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Result Content Idea Research
1 Learn about the Most In-Demand Skills from Expert Practitioners at QCon Plus, May 17-28
2 The Journey from Monolith to Microservices at GitHub: QCon Plus Q&A
3 QCon San Francisco 2020 Announces Program Committee
4 Introducing QCon Plus by InfoQ: a Virtual Conference for Senior Software Engineers and Architects
5 Fact check: Man with painted face wearing fur and horns rallied for Trump and QAnon, not Antifa or BLM
6 QCon Plus: Summary of the Inclusion & Diversity in Tech Track
7 10 Reasons Why You Can't Miss QCon Plus This Nov 4-20
8 The Resurgence of Functional Programming
9 Level-up on the Skills That Are Most in-Demand in Software Right Now. Attend QCon Plus (Nov 4-18)
10 Safe and Fast Deploys at Planet Scale: QCon Plus Q&A
11 Applying Lean and Accelerate to Deliver Value: QCon Plus Q&A
12 Building a Banking Infrastructure with Microservices: QCon London Q&A
13 Key Takeaway Points and Lessons Learned from QCon London 2020
14 Top Picks for QCon 2019
15 Decomposing a Monolith Does Not Require Microservices
16 How to Supercharge a Team with Delegation: QCon London Q&A
17 QCon London 2020 Tracks Announced! Join Us March 2
18 Smart APIs Require Reactive Business Processes and Technology
19 InfoQ TornadoVM: Running Java on GPUs and FPGAs with Dr Juan Fumero at QCon London Dr
20 What Comes after Microservices? Multi-Runtime Microservices with Bilgin Ibryam at QCon London
21 Exploring Costs of Coordination During Outages with Laura Maguire at QCon London
22 Trust in High Performing Teams: QCon London Q&A
23 DevOps beyond Development and Operations with Patrick Debois at QCon London
24 Melissa Benua on Continuous Delivery, Quality, and DevTestSecOps
25 How to Embrace “You Build It, You Run It” with Paul Hammant at QCon London
26 QCon San Francisco 2018 Preview: What You Can Expect from This Year's Conference
27 QC COVID-19 Coalition introduces housing assistance programs
28 Key Takeaway Points and Lessons Learned from QCon New York 2019
29 The InfoQ eMag: QCon 2018 Retrospective
30 Modern Banking in 1500 Microservices
31 How Many Is Too Much? Exploring Costs of Coordination During Outages
32 Failure Modes and Building Resilient Systems: Adrian Cockcroft at QCon SF
33 Automated Testing for Terraform, Docker, Packer, Kubernetes, and More: Yevgeniy Brikman at QCon SF
34 Aaron Blohowiak from Netflix on Mistakes and Discoveries While Cultivating Ownership
35 Collapsed builder owes more than $1m
36 Brisbane builder with 50-year heritage liquidated
37 Introducing InfoQ Live: a Microservices Virtual Event on Tuesday, August 25th
38 Subbie chasing $258k in months before QCon Solutions collapsed
39 Metrics Collection at Scale: Learning from Uber's M3
40 QCon New York 2018: Better Developer Experience at Netflix: Polyglot and Containers
41 Protocols are Important: Martin Thompson at QCon London
42 Presentation: How Netflix Scales Its API with GraphQL Federation
43 Subbie goes bust after builder pay dispute
44 Amplifying Sources of Resilience: John Allspaw at QCon London
45 Stateful Programming Models in Serverless Functions: Chris Gillum at QCon San Francisco
46 Going from Microservices to Serverless: Phil Calçado at QCon New York
47 InfoQ To Microservices and Back Again
48 Mind Your State for Your State of Mind: Pat Helland at QCon SF
49 Server-Side Wasm: Today and Tomorrow
50 Recommendations When Starting with Microservices: Ben Sigelman at QCon London
51 The Evolution of Full Cycle Developers at Netflix: Greg Burrell at QCon SF
52 Introduction to Service Mesh Interface (SMI): Brendan Burns at QCon New York
53 A Critical Look at Event-Driven Systems: Bernd Rücker at QCon London
54 Hawke Media Hosts Virtual Conference With Daymond John & Guests
55 Building Resilience in Netflix Production Data Migrations: Sangeeta Handa at QCon SF
56 QCon New York 2019
57 Machine Learning on Mobile and Edge Devices with TensorFlow Lite: Daniel Situnayake at QCon SF
58 Designing Microservice Architectures the Right Way: Michael Bryzek's Lessons Learned at QCon NY
59 GitHub CLI Reaches 1.0, Enables Scripting CI/CD Workflows
60 State at the Edge: an Interview with Peter Bourgon
61 New GitHub Repositories Default to Main Branch
62 Practical Domain-Driven Design with Events and Microservices
63 How N26 Scales Technology through Hypergrowth
64 Shopify's Journey to Kubernetes and PaaS: Niko Kurtti at QCon NY
65 Fresh Async with Kotlin: Roman Elizarov Presents at QCon SF
66 Review: Softube Console 1 Fader
67 Obituary: Jan Stenberg
68 Morning Brief: New Zealand invests in flow batteries, 'NextGrid' goes off the rails
69 Key Takeaway Points and Lessons Learned from QCon London 2016
70 From Microliths to Microsystems: Jonas Bonér at QCon London
71 Timelines at Scale
72 Software Architecture and Design InfoQ Trends Report—April 2020
73 Designing Services for Resilience: Nora Jones Discusses Netflix Chaos Engineering at QCon SF
74 Scaling Push Messaging for Millions of Devices @Netflix
75 Tech Giants Shift to More Remote Working for the Long Term
76 How Did Things Go Right? Learning More from Incidents at Netflix: Ryan Kitchens at QCon New York
77 Saipem confirms $140 million Qatar offshore oilfield deal
78 Peter Bourgon on CRDTs and State at the Edge
79 Edge to Cloud: Building the Tesla Virtual Power Plant
80 Key Takeaway Points and Lessons Learned from QCon London 2015
81 Retrospective and Software Trends for 2020
82 Servlet vs. Reactive: Choosing the Right Stack
83 Microfrontends at Vonage
84 A Series of Unfortunate Container Events at Netflix: Andrew Spyker and Amit Joshi at QCon NYC
85 Is it Possible to Test Programmable Infrastructure? Matt Long at QCon London Made the Case for "Yes"
86 The "Paved Road" PaaS for Microservices at Netflix: Yunong Xiao at QCon NY
87 Article: TornadoVM: Accelerating Java with GPUs and FPGAs
88 Avoiding Alerts Overload from Microservices: Sarah Wells at QCon London
89 Airbnb's Migration from Monolith to Services
90 How Observability Impacts Testing: Q&A with Amy Phillips at QCon London
91 A brutally honest review of Qcon NYC 2015 straight from the horse's mouth
92 Building a Bank with Golang, Microservices and Containers: Matt Heath at QCon London
93 Presentation:LMAX
94 Wesley Reisz's InfoQ Profile
95 New iCON Pro Audio Universal Control Surface
96 The Distributed Data Mesh as a Solution to Centralized Data Monoliths
97 Dr Pamela Gay from the Planetary Science Institute on Citizen Science
98 Machine Learning in Java with Amazon Deep Java Library
99 Microsoft Introduces Azure Space to Further Push the Boundaries of Cloud Computing
100 Article: Working Remotely: Good Practices and Useful Resources