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1 Egypt's plan to remove the Quran from school textbooks faces backlash
2 Egypt's Sisi faces backlash against removal of the Quran from school textbooks
3 Pandemic forces Iran's Intl. Quran Competition to go online
4 Online Quran Teaching for 30,000 Bahrainis in 2020
5 Ramadan Quran Contest Planned in Uganda
6 India's Aligarh Hosting 'How to Understand the Quran' Seminar
7 Quran Recitation by Sudanese Qari Sheikh Muhammad Saeed Noor
8 Iran Int'l Quran Contest: Members of Panel of Judges Announced
9 Aligarh Muslim University : National Seminar on understanding Quran
10 Alleged desecration of Holy Quran: Situation under control in Abbottabad after a day of protests
11 Promoting Islamic Unity among Objectives of Iran's Int'l Quran Contest
12 14,000 Quran Copies to Be Distributed in UAE
13 Protests Continue in Pakistan's Abbottabad over Quran Desecration
14 Saudi Arabia: 65-year-old female scholar arrested for ‘teaching Quran’ at home
15 Video of MP Cong workers taking oath on Holy Quran surfaces on social media, party denies charge
16 Quran Memorization Competition Held in Jordan
17 Intellect & Islam
18 8:24 Scriptural Position: What the Bible and Quran say about LGBTQ+
19 Photos: Holy Quran Academy in Sharjah shines light on beauty and broadmindedness of Islam
20 Father of Richa Bharti, the girl who had refused to distribute Quran to secure bail, shot dead in native Bihar village: Read details
21 ‘Desecration’ of Holy Quran protested in Haripur
22 Saudi Arabia arrests female scholar for teaching Qur'an at home
23 Best Qari in 10 Recitation Styles to Be Selected in Egypt
24 Quran foundation’s initiative to help students get better education
25 Row erupts as viral video shows Congress leaders pledging allegiance to Quran in MP
26 Barrister receives complaint from fellow lawyer after posting Quran quotes on LinkedIn
27 Directors of Iraqi Quran Institutes Hold Online Meeting
28 Saudi surgeon removes brain tumor from Afghan Quran memorizer
29 Imam Ali Islamic center in Sweden to hold online Quran recitation program
30 Dubai campaign to support Quran teachers around world
31 Letter: Aamna Bhatti, Ashburn
32 Special Quranic App Launched in Palestine
33 Hyderabad Hindu Calligrapher wrote Quranic verses in 100 Mosques
34 Muslim Pro app users get new features to prepare for Ramadan
35 Swearing on Quran no guarantee leaders will not betray party, says Mukhriz
36 Quran-quoting barrister receives apology from counsel who asked him to stop
37 Miami Dade College Student Named a 2021-22 Newman Civic Fellow
38 Barrister asks Shariah law specialist to stop quoting Quran on LinkedIn
39 Dubai: Initiave launched to support Quran teachers across world
40 Moderating Muslim theology: It’s time to open up Islam to modern interpretations
41 Customs gives Dar Al Ber 14,000 copies of the Holy Quran, in 13 languages
42 LGBTQ+: Follow the Bible, Quran
43 Hyderabad: Hindu calligrapher paints Quranic verses in mosques
44 Iranian Qari Dies of Heart Attack
45 Speaker KP Assembly condemns desecration of Holy Quran in Abbottabd prison
46 Where do India’s Muslims really stand on family planning? This book scrutinises the myths
47 Hindu Calligrapher in Hyderabad enriches Mosques with Quranic verses
48 QF's Quranic Botanic Garden organises desert wild plant restoration event
49 Purpose of Education or Education of Purpose!
50 Not a Footnote: Prophet Muhammad’s First Wife Was a Successful Businesswoman Who Paid to Free Slaves
51 Muslims poorer, less educated than Hindus. But their kids more likely to survive till age 5
52 Bridging Atlantic divide in studies of Quran
53 Ahmad: The Quran's appeal | INFORUM
54 Quran doesn’t tell people to fight any more than Gita, Bible, Torah. Why pick on Muslims
55 Dan Peterson: The Quran mentions the Annunciation, the birth of Jesus
56 This Miniature Quran Bears Witness to an Immense History
57 Most Americans see Bible, Quran and Book of Mormon as 'expressions of the same truths'
58 A rare fragment from a seventh-century Qur'an
59 Riots in Sweden After Koran Burning by Far-Right Activists
60 Riots in Sweden after Quran burning by far-right activists
61 Queen Victoria's Mini Quran Dazzles
62 Tunisian Woman Sentenced to Prison Over Joke Alluding to the Quran
63 Muslim scholars condemn desecration of holy Quran
64 Need a Quran teacher? There's an AI for that
65 She's Using the Quran to Fight the Patriarchy
66 Sweden: Far-right activists burn copy of Quran, plan more stunts
67 Quran quietly sells for record £7m despite questions over its provenance
68 History in folios
69 Inspiring Quotes on Salah from Quran
70 No Real Case for Contextualizing the Quran
71 12 Most Amazing Verses From The Quran That are True Life Lessons
72 Quran on polygyny
73 Fact Check: Old Video From Belgium Shared As French Parliament Insulting Quran
74 UK mosque attacker begs for jail time so he can memorize Quran
75 Turkey condemns 'disrespect' against Quran in Sweden
76 Belgium arrests, expels 5 Danes over plot to burn Quran | Daily Sabah
77 Chapter from Quran to be removed from Assam curriculum
78 Letters from readers: Quran urges respectful discourse
79 Erdoğan Gifts A Plaque With Verses From The Quran To Hagia Sophia
80 Quran, Prophet's Sayings Have Always Instructed Muslims To Remain Distant During Epidemics
81 Swedish prosecution says Quran burning not `illegal`, decides not to press charges
82 Tunisian carrying Quran fatally stabs 3 in French church
83 Ramadan marks the revelation of the Quran, which places knowledge above all
84 Rare Quran manuscripts, column capitals, bronze coffin, and clay seal made national heritage
85 Far-right Danish group burns Quran in unauthorized demonstration in Sweden | Daily Sabah
86 Quran manuscript inscribed on corn husk unveiled in southwestern Iran
87 Peace in the Quran: Part I
88 Laylat al-Qadr: Commemorating the Revelation of the Quran
89 Mohamed Badr Hussein's Quran Recitation at Cairo Mosque (+Video)
90 Tunisian woman gets six-months jail sentence for Covid-19 post mimicking Quran
91 Austria’s Hofer draws fire for claiming ‘Quran more dangerous than corona’ | Daily Sabah
92 Quran inscriptions, ancient rhytons added to national heritage list
93 Man lynched in Bangladesh for alleged Quran desecration: Police
94 Sons stitch together Kerala tailor's dream of ‘longest’ Quran copy
95 Auchincloss: ‘I’m sorry’ for 2010 Facebook post about burning Quran
96 Six benefits of reciting Quran
97 International Union for Muslim Scholars slams burning of Quran by far-right Swedish group | Daily Sabah
98 No, This Video Does Not Show A Discussion On Quran In Frances Parliament
99 Video: Sharjah's Quran Academy showcases Islam's beauty, says Sheikha Jawaher
100 The Case of the Quran Floating in the River: Saving Holy Books from CCP Desecration