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1 New Nest Thermostat hits FCC with 60GHz radar, hinting at Pixel 4-style Project Soli gestures
2 What to expect from Google’s 2020 hardware event
3 Google’s Project Soli: the tech behind Pixel 4’s Motion Sense radar
4 Pixel 5 for $699 will be a massive failure if leaks are accurate
5 4th gen Nest Thermostat stops by the FCC before its unveiling with Project Soli-style sensors in tow
6 Project Soli in depth: How radar-detected gestures could set the Pixel 4 apart
7 Google's Pixel 5 may ditch Project Soli and Motion Sense
8 Project Soli is the secret star of Google's Pixel 4 self-leak
9 Autonomous Cars, Robots & More: A Look at Google’s Future Plans
10 Google’s “Project Soli” radar gesture chip isn’t dead, gets FCC approval
11 Google’s Project Soli radar is sensitive enough to count sheets of paper and read Lego bricks
12 Patent reveals Google may be working on a gesture-centric, Project Soli-based Pixel Watch
13 Google releases Soli Sandbox app to spur Project Soli developer interest
14 Researchers explore tangible applications for Google's Project Soli radar
15 Google wants to kickstart Project Soli interest with a new Soli Sandbox app
16 Leaked Google Pixel 5 renders show familiar design, no Project Soli hardware
17 Google’s Motion Sense hands-on: Controlling games and apps with gestures
18 Soli on the Google Pixel 4: Here's why it's a good thing
19 Google Pixel 4A gets FCC clearance, will likely be launched in India soon without the Project Soli chip
20 Google Patent reveals plans to use their Radar technology and next-gen Soli Chip to work with Retail AR Applications and more
21 EETimes
22 Soli Sandbox app wants to make the Pixel 4 radar more interesting
23 Google’s Project Soli: Exactly how will this radar chip work on the Pixel 4?
24 Project Soli's hands, not touchscreens, give new meaning to digital future
25 Project Soli: Google's new experiment to put gesture controls everywhere
26 Project Soli Earns Developer App 6 Months Late
27 Google Reveals Pixel 4 Release Date: Project Soli Will (Finally) Be There
28 Google’s ATAP is bringing its Project Soli radar sensor to smartwatches and speakers
29 Google's Project Soli secures FCC approval
30 Pixel 4 Might Support 'Soli' Touchless Gestures
31 With Pixel 4, Google's experimental tech bets finally enter the spotlight
32 Google to ship Project Soli gesture development kits later this year
33 Project Soli can now recognize objects in real time
34 Google’s Project Soli mobile radar input tech can now identify objects
35 Google trained Pixel 4’s Soli AI on millions of gestures from volunteers
36 Can Google Fix Gesture Tech With Tiny, All-Knowing Sensors?
37 This could be what the 5G Google Pixel 5 series looks like
38 Google Details How Soli Radar Tech Works
39 Pixel 4 Project Soli gestures demonstrated in leaked video
40 Google inviting very small number of developers into futuristic Project Soli
41 Google's Project Soli turns hand gestures into digital controls using radar
42 Amazon Music, YouTube, Spotify and more will support Google Pixel 4’s Motion Sense gestures
43 Here’s how Google designed the Soli RADAR gestures on the Pixel 4
44 Google kills the Pixel 4, making it the shortest-lived Pixel ever
45 How Google's Pixel 4 radar system could be more than a gimmick
46 Google explains Pixel 4 Soli radar gesture recognition
47 BluFlux Partners with Google ATAP on Project Soli Touchless Radar Sensor
48 Revolutionizing Gesture Recognition Technologies: Project Soli
49 What is Project Soli and what can it bring to the Pixel 4 and other smartphones?
50 Ambient computing’s next big problem is intent
51 What's the deal with radar on a phone anyway?
52 What can a Soli chip bring to the Pixel 4?
53 Google has no plans to open API for Motion Sense on Pixel 4 to developers
54 Forget Pixel 4 – Google Soli could revolutionize the car
55 Google's Project Soli is back with gesture-controlled wearables
56 Image Sensors Market
57 Google Pixel 4 Gets 'Require Eyes to Be Open' Face Unlock Setting, Doesn't Work Yet
58 Pixel 4a important detail leaks at the last minute
59 Inside Google's secretive ATAP research lab
60 Google wants to dump Qualcomm, launch smartphone SoC as early as next year
61 Google Pixel 4 'Motion Sense' gestures spotted in new leak
62 [Update: Nope, just Soli] Four mystery Google Pixel phones hit the FCC w/ hints at 5G
63 This is what Soli ‘sees’ when you perform gestures on the Pixel 4
64 FCC seeks comment on Google's hand-motion sensor waiver request
65 Revolutionizing Gesture Recognition Technologies: Project Soli
66 iPhone 12 steals its next big upgrade from Google Pixel phones
67 Try a free game that demonstrates Google's latest UI tech
68 Taiwan Startup Hopes to Take on Google in Gesture Recognition
69 Google Pixel 5 Gives Up on Main Feature, Lowers Price
70 New pause gesture for Pixel 4 Motion Sense debuts with Android 11
71 Google’s Showing Signs of a Major Haptics Push
72 Why the Pixel 5 just got interesting
73 Google Pixel 4 isn't coming to India in part because ISPs and telcos are fighting to control the internet
74 Four Pixel 4 Motion Sense gestures we'd love to see
75 Google's Soli Uses Gesture Technology to Immerse K–12 Students
76 Google video shows off a Pixel 4 Motion Sense DJ setup — it's as awkward as it sounds (Update: Making of)
77 Google teases Adidas, Electronic Arts smart clothing product for March 10
78 How Google could open up Pixel 4 Motion Sense to app and game developers
79 Google is Working on a Smart "House Mouse" That Sounds Awesome
80 Android and the art of awkward timing
81 ATAP’s ‘Soli’ Radar-Based Gesture Control Could Be The Perfect Wearable Interface
82 Pixel 4 Motion Sense gestures face another hurdle to adoption
83 Samsung ISOCELL-Motion could avoid Pixel 4’s Motion Sense problem
84 Google Pixel’s camera lead quits after the failure of the Pixel 4
85 The Pixel 4’s Air Gestures Could Change Everything: Here’s Why
86 Here’s why Google Pixel 4 is banned in India
87 Pixel 5 XL, Pixel 4A Leaks Roundup: Android 11, Triple Camera, 120Hz Display, To Ditch Project Soli?
88 Project Soli: Gesture Sensing Technology from Google
89 A look back at Alphabet's moves in 2019
90 Google’s Soli concepts have us thirsty for virtual controls
91 Google ATAP Moves Forward with Radar Touch Tech with FCC Waiver
92 This is how the Pixel 4's super-fast face unlock actually works
93 Typing on air with Google’s Project Soli mini-radar
94 Hey, Google: Maybe it's time to take a lesson from Samsung
95 Android 11's most important additions
96 KaiKuTek develops CMOS-based radar technologies for gesture recognition
97 Here's why the Pixel 4a will be a better phone without Soli
98 Anyone Using Pixel 4's Motion Sense?
99 How Google plans to reinvent the user interface
100 The touchscreen that doesn't require... touching?