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1 S.Africa's top judge ordered to apologize for pro-Israeli remarks
2 A war is being waged against academic freedom in Britain
3 Palestinian member of UK Labour party protests hiring of IDF veteran
4 Nikki Haley condemns Biden decision to rejoin Human Rights Council, UNRWA
5 The gross hypocrisy of the ICC
6 OPINION| Examining bias in censorship on Israel/Palestine
7 Activist wins defamation suit brought against her by Israeli soldier over FB post
8 Former pro-Palestinian militant Anis Naccache dies after contracting COVID
9 S Africa's Chief Justice ordered to apologise over pro-Israel comments
10 A Tufts student government fight shows what’s wrong with the Israel-Palestine debate
11 COVID-19 kills former Lebanese militant Anis Naccache
12 Eighth Circuit Strikes Down Arkansas's Anti-BDS Law
13 ICC prosecutor to probe war crimes in Palestinian Territories, angering Israel
14 Comments on: The IHRA Definition Has Space To Criticize Israel
15 This rabbi got Kentucky to adopt an anti-Semitism resolution. But not all Jews are happy.
16 Former Fatah terrorist who recruited Hezbollah's Mughniyeh dies of COVID-19
17 Toward a Palestinian State? The US Confers Legitimacy on the Palestinian Authority and Hamas
18 Pro-Israel, Jewish groups react to ICC decision to investigate Israel for purported war crimes
19 Six Pro-Palestine Activists Arrested in UK over Israeli Arms Factory Protest
20 BLM 'seeks to dismantle the Zionist project,' Marc Lamont Hill admits
21 Quality & Accountability Support Consultant for Tdh in Palestine
22 Abbas Reportedly Refused to Let Israel Vaccinate Thousands of Palestinians, Yet the Media Is Silent
23 Israel Gives Vaccine to Far-Off Allies, as Palestinians Wait
24 Long-Serving Saudi Oil Minister Dies at 90
25 Rashida Tlaib Says U.S. Shouldn't Interfere With Israeli-Palestinian War Crimes Probe
26 Ahmed Zaki Yamani, Saudi oil minister, 1930-2021
27 Looking to boost ties with Black community, Erdan tours US civil rights sites
28 scoop Matt Duss expected to remain on Bernie Sanders' staff
29 'Why Not China?' Protests Greet New Zealand Sovereign Wealth Fund's Decision to Divest From Israeli Banks
30 Direct action against Israel's war machine in Britain worries the occupation state
31 'Proud' Zionist group leading campaign to sack UK professor for criticising Israel
32 Former Israeli ambassador weighs in on investigation into alleged war crimes by Israel in Palestinian territories
33 Chief justice Mogoeng Mogoeng ordered to apologise for pro-Israel comments
34 The Progressives' Toolbox for Demonizing Israel
35 Protesters Say French Anti-Radicalism Law Is Anti-Muslim
36 International Criminal Court opens investigation into alleged war crimes in Palestinian territories
37 S.Africa's top judge ordered to apologise for pro-Israeli remarks
38 Palestinian Christians support World Council of Churches’ Rev. Frank Chikane
39 The road to nowhere: Israel tarmacs over peace with the Palestinians
40 No.1931 : Is the Phrase “State of Palestine” Catching On?
41 Cornel West is Blaming His Problems on Israel — Again
42 Mogoeng Mogoeng ordered to apologise for pro-Israel remarks
43 Biden Blinks on Human Rights in West Asia
44 Finding common ground in human rights, pro-Palestinian activists build coalition with Movement for Black Lives
45 Netanyahu greeted at White House by Israeli, pro-Palestinian demonstrators
46 At Brooklyn pro-Palestine rally, calls to eliminate both Israel and US
47 Biden does not say where and how 'America is back'
48 Canada's 1st Canuck-Sabra parliamentarian is Zionist and proudly pro-Palestinian
49 Centrist Yair Lapid Polls Well, Ahead of Israel's Election
50 Judge won’t stop pro-Palestinian protests at Ann Arbor synagogue
51 European court backs pro-Palestinian BDS protest movement
52 Boycott 'Wonder Woman 1984': A pro-Palestinian viewpoint
53 Algeria is unapologetically pro-Palestinian, and it won't change
54 US court grants pro-Palestinian group legal victory in terrorism case
55 Canada defends pro-Palestinian vote at UN General Assembly
56 Palestinians hope Biden would roll back Trump's embrace of Israel
57 Arab League welcomes endorsement of 6 pro-Palestinian UN resolutions
58 Anti-Semitism webinar features pro-Palestinian activists railing against Jews and Israel
59 The Real Cancel Culture: Pro-Israel Blacklists
60 What Zoom Does to Campus Conflicts Over Israel and Free Speech
61 Digital Watchdog Says Facebook Behind 'Intentional Decrease' in Traffic to Pro-Palestinian Pages
62 Federal Judge Won't Block Pro-Palestinian Protesters at Ann Arbor Synagogue
63 Pro-Palestinian organizations opposing annexation protest in France
64 Saudi Arabia 'fears defeat of Netanyahu' in upcoming Israeli election
65 Joe Biden ‘no saviour’ of the Palestinians
66 New pro-Palestine Twitter campaign denies Israel’s existence
67 Federal Lawsuit Against Pro-Palestinian / Anti-Semitic Protesters Outside Synagogue
68 What a Biden Presidency Might Mean for the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
69 Canadian FM hints pro-Palestinian UN vote was about Israeli populism
70 City says pro-Palestinian art has to go
71 UK pro-Israel lawyer faked graffiti attack to frame pro-Palestinian group
72 How the Democrats are shifting on Israel
73 'A seminal case': Appeal heard in Wayne man's free-speech lawsuit against Fordham
74 Care about Palestinians? Don't vote for Joe Biden. Vote for Donald Trump
75 Pro-Palestinian, without the anti-Semitism: Post-Corbyn Labour’s new foreign secretary
76 Kuwait to Face Pressure to Forge Ties With Israel After Emir’s Death
77 Pro-Palestinian art appears on Old Pecos Trail wall
78 The IHRA definition will not help fight anti-Semitism
79 Senior BBC producer admits sharing 'inaccurate' pro-Palestinian propaganda on Twitter
80 Moroccan police prevent pro-Palestinian protest in Rabat
81 Vandals scrawl 'Free Palestine' on three Israeli restaurants in Portland, Ore.
82 AOC Withdraws From Yitzhak Rabin Memorial Event Following Pro-Palestinian Criticism
83 200 academics back lecturer under attack from 'proud Zionists'
84 Twitter suspends Palestinian accounts shortly after Israeli ministry report on 'phony' profiles
85 Israel’s dilemma: to work with ICC ‘war crimes’ probe or not?
86 Lawsuit Against Pro-Palestinian / Anti-Semitic Protesters Outside Synagogue Thrown Out
87 Timeline: Israel, UAE deal follows years of failed peace initiatives
88 US federal court grants pro-Palestinian American group legal victory in terrorism case
89 What does Biden's restoration of aid to Palestinians mean?
90 Zoom's Censorship of Palestinian Events Sparks Outrage
91 Erdogan says Turkey wants better ties with Israel, talks continue
92 UN panel votes 163-5 in support of Palestinian statehood, end of occupation
93 Navajo Artist Creates Controversial Pro-Palestinian Mural on Santa Fe’s Eastside
94 Pro-Palestinian Group: Israel Trains US Police to Be Racist
95 Sanders: I am pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian; I want to bring people together
96 Two Are Accused of Hacking U.S. Websites With Pro-Iran Messages
97 What Would Happen If Israel and Saudi Arabia Established Official Relations?
98 Dozens chant about ancient massacre of Jews at pro-Palestinian rally in Brussels
99 Biden pledge to reopen PLO mission in Washington faces legal hurdles
100 Biden knows well that being pro-Israel does not make one anti-Palestine