives peace process
39 The Last Few Years Have Spelled a Resounding End to the ‘Jewish Vote’
40 Spy who who gave up US secrets free to go to Israel
41 Justice (and anti-Semitism) you shall pursue
42 Starmer's silence on Palestinian solidarity day speaks volumes
43 Can anti-Semites combat anti-Semitism?
44 Mika Dagan-Fruchtman first Israeli invited to UAE tennis tournament
45 Trump administration to name political appointee with ties to Israel's right wing to Middle East development post
46 JNS top 40 global advocates for Israel online
47 'He's not Kushner': Israelis who've worked with Blinken welcome his pick as secretary of state
48 Appointment of Palestinian to Biden leadership team sparks controversy in Israel
49 Palestine’s Mahmoud Abbas pushes back against elections
50 Jonathan Pollard is a free man, but not an innocent man
51 The surprising US city where Israeli tech is heading next
52 Zoom's Censorship of Palestinian Events Sparks Outrage
53 Media Microscope: A Cuppa Joe
54 Trump Proves the Most Philo-Semitic President—To America's Benefit | Opinion
55 Pentagon senior adviser accused Pompeo and senior politicians of taking money and getting rich from 'the Israeli lobby'
56 Biden selects all-women communications team with controversial member
57 Trump Administration Unmasks BDS | News Talk WBAP-AM
58 Joe Biden Is Not Barack Obama
59 They Ask Who We Are For, Trump or Biden, and We Say “No”
60 Pro-Iran Militiamen Torch Massage Parlor in Baghdad, Accuse US, Israel of Corrupting Iraqi Youth
61 ZOA Head 'Appalled' at Biden's Latest Pick Karine Jean-Pierre, Sees 'Third Obama Term'
62 JNS 'top 40' global advocates for Israel online assemble for special Knesset panel
63 US Dept. Of Education Opens Investigation Into Alleged Anti-Semitism At U Of I
64 How we can still advance pro-Israel policies
65 How Postwar West Germany Used Support for Israel to Whitewash Its Image
66 Monday's letters: Sarasota cost of living, GOP's future, foreign policy, more
67 JUF News | University of Illinois commits to address antisemitism
68 What does pro-Israel mean in the age of Trump?
69 Rep. Tom Malinowski dishes on former JCC teammate Tony Blinken
70 2020 Hanukkah activities to enjoy safely amid COVID-19
71 Eight pro-Iran militiamen killed in Israel strike in Syria, watchdog says
72 Resilience, community and nationhood: 'What Israelis Can Teach the World'
73 Biden tells Jordan’s king he is eager to ‘support a two-state solution’
74 How Did Hasidic Jewry Become a Stronghold of Trumpism?
75 As Biden Moves Forward, Trumps Legacy Comes Into Focus
76 Israel can sleep easy with Biden’s top foreign policy picks – analysis
77 'A seminal case': Appeal heard in Wayne man's free-speech lawsuit against Fordham
78 SF State president opposes student BDS resolution
79 Dutch Israeli runs to be Netherlands’ youngest lawmaker
80 Biden Names Blinken Secretary of State, Israel Lobby Pleased
81 Do not expect substantive shifts in policy on Arab issues
82 Bipartisan support for Israel a winner
83 The Real Cancel Culture: Pro-Israel Blacklists
84 From music to cooking, pandemic hobbies uncork creativity – J.
85 What does being pro-Israel really mean?
86 What does it mean to be pro-Israel?
87 'Welcome To The Party, Zoom': Video App's Rules Lead To Accusations Of Censorship
88 Kamala Harris: US will reverse Trump-era policy, restore relation with Palestine
89 Israel growing strategic threat to our freedom of speech
90 Incoming senior Biden staffer justified suicide bombers during Second Intifada
91 Op-Ed: Why 'pro-Israel' is a dangerous label
92 Israel may not top progressive agendas now, but tensions with the pro-Israel community will persist
93 AOC & Company want no part of liberal Israel and pro-Israel Democrats
94 Bahrain delegation in Israel for talks on boosting ties
95 Establishment Journalists Are Piling on To Smear Robert Fisk Now He Cannot Answer Back
96 Bernie Sanders slammed by pro-Israel group for boycotting their conference
97 Biden, show Trump what 'pro-Israel' really means. Oppose West Bank annexation
98 Despite progressive gains, Democratic leaders stick to pro-Israel playbook
99 Love for Israel is not enough. A vote for pro-Israel candidates is needed
100 Pro-Israel groups audition Dems seeking top congress foreign policy seat