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1 Germany bans far-right, pro-Nazi group; Police raid homes
2 Germany outlaws pro-Nazi group Wolfsbrigade 44
3 Parler is filled with coffee shop talk for Nazis
4 German Police Raid Pro-Nazis, Seize Machetes, Knives & Bayonets
5 'Not in my city': Bay Area resident films man posting Nazi stickers
6 Nazi sympathisers revealed on war-time Home Office blacklist
7 Marin County Author Writes About Nazi-fighting Boxers in 1930s America
8 Lawrence Mooney rips into Pete Evans over neo-Nazi meme
9 Pete Evans dumped by Channel Ten, Coles and Woolworths after posting neo-Nazi symbol
10 Jewish rights group urges ban of pro-Nazi commemoration
11 Did America Have a 'Good Relationship' with Hitler? What Joe Biden Got Right and Wrong About That History During the Debate
12 German police officers suspended over pro-Nazi photos, doctored images of refugees in gas chambers
13 Croatia leftist president protests pro-Nazi salute
14 Pro-Nazi group reschedules Williamsport rally; mayor won’t say if permit will be issued
15 Modesto park vandalized with pro-Nazi graffiti
16 Slovenia attempts to rewrite its wartime pro-Nazi history
17 Germany’s soccer captain Neuer filmed singing song by pro-Nazi Croatian singer
18 Ford and the Führer
19 How Trump Brought Nazis Into Republican Politics
20 Sarajevo Mass For Pro-Nazi WWII Collaborators Draws Widespread Condemnation
21 GOP Senate Nominee Jason Lewis Founded A Social Network Where People Promoted A Pro-Hitler Documentary
22 Pro-Nazi symbols, anti-Semitic signs removed from Calabasas condo balcony
23 FBI charges 2 in New York weapons sting following pro-Nazi online posts
24 Bosnia: Protesters condemn Mass for WWII Croat Nazi collaborators
25 University of Siena condemns professor's 'shameful' pro-Nazi tweets
26 Italian raids discover plot to form new pro-Nazi party | TheHill
27 GOP congressional candidate Madison Cawthorn on the defensive over social media post of visit to Hitler retreat
28 French state sues mayor for linking police repression to pro-Nazi Vichy regime
29 Video Resurfaces Featuring Images Of Hitler And Local GOP Party Chair Tony Krvaric
30 When Nazis Took Manhattan : Code Switch
31 Calabasas resident accused of posting pro-Nazi symbols, anti-Semitic signs on condo balcony
32 Jack Posobiec Interviewed a Pro-Hitler Disinformation Poster on One America News Network
33 DeSean Jackson Apologizes For Offensive 'Hitler' Posts; What's Next?
34 What did Biden say about US-Hitler relationship at last debate?
35 Do These Photos Show a 1939 Nazi Rally at Madison Square Garden?
36 White nationalist group members, many armed, stage rally in Williamsport
37 List ties Nazis in Argentina to stolen wealth in Swiss bank accounts
38 More Americans Supported Hitler Than You May Think. Here's Why One Expert Thinks That History Isn't Better Known
39 Commentary: Trump takes tactics from Hitler’s playbook
40 In the wake of Hanau, an annual neo-Nazi rally is banned in Sofia
41 Were Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson Nazi Sympathizers?
42 The night thousands of Nazis packed Madison Square Garden for a rally — and violence erupted
43 Pacifists and Anti-Imperialists Can't Be Blind to Fascism's Dangers
44 Amazon Confronts Criticism Over ‘Hunters’ and Sale of Nazi Propaganda
45 When Senator Joe McCarthy Defended Nazis | History
46 Germany transformed under Nazis in 100 days. Do we understand why?
47 HBO’s Plot Against America Paints an All-Too-Plausible Alternate History
48 Pro-Nazi Soldiers in German Army Raise Alarm
49 The Debate Over the Word ‘Fascism’ Takes a New Turn
50 Wiesenthal Center reveals names of 12,000 alleged Nazis that lived in Argentina
51 Germany charges neo-Nazi with murder of pro-refugee politician
52 How 2 Pro-Nazi Nobelists Attacked Einstein's "Jewish Science" [Excerpt]
53 In ‘confession of guilt,’ German Catholic Church admits ‘complicity’ with Nazis
54 Let's Cool Down the Protesting With Nazi-Related Themes | Connecticut Law Tribune
55 Far-Right Marches In Bulgaria To Honor Pro-Nazi General
56 Exposing Jordan Peterson's barrage of revisionist falsehoods about Hitler, the Holocaust and Nazism | Opinion
57 Nazi symbol spotted at Massachusetts State House pro-police rally draws scrutiny
58 'The Plot Against America' True Story: Did Charles Lindbergh Have Nazi Ties?
59 Unsealing of Vatican archives will finally reveal truth about ‘Hitler’s pope’
60 'Nazis marched through Portland and the city threw them a party': OHS on 1936 Nazi port of call
61 4 people with alleged ties to neo-Nazi group charged with planning to harass journalists and activists
62 How Telegram became a safe haven for pro-terror Nazis
63 Nazi past followed Ikea founder Ingvar Kamprad to his death
64 'Miss Hitler' pageant entrant and her partner jailed for belonging to neo-Nazi group
65 Resident posts pro-Nazi, racist signs outside of condo, neighbors upset
66 On Facebook, History Can Violate Community Standards
67 American Nazis in the 1930s—The German American Bund
68 NCIS investigates allegations that Pacific-based Marine sent pro-Nazi, racist tweets
69 When Is a Nazi Salute Not a Nazi Salute? | by Matt Seaton
70 Newark Minutemen: Fighting Nazis in New Jersey
71 Leaders of Greece's neo-Nazi group Golden Dawn found guilty of running criminal organization
72 The Fascist Underpinnings of Pro-Trump Media: An Interview With Author Jason Stanley
73 What is The Base? FBI arrest of alleged white supremacists puts focus on extremist group
74 How the Nazis pioneered 'cancel culture'
75 German Jewish Leader Denounces Amazon For Allowing Sale Of Pro-Nazi Merchandise
76 Neo-Nazis from across Europe rally in Budapest
77 Is it time to call Trump the f-word?
78 Barrie police arrest suspect who allegedly painted swastikas, Nazi slogans on playground equipment
79 Far-right extremists march in Sofia to honor pro-Nazi general
80 Five myths about Nazis
81 A German Neo-Nazi Plotted the Assassination of Pro-Refugee Mayor for Years, Prosecutors Say
82 The quiet absolution of pro-Nazi filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl
83 Footage Recalls the Night Madison Square Garden Filled With Nazis
84 The Army is investigating a Fort Bliss soldier for alleged ties to a neo-Nazi group
85 Six injured, including three police officers, during clashes in S.F. between pro- and anti-Trump groups
86 Twitter CEO and co-founder’s hacked account tweets racism, pro-Nazi tweet
87 Ireland and the Nazis: a troubled history
88 75 years later, why did Germans follow the Nazis into Holocaust?
89 The America of Trump's Father
90 Germany’s abortion law: made by the Nazis, upheld by today’s right
91 Marine from Alabama dismissed over pro-Nazi, racist tweets
92 Germany’s Nazi Past Is Still Present
93 Three more suspected neo-Nazis arrested before Virginia gun rights rally, authorities say
94 Kaneohe-based Marine investigated over racist, pro-Nazi social media posts
95 When Trump defends armed rightwing gangs, his rhetoric has echoes of fascism
96 Bosnian Catholic cardinal plans to honor Nazi collaborators in memorial service
97 The Nazi Who Infiltrated National Geographic
98 The Jew who helped defeat Iraq’s pro-Nazi regime
99 Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey's account sends out pro-Nazi tweets after being hacked
100 Antifa, the militant left-wing group Trump hates, explained