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1 Austrian crackdown on Palestinian NGOs signals slide into tyranny
2 Canadian Jewish groups express dismay for pro-Palestinian UN vote
3 Arab League welcomes endorsement of 6 pro-Palestinian UN resolutions
4 Jewish DC theater maven Ari Roth leaves second company in 6 years over Palestinian content issue
5 Pompeo's Latest Israel Trip Could Have Implications For Biden's Presidency
6 Netanyahu holds secret meeting with Saudi crown prince
7 Biden knows well that being pro-Israel does not make one anti-Palestine
8 Zoom's Censorship of Palestinian Events Sparks Outrage
9 Jewish DC theater maven quits company over ‘exclusively Palestinian’ festival
10 Middle East Forum crashes Palestine Advocacy Day
11 FM Al-Malki welcomes UNGA voting in favor of two pro-Palestinian resolutions
12 UAE committed to two-state solution in Palestine, says UAE minister
13 Palestinians trying to dig themselves out of isolation
14 SF State University's student government passes Israel boycott resolution
15 What Biden Can Do About the Israeli-Palestinian Mess He’ll Inherit
16 Yemen's Southern Transitional Council: Israel's next Arab ally?
17 In a stunning turn, Ari Roth resigns from Mosaic Theater, the D.C. company he created
18 For US Jews, 'Are you pro-Israel?' is no longer a yes or no question
19 Twitter suspends Palestinian accounts shortly after Israeli ministry report on 'phony' profiles
20 Ihsan Al-Mounzer: The godfather of belly dance disco
21 Be Ready to Fight President Joe Biden on Israel-Palestine
22 U.S. Department of Education to investigate Jewish groups' claims of anti-Semitism at University of Illinois
23 News Brief: Michigan Election Results, Thanksgiving Travel, Pompeo In Israel
24 SF State student government passes BDS resolution – J.
25 'Welcome To The Party, Zoom': Video App's Rules Lead To Accusations Of Censorship
26 San Francisco college’s student gov’t passes resolution targeting settlements
27 Erdan: UN resolutions only perpetuate Israeli-Palestinian conflict
28 San Francisco State student government passes Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions resolution
29 Kamala Harris: US will reverse Trump-era policy, restore relation with Palestine
30 Palestinian leaders must listen to their people, who want US help in ending conflict
31 What a Biden win means for U.S. ties with Israel
32 Why is an NDP MP Joining a Task Force Seeking to Force Twitter, Facebook to Apply Anti-Palestine Solidarity IHRA Definition?
33 UAE 'suspicious' role in Jerusalem raises Palestinian fears
34 Israeli jets hit Iranian Quds Force in Syria
35 Biden/Harris Would be a Disaster for the Middle East and American Jews
36 Pro-Palestine activist Nazim Ali cleared over antisemitism allegations
37 Is Jeremy Corbyn Is Antisemitic?
38 European court backs pro-Palestinian BDS protest movement
39 Finding common ground in human rights, pro-Palestinian activists build coalition with Movement for Black Lives
40 Barack Obama opens up on AIPAC influence during his presidency
41 Pro-Palestinian, without the anti-Semitism: Post-Corbyn Labour’s new foreign secretary
42 Judge won’t stop pro-Palestinian protests at Ann Arbor synagogue
43 Netanyahu greeted at White House by Israeli, pro-Palestinian demonstrators
44 14 pro-Iran fighters in Syria killed in airstrikes: monitor
45 At Brooklyn pro-Palestine rally, calls to eliminate both Israel and US
46 The Real Cancel Culture: Pro-Israel Blacklists
47 Amid Criticism, Jewish Harvard Students Create Pro-Palestinian Rights Group | News
48 Pro-Palestinian organizations opposing annexation protest in France
49 City says pro-Palestinian art has to go
50 Federal Judge Won't Block Pro-Palestinian Protesters at Ann Arbor Synagogue
51 The Trump plan might actually be pro-Palestinian
52 Judge Won't Stop Pro-Palestinian Protests at Synagogue
53 Care about Palestinians? Don't vote for Joe Biden. Vote for Donald Trump
54 Dozens chant about ancient massacre of Jews at pro-Palestinian rally
55 Pro-Palestinian activists fear Trump’s anti-Semitism order will clamp down on their advocacy
56 Navajo Artist Creates Controversial Pro-Palestinian Mural on Santa Fe's Eastside
57 US court grants pro-Palestinian group legal victory in terrorism case
58 What a Biden Presidency Might Mean for the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
59 Pro-Palestinians keep on harming Palestinians
60 AOC Withdraws From Yitzhak Rabin Memorial Event Following Pro-Palestinian Criticism
61 VIDEO: Clash over Israel at UC Berkeley student union meeting
62 Pro-Palestinian Groups Reportedly Launch Campaign Against French Riders on Israeli Tour de France Cycling Team
63 Pro-Palestinian Group: Israel Trains US Police to Be Racist
64 UK pro-Israel lawyer faked graffiti attack to frame pro-Palestinian group
65 Intel: Pro-Palestinian progressive insurgent ousts House Foreign Affairs chairman
66 Pro-Palestinian art appears on Old Pecos Trail wall
67 Sanders: I am pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian; I want to bring people together
68 US federal court grants pro-Palestinian American group legal victory in terrorism case
69 FBI Investigated Nonviolent Pro-Palestinian Group for Terrorism
70 How the Democrats are shifting on Israel
71 Lawsuit Against Pro-Palestinian / Anti-Semitic Protesters Outside Synagogue Thrown Out
72 What does being pro-Israel really mean?
73 Jamaal Bowman's Win: What Would It Mean for Palestinians?
74 Pro-Palestine groups hold digital day of action to protest Facebook censorship
75 Toronto leaders silent on JDL attacks on pro-Palestinian restaurant
76 Day of Rage protesters surround pro-Israel truck in Miami
77 Far-right Jewish terror group leads hate campaign against pro-Palestine shop
78 UC Berkeley chancellor pens letters censuring pro-Palestinian display
79 Santa Fe homeowner will appeal to keep pro-Palestinian mural
80 Federal Lawsuit Against Pro-Palestinian / Anti-Semitic Protesters Outside Synagogue
81 UC Berkeley student gov't does not condemn pro-Palestinian display
82 Pro-Palestinian group says IDF trains US police in 'racist' tactics
83 Scottish Jewish lawyer plotted to frame pro-Palestinian group for home vandalism
84 Democratic debate: US must be 'pro-Palestinian,' Bernie Sanders says
85 Senior BBC producer admits sharing 'inaccurate' pro-Palestinian propaganda on Twitter
86 Santa Fe Historic Board Says Pro-Palestinian Mural Must Go
87 I’m an ardent Zionist. But Israel’s annexation makes no sense.
88 Timeline: Israel, UAE deal follows years of failed peace initiatives
89 Pro-Palestinian protesters rally outside White House
90 Tufts president slams award for pro-Palestinian club
91 Pro-Palestinian LGBT+ artists boycott Tel Aviv film festival
92 Tufts president says award for pro-Palestinian club ‘should not have happened’
93 Pro-Palestine Democrat wins reveal weakening influence of Israel
94 Pro-Palestinian Activists Protest Israel Accords in Washington
95 Israel and Palestine: What is the history of the conflict between them in the Middle East
96 'Truly shameful': Pro-Israel AIPAC slams Sanders after he says conference is platform for 'bigotry'
97 13 Countries Reject Pro-Palestinian UN Resolution — IR INSIDER
98 AOC Is Right Not to Celebrate Yitzhak Rabin's Legacy
99 Hackers Use Israel's Defense Minister's Account for Pro-Palestinian Tweets
100 Columbia University Students Pass College's First-Ever BDS Referendum