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1 Membership of German free evangelical denominations remains stable while Protestant and Catholic churches suffer huge losses
2 White evangelical approval of Trump slips, but eight-in-ten say they would vote for him
3 Arizona's Oldest Protestant Church Celebrates 150th Year
4 Protestant pastors fear deportation from Turkey
5 More than 220000 people left the Protestant Church of Germany in 2018
6 Two State-Run Protestant Churches Demolished in Henan
7 Opinion: Religion is still relevant as churches lose members
8 Mennonite, Protestant, Catholic theologians receive ecumenical award
9 Northern Ireland's police transformation may hold lessons for the U.S.
10 College considers nixing wasp mascot, fearing tie to 'White Anglo-Saxon Protestants'
11 OPINION EXCHANGE | Justice John Roberts is helping erode the church-state wall
12 Turkey Resumes Discrimination Against Protestants | Persecution
13 Loyalist hits out at East Belfast mob 'torturing the Protestant people'
14 Turkey’s Protestants increasingly fear deportation
15 Eilis O'Hanlon: Whether it's the ancestral enmity of Catholic and Protestant, or the more recent racist hatred, the message is same: fit in or get out
16 German pastor charged with incitement for anti-gay comment
17 Rebecca Rhum
18 Before protests, black Americans said religious sermons should address race relations
19 Kearny youth minister at Protestant church charged with sexual assault on minor, HCPO says
20 Edwina Stewart: Communist and civil rights activist from radical Protestant tradition
21 Why People Are Toppling Monuments to Racism
22 German pastor charged with incitement over homophobic comments
23 Erasing the color line in churches
24 How Churches Helped Make Scandinavians "White"
25 The Bigotry of Blaine No More
26 Avison Young brokers church facility on behalf of Protestant Episcopal Church Council of the Diocese of Texas
27 Orange Order was once Clinton's most popular fraternal organization
28 A covetous king, a dying queen, and a Muslim spy
29 Paramilitary signage at university ‘just latest kick in teeth for Protestant/unionist students’
30 Apologetics is Very Different from the 90s “Golden Age”
31 O for a Thousand Tongues to Sing
32 How an iconic painting of Jesus as a white man was distributed around the world
33 Will Catholics and Protestants ever heal their rift over Communion?
34 Why be Protestant?: A review of The Meaning of Protestant Theology
35 Bands register to march in Derry on Twelfth
36 Coronavirus: Catholic? Protestant? NI takes communion online
37 Archbishop of Kinshasa raises his voice against the intransigence of the FCC
38 Why I Am a Protestant | Carl R. Trueman
39 Protest marks Muruoa anniversary
40 Searching for Consolation in Max Weber's Work Ethic
41 U.S. Catholics less likely than Protestants to express confidence in advice from clergy
42 A Protestant writer professes to a serious case of Catholic envy
43 The uneasy relationship between unionists and the RIC
44 NASA scientist detained in Turkey for 4 years returns home
45 The Protestant Bible and Catholic Bible are not the same book. Here's what you need to know about the difference.
46 Most Americans don't see Trump as religious; fewer than half say they think he's Christian
47 The Spanish Armada: One Of History's Biggest Fibs?
48 Required Reading
49 Protestant Drug and Alcohol Rehab
50 Majority of white evangelical Protestants in US believe Trump serves their interests
51 Catholic Contributors to Independence: Faithful Patriots Played Significant Roles
52 THE NOVASCOTIAN: This week in Nova Scotia history, July 6 – 12
53 Trump's in danger of losing some of his most faithful voters
54 'Safe as Lightning': Scudder Parker shares a reverence for Vermont life
55 New rules in China target unregistered Catholic, Protestant churches
56 Protestants feel closer to clergy than Catholics do, researchers say
57 500 years after the Reformation, 5 facts about Protestants around the world
58 Algeria: Crackdown on Protestant Faith
59 Black Protestant sermons are four times as long as those in US Catholic churches
60 Before Martin Luther, there was Erasmus – a Dutch theologian who paved the way for the Protestant Reformation
61 Founded on fiction, KKK recruited in Santa Cruz in 1920s | Ross Eric Gibson
62 Hutterites hope for pandemic's end, return to regular routines
63 Is the American Founding Compatible With a Catholic Vision of the Human Person?
64 Mexico's Persecuted Protestants Lack Simple Coronavirus Defense
65 U.S. churchgoers are satisfied with the sermons they hear, though content varies by religious tradition
66 Protestant evangelicals in South Korea wield outsize political power
67 A letter to the Protestant church about sex abuse: We are not safer
68 What 10 years in a Protestant church taught me about my Catholic faith
69 Way Beyond Broken-Romans (Catholics) & their Recruits Must Fall!
70 China jails Protestant pastor for nine years for 'inciting' subversion
71 How Germany is helping international students in times of coronavirus
72 Few Protestant churches met in person for worship services in April
73 Gunman kill 14 Christians in church attack in Burkina Faso
74 German churches lose 430,000 Catholic and Protestant members in 2018
75 Australians still have a lot of misconceptions about Indonesia. Here are some of them
76 In U.S., Decline of Christianity Continues at Rapid Pace
77 The Uncertain Future of Faith – and Health – in a Coronavirus World
78 Their view: Trump is testing Putin’s campaign strategy
79 Plymouth Protestants plan to celebrate Easter with online services
80 Gay Korea: homophobia sparked by Seoul coronavirus cluster driven by Protestant right
81 Once a majority, Protestants now account for fewer than a third of Germans
82 The Protestant Astrology of Early American Almanacs
83 Founder of Protestant movement returns to Catholic Church
84 Big Protestant churches have no plan to cancel services despite outbreak
85 Coronavirus: Catholics and Protestants unite to answer COVID-19 call to pray
86 Mapping Northern Ireland’s Post-Brexit Future
87 Protestant Bishops Send Easter Messages: 'Even though we are separated by trouble now, nothing separates us from Christ'
88 This week in Christian history: Protestant Reformer born, Italian sect gets legal rights; Billy Graham dies
89 Protestant speaker proves pro-life isn't just for Catholics
90 What Is Reformation Day? October 31 Also Marks The Symbolic Beginning of The Protestant Church
91 Colorado Legacy Sports prevails over Loveland Protestant Reformed Christian, 37-37
92 Many churchgoers in U.S. don't know the political leanings of their clergy
93 Kalgoorlie 1920 is no guide to Eden-Monaro today
94 Poll: White evangelicals distinct on abortion, LGBT policy
95 Among Democrats, Christians lean toward Biden, while 'nones' prefer Sanders
96 Protestant pastor gets praise from Catholics for his comments on Holy Communion
97 Why mainline Protestants might fear COVID-19 the most
98 How the Black Death made the rich richer
99 Germany: Protestant Church sets up council on sexual abuse
100 First Protestant Church of New Braunfels celebrates 175th anniversary