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1 Puerto Rican organizations in Chicago call for self-determination of Puerto Rico
2 Puerto Rico Lifts Some Restrictions as Cases Plunge
3 Felix Verdejo charged in the murder of Keishla Rodriguez in Puerto Rico
4 What to know about Puerto Rico's divide over its territorial status
5 Officials Indict Felix Verdejo's Alleged Accomplice In Pregnant Woman's Death
6 Woman's Killing In Puerto Rico Spurs Calls For Government To Act
7 A Long-Awaited Return Trip to Puerto Rico
8 Months into state of emergency, Puerto Rico finally approves $7 million to combat gender-based violence
9 Puerto Rican boxer Félix Verdejo charged in killing of woman pregnant with his child, feds say
10 Washington's Vexing Debate Over Puerto Rican Statehood Is Going Nowhere
11 Puerto Rico's population fell 11.8% to 3.3 million, census shows
12 Statehood or self-determination? Tensions over Puerto Rico status rise amid opposing bills
13 An Urgent Rescue Plan for Puerto Rico
14 AOC: Statehood for Puerto Rico and D.C. are not the same
15 Homophobia wins in the Puerto Rico Senate
16 Puerto Rico Just Had Its ‘Worst Moment’ for Covid-19 Cases
17 Man guilty of shooting, killing Puerto Rican woman at Kissimmee motel
18 Letter to the Editor: A call to action on Puerto Rico's status
19 Puerto Ricans voted for statehood; now they are waiting on Congress | Column
20 Transformers star to become "first Puerto Rican superhero"
21 Carlos Romero Barceló, former Puerto Rico governor, dead at 88
22 Why Puerto Rico Statehood Is So Much More Complicated Than It Is for DC – Mother Jones
23 The issues of statehood in DC and Puerto Rico are not the same. Stop conflating them
24 Former Attorney for Municipalities in Puerto Rico Sentenced for Bribery
25 Anthony Ramos reveals challenges of becoming first Puerto Rican superhero
26 This 19-Year-Old Puerto Rican Woman Is Bringing Clean Water to People on Her Island
27 How Puerto Rican cornmeal fritters taught me about motherhood
28 On question of Puerto Rican statehood, NY lawmakers split over next steps
29 Influencers, Developers, Crypto Currency Tycoons: How Puerto Ricans Are Fighting Back Against the Outsiders Using the Island as a Tax Haven
30 US hits new record for transgender killings. Puerto Rico is the epicenter of the violence.
31 New Sweepstakes Offers Two Weeks in Puerto Rican Paradise
32 U.S. Businessman Arrested for Shooting Dog That Stole His Ball on Puerto Rican Golf Course: Cops
33 Israel's WSC Sports AI-based video provider partners with Liga Puerto Rico
34 You Could Win a Fly-and-Drive Vacation to Puerto Rico This Summer
35 Investigation suppressed by Trump administration reveals obstacles to hurricane aid for Puerto Rico
36 Puerto Rican man missing in Lake Michigan after capsize
37 What Logan Paul’s Move To Puerto Rico Means– Beyond the Tax Breaks
38 Rep. Young breaks with GOP colleagues in supporting Puerto Rico statehood
39 Murfreesboro's Wawa Expresso serves gourmet coffee drinks on the go
40 Priceless Astronomy Data Saved After Collapse of Arecibo Telescope
41 Women in Puerto Rico Demand Action After Surge in Femicides
42 Bill to ban conversion therapy dies in Puerto Rico Senate committee
43 Nike Has an Air Max 97 "Puerto Rico" Colorway On the Way
44 Menudo reunites in Puerto Rico for Ray Reye's funeral
45 The Puerto Rican “Papito” Vázquez heads the bill in Ciudad Acuña – Explica .co
46 As Infections Surge in Puerto Rico, People Are Urged Not to Drop Their Guard
47 Covid-19: States Turn Down Hundreds of Thousands of Vaccine Doses
48 Katie Taylor vs Amanda Serrano 'will happen in 2022', says Puerto Rican’s promoter Lou DiBella
49 Los Menudo gather for Ray Reyes funeral in Puerto Rico – Explica .co
50 What's behind calls for Puerto Rico statehood? Here are 4 things to know.
51 'Chaotic situation': Puerto Ricans indignant at tourists breaking Covid mandates
52 Traveling to Puerto Rico? Here's what locals want you to know
53 Von Diaz’s Essential Puerto Rican Recipes
54 Puerto Rico statehood a ‘serious issue’ dividing island residents and the Florida diaspora
55 Puerto Rico imposes $100 mask fines, heightens police efforts as it grapples with aggressive tourists
56 AOC-Velázquez Puerto Rico bill sets needed path to decolonization, progressives say
57 The Meaningless Vote for Puerto Rican Statehood
58 8 thoughts on “How Puerto Rican Scientists Hacked The COVID-19 Response”
59 Puerto Ricans' unique history, shared struggles get a voice in 'La Brega' podcast series
60 Puerto Rico: Young Diasporicans Are Returning Home, Here's Why
61 Leading the charge for Puerto Rican statehood
62 It Is 2020, and Puerto Rico Is Still a Colony
63 Essential Dishes in Puerto Rico (and Where to Try Them)
64 ? Democrats fracture over Puerto Rico statehood
65 Puerto Rican population in metro Orlando back to pre-Maria levels
66 Puerto Rican statehood referendum results: Puerto Ricans vote in favor of statehood
67 Puerto Rican singer iLe wants her fans to question their relationships with government
68 In Florida, Puerto Rican voters hold the key
69 Trump saw gains among Florida Puerto Ricans. They say Democrats ‘don’t hear us’
70 Independence Is the Progressive Solution to US Colonialism in Puerto Rico
71 Puerto Ricans May Soon Get Say on Island's Long-Term Territorial Status
72 Puerto Rico takes tougher stance against tourists ignoring COVID-19 rules
73 How Puerto Ricans Feel About Statehood And What Becoming A State Could Look Like
74 Don't forget about Puerto Rico's push for statehood
75 ‘We’re Literally Fighting For Our Lives.’ A New Political Movement Emerges Outside Puerto Rico’s Two-Party System
76 Puerto Rico's New Governor Pedro Pierluisi Faces Multiple Crises
77 Biden, Trump reach out to Puerto Rican voters—including through relatives on the island
78 Puerto Rico wants statehood – but only Congress can make it the 51st state in the United States
79 Is Statehood Next for Puerto Rico? It’s Complicated.
80 Puerto Ricans Voted for Statehood (Again). What Happens Now?
81 Floridians will reap economic and political benefits of Puerto Rico statehood
82 Puerto Rico Gov. Pierluisi seeks 'equality' in funding to tackle Covid, reconstruction
83 New bill on Puerto Rico status introduced by Reps. AOC, Velázquez, Sen. Menendez
84 Puerto Rico enacted strict Covid measures. It paid off, and it's a lesson for the mainland.
85 Puerto Rican statehood can’t wait
86 Puerto Rico’s road to statehood could run through Florida
87 Finding Strength in Sofrito in Puerto Rico
88 Puerto Rico's Levittown, Where the Good Life Begins : Throughline
89 Puerto Rico statehood: What you need to know
90 Rival Puerto Rico Bills Dim Democratic Hopes of a 51st State
91 In Puerto Rico, voters reeling from political upheavals and crises face a crucial election
92 Why Puerto Rico has debated U.S. statehood since its colonization
93 Puerto Ricans voted to become the 51st U.S. state — again
94 Puerto Rican military veterans will now celebrate National Borinqueneers Day
95 Column: In Puerto Rico, Republicans and Democrats can win
96 What is a boricuada? Campaign calls on Puerto Rican voters to show meaning of the word with a huge election turnout
97 Maritime transportation issues cause outrage in Puerto Rico
98 Puerto Rican voters, battered by crisis, could be pivotal for Biden in Florida
99 Puerto Ricans have demonstrated support for statehood |
100 There's A New Push To Make Puerto Rico A State. Thanks To The State Of Florida's Pull?