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1 The asymmetry of antimatter in the proton
2 What’s Really Inside A Proton?
3 Elekta and IBA strengthen partnership to help cancer centers integrate proton therapy
4 Elevated Risk for C diff with Proton-Pump Inhibitor Use
5 Nuclear physicists on hunt for squeezed protons: Nuclear physicists crank up the energy to put the squeeze on the proton and its quarks
6 A look into the mysteries of proton structure and the dynamics of antiquarks and gluons
7 Proton sales rise 20% in February | Automotive Industry News | just-auto
8 Mevion Selected to Equip First Proton Center in North Carolina
9 Proton therapy induces biologic response to attack treatment-resistant cancers
10 Decades-Long Experiment Finds Strange Mix of Antimatter in The Heart of Every Proton
11 Long-term outcomes of high-dose (74 GyE) proton beam therapy with concurrent chemotherapy for stage III nonsmall-cell lung cancer
12 New York oncologist named president of proton research group
13 Proton Pure Reviews: Indoor Air Cleaning Filtration Purifier
14 Cryo-EM structure of a proton-activated chloride channel TMEM206
15 Proton looking to develop its own DNA for design
17 Proton in transition to develop distinct design DNA from Geely
18 Cryo-EM structures of excitatory amino acid transporter 3 visualize coupled substrate, sodium, and proton binding and transport
19 HTC Vive teaser revealed — Oculus Quest 2 rival on the way?
20 Proton Pump Inhibitors May Increase Pediatric Asthma Risk
21 'Star Trek: Voyager' Star Robert Duncan McNeill Lobbies Paramount+ For 'Captain Proton' Series
22 Antacids Market: Proton Pump Inhibitors Acquire Dominant Share in Overall Market
23 Proton pump inhibitor use and the efficacy of chemotherapy in metastatic colorectal cancer: a post hoc analysis of a randomized phase 3 trial (AXEPT)
24 Shanghai to set up proton therapy center for child cancer patients
25 Proton to eventually redesign bodies of Geely-based models, promises "revolutionary" designs in 5-6 years
26 How to Try Out the Upcoming Firefox Redesign Now
27 Proton delivers 11873 units in February
28 Child Proton Pump Inhibitor Use May Increase Asthma Risk
29 Proton Therapy: A Revolutionary Treatment for Cancer Patients
30 Proton Motor Power order intake improves sixfold in 2020
31 Single-room Proton Therapy Systems Market Region Wise Analysis (New Data Insights) – NeighborWebSJ
32 Proton market share hits seven-year high
33 A look into mysteries of proton structure and dynamics of antiquarks and gluons
34 Cern: scientists discover four new particles – here's why they matter
35 Proton unveils four new SE models
36 Anatomically robust proton therapy using multiple planning computed tomography scans for locally advanced prostate cancer
37 Proton Therapy Systems Market Survey Report with Key Players – IBA, Varian , Hitachi. – KSU | The Sentinel Newspaper
38 New Research Reveals That Quantum Physics Causes Mutations in Our DNA
39 How to Enable the New Firefox Proton Design Now
40 Proton X50 continues to lead B-segment SUV charts – 3,345 units delivered in Feb, 8,141 units since launch
41 Proton Therapy Market Climbs on Positive Outlook of Booming Sales – KSU | The Sentinel Newspaper
42 Global Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells PEMFC) Market Research Report 2021 to 2026 |Ballard Power Systems, Fuelcell Energy, Plug Power, Protonex, Altergy Systems, etc – KSU | The Sentinel Newspaper
43 Physicists Just Found 4 New Subatomic Particles That May Test The Laws of Nature
44 IBA receives down payment from National Cancer Center Korea for a second Proteus® System
45 Perodua Ativa turbo maintenance costs – similar to Myvi and Aruz, 50% less than Proton X50 over 100k km
46 Proton Exchange Membrane Market to Exhibit Continuous Growth till 2027 | Players – Asahi Kasei, Treadwell, DuPont – KSU | The Sentinel Newspaper
47 Simba Corp rolls out locally assembled Proton Saga saloon...
48 Proton Therapy Market Development Activity Ahead – This Could be Huge | Carecapital, Varian Medical Systems, Optivus Proton Therapy
49 Latest Update 2021: Proton Therapy Systems Market by COVID-19 Impact Analysis by MRS – The Courier
50 Proton Therapy Market Outlook Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2027 – The Courier
51 MEDraysintell Publishes Its New Proton Therapy World Report & Directory, Edition 2021
52 Proton delivers 11,873 cars in February 2021, the best sales over a decade
53 Changes in sexual function and serum testosterone levels in patients with prostate cancer after image-guided proton therapy
54 2021 Perodua Ativa AV vs 2020 Proton X50 Standard
55 Proton Therapy Solutions Market Share, Growth Forecast- Global Industry Outlook
56 New Report of Proton Exchange Membrane Market with Size, Growth Drivers, Market Opportunities, Business Trends and Forecast to 2026 – NeighborWebSJ
57 Proton to launch four special edition models on Feb 18
58 Proton Preve 1.6 CFE Turbo with a five-speed manual!
59 United States and Japan Proton Therapy Market Growth Analysis By Revenue, Size, Share, Technology, Applications, Future Growth, Demand Forecast to 2025
60 VIDEO: 2021 Perodua Ativa D55L SUV vs Proton X50
61 Large Hadron Collider has discovered four new particles (including surprising ones)
62 Proton reports February 2021 sales; market share hits seven-year high | Zigwheels
63 [Full text] Radiation-Associated Lymphopenia and Outcomes of Patients with Unresec | JHC
64 Particle Physicists Solve Problem That's Been “Haunting Them” for More Than 20 Years
65 Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Systems MARKET SIZE 2021-2026 | Demirdokum, Electrochem, ReliOn etc. – The Bisouv Network
66 Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells Market Report 2021-2027 | Ballard Power Systems, Protonex, Hydrogenics – The Bisouv Network
67 Tantalizing Signs of Phase-change 'Turbulence' in RHIC Collisions
68 Global Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells Market Research Report 2021 | Ballard, Shenli Hi-Tech, Sunrise Power, Pearl Hydrogen, Wuhan WUT – The Bisouv Network
69 Proton Exchange Membrane Market Experiences a Noticeable Growth with Key Dynamics at High CAGR value – The Bisouv Network
70 Physicists Are Closer to Knowing the Size of a Proton … Sort of
71 Proton collisions probe the final frontier of the standard model of particle physics
72 Cryo-EM and MD infer water-mediated proton transport and autoinhibition mechanisms of Vo complex
73 LLU Cancer Center celebrates 30 years of proton treatment
74 An electronic proton-trapping ion pump for selective drug delivery
75 Enhanced triple-α reaction reduces proton-rich nucleosynthesis in supernovae
76 Reducing proton leak restores function in aging heart cells
77 Proton transport enabled by a field-induced metallic state in a semiconductor heterostructure
78 No matter the size of a nuclear party, some protons and neutrons will always pair up and dance
79 Parking the LHC proton train | symmetry magazine
80 Emory Proton Therapy Center honors patients on second anniversary
81 National Association for Proton Therapy launches physician advisory committee
82 Online MR imaging verifies proton beam range – Physics World
83 AWS Introduces Proton
84 Is proton therapy the silver bullet for children with brain cancer?
85 Proton Radiotherapy in Patients with LA-NSCLC May Aid in Reducing Risk of Heart Disease
86 AWS introduces Proton container management service
87 First measurement of single-proton interactions with the MicroBooNE detector
88 Unstable helium adds a limit on the ongoing saga of the proton’s size
89 De novo rational design of a freestanding, supercharged polypeptide, proton-conducting membrane
90 Mystery of giant proton pump solved
91 Has the proton radius puzzle been solved at last? – Physics World
92 Proton-electron mass ratio from laser spectroscopy of HD+ at the part-per-trillion level
93 Proton membranes assembled from 2-D layered phosphorus nanosheets
94 Could proton FLASH prove optimal for clinical application?
95 Protons could be lighter than we thought – Physics World
96 CdPS3 nanosheets-based membrane with high proton conductivity enabled by Cd vacancies
97 The proton conduction mechanism in protic ionic liquids
98 A single proton can make quite a difference
99 What Goes On In a Proton? Quark Math Still Conflicts With Experiments.
100 IGF2R-initiated proton rechanneling dictates an anti-inflammatory property in macrophages