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1 Daily chart
2 AEI report: Graduates of Protestant schools most likely to have intact marriages, fewer divorces
3 10 key findings about the religious lives of U.S. teens and their parents
4 US election spotlight mostly bypasses mainline Protestants
5 An Unsung Inspiration for the Protestant Reformation: the Ethiopian Church
6 Twenty Things That Caught My Eye Today: Coronavirus Isolation, Mideast Peace, Protestant Family Ethics & More (September 16, 2020)
7 A Protestant Apocalypse? | Carl R. Trueman
8 Churches have become South Korea’s coronavirus battleground
9 Trump must contend with a mobilized religious left, new research finds
10 Jews and Protestants
11 Half of U.S. Christians say casual sex between consenting adults is sometimes or always acceptable
12 The Puritan Legacy Birthed the American Creed
13 Catholic Cardinal: 'It's Better to Vote for a Good Protestant Than a Bad Catholic'
14 Bell at Florida's oldest Protestant church is being restored after 178 years
15 (LEAD) Gov't to ease restrictions on in-person church services
16 Can Religious Teachings Help Lift People Out of Poverty?
17 Review: What would Jesus say about white privilege?
18 Cdl. Müller: 'Good Protestant' Slate Trumps 'Bad Catholic' Ballot
19 Study: To Protect Your Child From Divorce, Send Him To Christian School
20 Father Ted star Rose Henderson reveals she’s a Protestant – and jokes she’s ‘walking ecumenical matter’
21 Italy: Protestants appeal for legal European channels for migrants
22 “Do not be afraid!”: German Protestant schools use Bible verse for pro-LGBT campaign
23 LETTER: Advice for Cape Breton Regional Municipality voters and candidates
24 The Volatile Mix Of A South Korean Church, Politics And The Coronavirus
25 “Christians are a minority now, but that helps us start new conversations”
26 Why the West is WEIRD
27 Navy cancels Catholic Masses | Faith and Values |
28 Religious voters' support for 2020 nominees mirrors past elections
29 Evangelicals Becoming Catholics: Former CT Editor Mark Galli | The Exchange | A Blog by Ed Stetzer
30 Comfort Viewing: 3 Reasons I Love ‘Derry Girls’
31 Mayflower 400: were the Pilgrims asylum seekers or subversives?
32 Why Teddy Roosevelt's warning to lay off a candidate's religious beliefs is still relevant today
33 More And More Americans Aren’t Religious. Why Are Democrats Ignoring These Voters?
34 Catholic homeschool curricula has whitewashed world history. Is it too late to fix it?
35 Traitor who continues to intrigue | Arts & Leisure
36 Majority of Evangelicals Disagree with “Gender Fluidity” : US
37 White Evangelicals See Trump as Fighting for Their Beliefs, Though Many Have Mixed Feelings About His Personal Conduct
38 John Calvin: Justice Is a Form of Worship
39 Faith and politics mix to drive evangelical Christians’ climate change denial
40 Will Catholics and Protestants ever heal their rift over Communion?
41 TAJIKISTAN: "No reason to fear" census religion question?
42 What kind of school will help your kids to be happily married?
43 Mayflower at 400: What we all get wrong about the Pilgrim Fathers
44 How Public vs. Private Schooling Influences Students' Future Family Lives
45 Jewish Americans say it is important for candidates to recognize holidays they do not celebrate
46 In Search of Ghost Denominations | Philip Jenkins
47 Catholic teens in US mirror their peers on religious trends
48 Reply to Anti-Catholic Chris Bayack vs. Steve Ray (Pt. I)
49 Biden warns UK must honor Northern Ireland Good Friday 1998 peace agreement
50 White evangelical approval of Trump slips, but eight-in-ten say they would vote for him
51 U.S. Catholics less likely than Protestants to express confidence in advice from clergy
52 Coronavirus: Catholic? Protestant? NI takes communion online
53 Protestantism's troubling history with white supremacy in the US
54 Catholic exodus to the ranks of Protestant churches in Latin America
55 Majority of white evangelical Protestants in US believe Trump serves their interests
56 A Protestant writer professes to a serious case of Catholic envy | US Catholic magazine
57 500 years after the Reformation, 5 facts about Protestants around the world
58 The Religious Roots of a New Progressive Era
59 Protestant pastors fear deportation from Turkey
60 Racism and the evolution of Protestant support for private education
61 The Protestant Bible and Catholic Bible are not the same book. Here's what you need to know about the difference.
62 Belarus's Protestants Want Their President Gone
63 Mennonite, Protestant, Catholic theologians receive ecumenical award
64 Protestant Drug and Alcohol Rehab
65 Most Americans don't see Trump as religious; fewer than half say they think he's Christian
66 Reagan, Clinton, Bush, and Obama All Cited One Puritan Sermon to Explai...
67 Turkey expels Protestant missionaries for 'threatening public order'
68 New rules in China target unregistered Catholic, Protestant churches
69 Protestants feel closer to clergy than Catholics do, researchers say
70 Mexico's Persecuted Protestants Lack Simple Coronavirus Defense
71 Anglican Communion rejects takeover claims by Egyptian protestant group
72 Gay Korea: homophobia sparked by Seoul coronavirus cluster driven by Protestant right
73 Protestant evangelicals in South Korea wield outsize political power
74 Catholics Building Lives in a Protestant World | Religion
75 Once a majority, Protestants now account for fewer than a third of Germans
76 Before Martin Luther, there was Erasmus – a Dutch theologian who paved the way for the Protestant Reformation
77 Algeria: Crackdown on Protestant Faith
78 More than 220000 people left the Protestant Church of Germany in 2018
79 China jails Protestant pastor for nine years for 'inciting' subversion
80 German Protestant church to send migrant rescue boat to Mediterranean
81 The Protestant Astrology of Early American Almanacs
82 Membership of German free evangelical denominations remains stable while Protestant and Catholic churches suffer huge losses
83 U.S. churchgoers are satisfied with the sermons they hear, though content varies by religious tradition
84 The Protestant Reformation, explained
85 Five Centuries After Reformation, Catholic-Protestant Divide in Western Europe Has Faded
86 The main differences between Catholics and Protestants
87 What it's like being Protestant at a Catholic university
88 Black Protestant sermons are four times as long as those in US Catholic churches
89 Among Democrats, Christians lean toward Biden, while 'nones' prefer Sanders
90 Protestant speaker proves pro-life isn't just for Catholics
91 Covering 'mainline' faith: Why do the old Protestant churches get so much news ink?
92 Racism among white Christians is higher than among the nonreligious. That's no coincidence.
93 In U.S., Decline of Christianity Continues at Rapid Pace
94 Opinion: Religion is still relevant as churches lose members
95 A quarter of Americans, and a majority of black Protestants, say their religious faith has deepened because of the coronavirus
96 Coronavirus: Catholics and Protestants unite to answer COVID-19 call to pray
97 First Protestant Church of New Braunfels celebrates 175th anniversary
98 Poll: White evangelicals distinct on abortion, LGBT policy
99 6 facts about Catholic and Protestant influence in Germany
100 Why mainline Protestants might fear COVID-19 the most