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1 Dutch Protestant Church admits failing Jews in World War II
2 A Protestant work ethic, and not the flash and glamour...
3 Saint Patrick, Ireland’s original Protestant?
4 Vietnam blocks Protestant church's congress
5 Our Rich History: The 'Sin City' reformers (and there were plenty) met obstacles but finally found success
6 Dutch Protestants admit role in 'sinful history' against Jews
7 Coronavirus Kills Orthodox Leader Appreciated by Protestants and Cat... | News & Reporting
8 Westminster Presbyterian Church: From Protestantism to protest
9 Protestant church's declaration of guilt towards the Jews is a historic step
10 Protestant church group NCCK apologize for Christians setting fire to Buddhist temple
11 Dutch Protestant Church admits it did not do enough to help Jews during WWII
12 People loved the spectacular opening to the Late Late Toy Show
13 The RUC man killed by a Protestant who joined the IRA: Author Ian Cobain 'wanted to find out why people did what they did’
14 The real problem with 'On Eagle's Wings'
15 Churches return land to Indigenous groups as part of #LandBack movement
16 Thompson School District moves forward on possible sale of old Ferguson High School building
17 How the devoted voted: Religious polarization stark in election
18 Longtime GNS football coach Serpe dead at 87
19 INDONESIA Christian family killed and beheaded in Central Sulawesi; fire set to six chapels
20 Everything I know about separation of church and state I learned from my mother
21 Biden's faith made history without much fanfare. His Catholic supporters say that's a good thing.
22 Laicized Protestant bishop reinstated in Indian diocese
23 The Netherlands Begins Archaeological Survey on Former Zuiderzee
24 The Right Stuff: Strange days now in America
25 Pensacola Protestant and Catholic churches mark 50 years of joint Thanksgiving service
26 CHINA Hunan, Protestant pastor on trial for 'subversion against the state'
27 Almost Half Of Protestant Pastors Say Churches Negatively Affected By COVID: Survey
28 N Ireland police to pay damages to journalists over arrests
29 China Merges Three-Self Churches So There Will Be Fewer Places Of Worship
30 Martin Luther's pandemic advice goes viral — 500 years later
31 The inside story of why Mary Queen of Scots was imprisoned in Sheffield 450 years ago
32 My Take: The Midwest forgotten history of nationalism
33 Billy Hutchinson: ‘I justify everything I did in the Troubles. To stay sane, I have to’
34 Time to abort debate on abortion, move to more important issues
35 INDONESIA Central Sulawesi: The killers of four Christians are East Indonesia Mujahidin terrorists
36 British archaeologist discovers Jesus' home in Nazareth
37 God's Kids Korner: Protestant Reformation Sunday
38 Protestant schools under fire over homosexuality statement; MPs call for change
39 'The Spanish Princess' recap: The tragedy of Edward Stafford, heresy, and other historical observations
40 Will Catholics and Protestants ever heal their rift over Communion?
41 Christmas trees, mistletoe, poinsettias: How did this flora become a part of yuletide celebrations?
42 Whopping 94.2% of students in Holylands are Catholic – with sectarian divide branded ‘depressing’
43 The Tragedy of Modern Protestant Hymnody | Jonathan Aigner
44 Ben Lowry: Just imagine if the Holylands was 94% Protestant
45 Daily chart
46 US election spotlight mostly bypasses mainline Protestants
47 White evangelical approval of Trump slips, but eight-in-ten say they would vote for him
48 Cameroon Faith leaders call for mediated peace talks | ICN
49 Our Rich History: Protestant churches in Newport existed over the last 200-plus years — here's a record
50 Was world's first firearm assassination carried out in London?
51 James Craig, implacable opponent of Home Rule who became NI's first prime minister
52 Positive expectations surround Advent waiting| McKibben
53 An Unsung Inspiration for the Protestant Reformation: the Ethiopian Church
54 Protestantism's troubling history with white supremacy in the US
55 EDITORIAL: Thanksgiving has been modified before — it is time to change it again
56 South Thomaston Woman Wins November #LCNme365 Photo Contest
57 Thanksgiving and Puritan Geopolitics in the Americas
58 Robert “Grampy” Lee Braune | Obituaries |
59 Presque Isle area From our Files – Week of November 23, 2020
60 Skook News Obituaries: November 25th, 2020
61 500 years after the Reformation, 5 facts about Protestants around the world
62 The CCP Cuts the Number of Churches Through Mergers
63 The Religious Roots of a New Progressive Era
64 White Christians continue to favor Trump over Biden, but support has slipped
65 The election spotlight mostly bypasses mainline Protestants
66 Protestant pastors fear deportation from Turkey
67 Most Americans don't see Trump as religious; fewer than half say they think he's Christian
68 Belarus's Protestants Want Their President Gone
69 Majority of white evangelical Protestants in US believe Trump serves their interests
70 Coronavirus: Catholic? Protestant? NI takes communion online
71 COVID vaccines are moral to use, say ethicists, Catholic bishops
72 A Protestant Apocalypse? | Carl R. Trueman
73 Sculptures, statues and the politics of extremism and division
74 Catholic exodus to the ranks of Protestant churches in Latin America
75 Protestant Drug and Alcohol Rehab
76 U.S. Catholics less likely than Protestants to express confidence in advice from clergy
77 A Protestant writer professes to a serious case of Catholic envy
78 Facets of Faith: Halloween's roots draw from many religions, shares date with birth of Protestant Reformation
79 Mennonite, Protestant, Catholic theologians receive ecumenical award
80 Racism and the evolution of Protestant support for private education
81 Jews and Protestants
82 One Third of Germans Want to Merge Catholicism and Protestantism
83 When an Enemy’s Cultural Heritage Becomes One’s Own
84 For Fall's Dark Days, 3 Tales In Translation To Match The Mood
85 Half of Protestant Pastors Back Trump | The Exchange | A Blog by Ed Stetzer
86 Ethiopia ignored by the G20 – New Delhi Times
87 Local Opinion: Maybe Trump and Biden need to (literally) bury the hatchet
88 Turkey expels Protestant missionaries for 'threatening public order'
89 [News Focus] Protestant churches under siege in new COVID-19 storm
90 Stay home, evangelical medical organization tells churches as COVID spreads
91 Tigray Crisis Tests Ethiopian Christians Along Tribal Lines | News & Reporting
92 Catholic and Protestants Systems of Salvation and the Potential for Reconciliation
93 How Reformed Theologians' Commitment To Self-Rule Shaped America
94 Northern Ireland Protestant Politician Nominates Netanyahu, Bin Zayed, for Nobel Peace Prize
95 Religious Habits of US Teens | Pew Research Center
96 Protestant community protests government's ban on church gatherings
97 “Spain has not understood Protestantism, therefore it does not understand laicism”
98 What is the link between protestantism and Covid containment measures?
99 Five Centuries After Reformation, Catholic-Protestant Divide in Western Europe Has Faded
100 Religious Identity and the 2020 Presidential Election