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1 'Psych 2' great for fans and newcomers alike
2 Psych: Why Billy Zane Was The Show's Final Villain | Screen Rant
3 Dule Hill Talks 'Surreal' 'West Wing' Special, 'She's All That' Remake and Future of 'Psych' (Exclusive)
4 10 Things You Missed in Psych 2: Lassie Come Home | ScreenRant
5 Psych's Gus & Bud Joke Was Finally Paid Off In The Series Finale
6 Pre-Existing Psych Illness Tied to ICU Delirium
7 Psych: Woody's 10 Most Hilarious Quotes | ScreenRant
8 26yo reading psych eval from 15 – feeling hopeless
9 Ego Jones' Brand of Psych Will Trip You Out Long After the High Is Gone
10 Livingston County teen charged with murder in Pontiac to undergo psych evaluation
11 Coronado Psych: How to Get Started With Therapy
12 Psych!: Catch Ryan Berg on The Voice
13 Nancy Pelosi: COVID relief package progress being made in Congress
14 26yo just read psych report from 15yo – Feeling hopeless
15 Parkland parents asked to give psychological records to school district to prove 'mental anguish'
16 Psych exam ordered for man who allegedly tried to kill mom with hacksaw
17 How I was accidentally sectioned into a psych ward during the coronavirus lockdown
18 Supreme Court Overturns Truck Driver's Award of Benefits for Psych Conditions| Workers Compensation News
19 AbbVie Announces Launch of NP Psych Navigator
20 Podcast: Dear Newly Diagnosed- What We Wish We Knew
21 The Psych Pro is Launching Non-Clinical Counsel World-Wide
22 LISTEN: Nick Waterhouse Returns With Psych Rock Cover "Pushing Too Hard” (The Seeds)
23 Duke renames Soc-Psych building after one of first Black undergraduates
24 Every Episode of Psych, Ranked
25 How James Roday Rodriguez Became Psych’s Real Fake Detective
26 Top psych stories of September: Pediatric bipolar disorder, deaths of despair and more
27 New Practice Guidelines Aim to Reduce Harmful Consequences of Schizophrenia
28 VIDEO PREMIERE: Pine Barons Drop Eccentric Hazy Psych Rock On "The Adult"
29 ‘Psych’ Cast: Where Are They Now?
30 UW-L receives $1.25 million grant for physical education, school psych programs
31 James Roday and the scene from 'Psych' that made him lose his lunch
32 Hearty Har, Psych-Rock Band Led By John Fogerty's Sons, Share Single From Debut LP [Video]
33 A new study reveals what phobia everyone's talking about this year
34 FDA Panel Vote Weighs in Favor of Alkermes Psych Drug, With Caveats
35 What Does Imaging Data Show Us About Schizophrenia?
36 GOP Worries Mnuchin Is Giving Away Too Much
37 ‘Psych’ Producers And Cast Talks “Joy And Happiness” Of Sequel, Return Of Timothy Omundson – ATX
38 Peacock Originals Chief On More ‘Psych’ Movies & Possible ‘White Collar’ Revival
39 'Psych' is back again and better than ever
40 Psycho Disco! Drops House Heaters on 'PSYCH 404' [Review]
41 Fallen officer funeral arrangements announced
42 Stimulant Summit Spotlight: CORE Program Prioritizes Fit with Employment Placement
43 Peacock: Every original series reviewed, from the forgettable to the awful to bright light 'Psych'
44 Psych: The Essential Episode Guide
45 Death Valley Girls : Under the Spell of Joy
46 Best Concerts in Dallas and Your Music News Recap
47 Guidelines for Using Lithium as a Treatment for Bipolar Disorder
48 Psych: The Movie's Original Plan (& Why It Changed) | Screen Rant
49 San Antonio actor James Roday returning with new ‘Psych’ movie on NBC’s streaming service Peacock
50 TV movie review: 'Psych 2: Lassie Come Home' is a return to the familiar
51 Don’t Be the 100th Luft Balloon and Watch the Trailer for Psych 2: Lassie Come Home
52 'Psych' star Dulé Hill on Hollywood diversity and the legacy of 'The West Wing'
53 A New Study Shows Connecticut's Biggest Fear is Flying
54 King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Announce New Records 'KG' and 'Live In SF '16'
55 Psych Had A Subtle Monk Reference In The Series Finale
56 Psych: Every Character Who Was Supposed To Return In The First Movie
57 10 Best Psych Episodes That Pay Homage To Other Shows And Movies
58 Psych: Why Shawn Was Really Pretending To Be A Psychic
59 Podcast: Relationships and Rose-Colored Glasses
60 Psych True Story: What Really Inspired The Show | Screen Rant
61 Psych: Why Rachael Left After Season 7 | Screen Rant
62 Psych: The True Story Behind Val Kilmer's Cameo | Screen Rant
63 Song Review + Interview // Still Woozy
64 Psych: Why Shawn Really Needs Gus' Help Solving Crimes
65 10 spookiest Psych episodes to binge on Peacock
66 Computer Generated Transcript of “Caregiving for Schizophrenia”
67 Shawn and Gus reunite with Lassiter in 'Psych 2: Lassie Come Home' teaser
68 Psych: The 10 Most Memorable Criminals, Ranked | ScreenRant
69 Psych Was The First Show EVER To Remake Its Own Episode
70 Psych: Why Anne Dudek’s Character Was Replaced After The Pilot
71 How Psych Season 6 Retconned Juliet's Original Backstory
72 Psych: How Gus' Nicknames Became A Running Gag | Screen Rant
73 'Psych': Dulé Hill Says Co-Star James Roday 'Improvising in the Middle of a Scene' Led to His Character, Gus, Getting Aliases
74 Psych: What Happened to Woody After The Show Ended | Screen Rant
75 10 Reasons We Miss 'Psych' | ScreenRant
76 Psych Creator Promises Four More Movies
77 Top 10 Psych Episodes (According to IMDb) | ScreenRant
78 Will Psych Get More Streaming TV Movies On NBC's Peacock? Here's What One Exec Says
79 Volunteers prepare for 2020 Lemon Parks Lights exhibition
80 Policy Experts Discuss Supporting Young People of Color's Mental Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic | News
81 Dulé Hill Remembers the First Time He Met James Roday Rodriguez for 'Psych'
82 Why Psych Stopped Using Flashbacks After Season 6 | Screen Rant
83 Bonner County Daily Bee
84 Psych: Why Young Shawn Was Recast In Season 5 | Screen Rant
85 Psych: Every Clue Movie Actor That Returned In The 100 Clues Episode
86 Everything Psych Has Revealed About Lassiter's Backstory
87 How Psych 2 Secretly Resolves The First Movie's Cliffhanger Ending
88 Collaborative Fund Offers Resources to Support Minority and LGBTQ Mental Health Initiatives
89 Mitchell boys, girls swim teams win conference | Sports
90 Psych 2: Biggest Easter Eggs & References In The Movie
91 Psych 2 Stars Talk Bringing Lassie Home and Growing Up at Least a Little Bit
92 Are You a Fan of Hilarious Episodes? A Look Back at 'Psych'
93 WTF?: Stream “Psych” on Amazon Prime if Netflix's library has you feeling like a frightened civil war soldier
94 Dulé Hill Almost Turned Down Role of Gus on 'Psych': 'I Didn't Want to Play a Geeky Character for 5 or 6 Years'
95 Psych 2: Lassie Come Home: 10 Easter Eggs You Totally Missed
96 Why Psych Keeps Bringing Back Mary (Despite His Season 4 Death)
97 Psych: Why Gus Never Got Fired From His Pharmaceutical Job
98 Psych: The Origin Of Shawn & Gus' "C'mon Son" Explained
99 Psych 3 Can Resolve A Season 8 Mystery By Bringing Back Pierre Despereaux
100 Peacock reveals Psych 2, Brave New World premiere dates