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1 Progressives Can’t Repeat the Mistakes of 2008
2 New York State Assembly Gets New Class of Progressives
3 Liberals push for bold Biden agenda. They might have to work around Congress to get it
4 Progressives don't love Joe Biden's foreign policy — but there's a lot to like
5 Progressives are an asset for the Democratic Party. It should treat them that way.
6 Citing Past Calls for Social Security Cuts, Progressives Not Pleased With Biden Pick of Neera Tanden for OMB
7 Southern progressives, Democrats can win elections by learning from history
8 Progressives praise Yellen but could soon clash with Biden’s Treasury pick
9 Is another Progressive Era coming?
10 No SecDef pick from Biden as Flournoy hits resistance from progressives
11 At the City Level, Progressives Flex New Power
12 House progressives are building something new, exciting, and powerful
13 A Progressive Problem
14 Progressives’ Wish List for Biden Starts With Warren and Sanders
15 Liberals/Progressives Need To Fight As Hard As Conservatives Do
16 Don’t blame progressives for blue wave washout
17 ‘Ideologue’ vs. ‘bridge builder’: What kind of Progressives are Pine and Tracy?
18 Progressives turned out for Joe Biden. Now they want a big role in his administration.
19 The price progressives paid for getting rid of Trump: A moderate president
20 2016 and 2020: Progressives Counted Their SCOTUS Chickens Before They Hatched
21 Progressives Refuse to Hear What Voters Had to Say
22 Divided Democratic Party Under Biden Requires Compromise, Says Progressive Rep. Khanna
23 Progressives worry about lobbying, corporate ties in Biden administration
24 Hiltzik: The end of Trump and a new progressive era
25 Progressives, here are five reasons to be optimistic
26 Memo to centrist Democrats: Stop blaming progressives for House losses
27 Progressives Press Biden to Limit Corporate Influence in Administration
28 What do progressives make of Joe Biden's cabinet picks so far?
29 Progressives look to make early mark on Biden White House
30 Young Progressives Who Backed Biden Plan To Press Him For Action
31 Progressive Challengers Could Shatter Washington Narrative
32 Progressives are pressing Biden to limit corporate influence in his administration.
33 Yes, progressives are hurting Democrats. But they’re not going anywhere.
34 Progressives are winning the Battle of San Francisco | 48 hills
35 Where are the progressives?
36 Feinstein, under fire by progressives, says she will step down as top Democrat on the Judiciary Committee.
37 Progressives will be ‘pushed aside’ by Biden administration: Domenech
38 Treasury Secretary Warren? Progressives Line Up to Press Their Agenda on Biden
39 For progressives, the House is as big a problem as the Senate
40 Progressives to Biden: Kill Space Force
41 Progressives have knives out for Heitkamp as USDA race intensifies
42 Progressives praise Biden's picks for economic transition team | TheHill
43 Progressives upset that Biden is considering Rahm Emanuel for Cabinet
44 Progressives Say Biden Must Embrace Left-Leaning Policies
45 Cori Bush, Mondaire Jones, and others bring a new generation of Black progressives to Congress
46 Democratic Progressives Push for Policy, Personnel Gains if Biden Wins the Election
47 Progressives see red flags in regulatory official on Biden transition team | TheHill
48 Democrats, Let Progressives Lead
49 Progressives, activists plan to hound Biden on staffing
50 For progressives who helped elect him, Biden’s victory is a doorway, not a destination | Opinion
51 Progressives Renew Critiques Of Democratic Party After Election Losses
52 What progressives get wrong about 'corporate welfare'
53 The Libertarian, Progressive, and Conservative Constitutions | Cato @ Liberty
54 There's no center between AOC progressives and GOP death cult
55 Vietnamese American progressive movement backs Biden campaign
56 The Three Progressive Policies Voters Seem to Love
57 California’s Progressive Thumping
58 Corporation-free zone: Progressives press Biden to lock out big business
59 With the support of the left, Biden can deliver progressive gains
60 Progressives Notch Wins on Ballot Initiatives
61 Tlaib lashes out at centrist Dems over election debacle: 'I can't be silent'
62 The 2020 Election Has Brought Progressives to the Brink of Catastrophe
63 Progressives May Lead the Democrats Astray
64 Joaquin Castro's Long-Shot Bid for House Foreign Affairs Chair
65 Article about Progressives needed balance
66 Progressives to Dem centrists: ‘You’re welcome!’ | Letters
67 Biden keeps the peace with first Cabinet picks
68 Progressives want Biden to sidestep Congress with green 'national emergency'
69 On Arms Sales to Dictators and the Yemen War, Progressives See a Way In With Biden
70 A Progressive Assault on Selective High Schools
71 Progressives Are Not Preparing To Temper Their Expectations Under A Biden Presidency
72 Biden's Progressive Agenda is Dead on Arrival
73 Biden risks his election coalition — and 2022 — if he pursues toxic deals with McConnell
74 Bernie Sanders: 'Enormously insulting' if Biden ignores progressives in his administration
75 State Senate shifts left with progressive wins
76 Progressive groups provide 400-person directory of suggested hires to Biden campaign
77 Opinion | Democrats and progressivism
78 Progressive And Moderate Democrats Clash On Policies Heading Into 2021
79 Is this the start of a progressive wave in L.A. politics?
80 What Progressive Advocates Hope Senate Supermajority Will Do
81 Progressivism, or Why the Culture War Is Turning in the Republicans’ Favor
82 How Progressive States Can Respond to Conservative Courts
83 Progressives battle return to flawed “normal” | Letters
84 With Progressive Politics on March in New Zealand, Maori Minister Blazes New Trails
85 Democratic Progressives Fear Being Left Out in the Cold as Biden May Be Forced to Govern With a Republican Senate
86 LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: If only Trump were a 'progressive'
87 House progressives tout their growing numbers in the chamber at climate rally | TheHill
88 French republicanism confounds American progressives
89 Progressives Savor Historic Election
90 Five reasons NC progressives should remain bullish about their political future
91 Howard Dean: Moderate, Progressive Democrats Need To Unify
92 Biden Wins, but Now the Hard Part Begins
93 Harrah’s Resort Southern California links a new progressive at its table games
94 Where Eagles Dare: Progressives have made a huge push into America's rural communities
95 Democrats will lose state, Congress elections unless they embrace popular progressive po...
96 Progressive groups want 'squad member' Rashida Tlaib in Biden cabinet
97 Progressives Made Trump's Defeat Possible. Now It's Time to Challenge Biden and Other Corporate Democrats.
98 Opinion: The problem for the progressive left? Adhering to the Constitution
99 Two New York progressives have become the first openly gay Black people elected to Congress.
100 The Squad Is Bigger Than Ever