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Result Content Idea Research
1 Quran on polygyny
2 Dan Peterson: The Quran mentions the Annunciation, the birth of Jesus
3 Quran inscriptions, ancient rhytons added to national heritage list
4 Al-Quran: a concise introduction
5 UK mosque attacker begs for jail time so he can memorize Quran
6 Fact Check: Old Video From Belgium Shared As French Parliament Insulting Quran
7 Belgium arrests and expels five Danish activists for planning to burn Quran
8 No need for religious conversions in India as Hindus are free to read Quran or Bible, says Uma Bharti
9 LGBTQ advocates call 1st Islamic school for transgender students in Bangladesh a "positive step," but not enough
10 Abdul Basit's Recitation of Quran's Longest Verse
11 Quran Recitation by Renowned Egyptian Qari Noaina (+Video)
12 Ask A Baha'i: How Do Baha'is See The Quran?
13 Quran Sayings: Motivational Quotes, Life Lessons from Islamic Holy Book Quran
14 Forum in Iraq to Discuss 'Holy Quran and Husseini Tribunes'
15 The Intellectual Grandeur of the Quran
16 Punjabi translation of Quran launched
17 Inspiring Quotes on Salah from Quran
18 London mosque attacker begs for jail time so he can memorize Quran from ‘start to finish’, media had termed attack a product of ‘Islamophobia’
19 Forced To Read Namaz And Quran, Reveals Minor Hindu Girl Abducted By Married Muslim Man From Bengal
20 Quranic Program Held at Imam Reza (AS) Holy Shrine in Memory of Martyr Fakhrizadeh
21 Watch Beautiful Quran Recitation by Sheikh Qalwash (+Video)
22 Customs quizzes Kerala Minister KT Jaleel over import of Quran by UAE Consulate
23 Old Video From Belgium Shared As French Parl’s Discussion on Quran
24 Swedish prosecution says Quran burning not `illegal`, decides not to press charges
25 Renowned Quran reciter from Sudan Shaykh Nurayn Muhammad Siddeeq dies in tragic accident
27 Innovation and technology the Quranic way » Borneo Bulletin Online
28 Egypt to Contribute to Quranic Education in Pakistan
29 Egyptian Intellectual Following Wave Of Attacks In Europe: The Quran Forbids Murder; We Need A Muslim Charter Denouncing Extremism And Emphasizing The Sanctity Of Human Life
30 Qatar Charity Launches Quranic Course for Children
31 'Overrun with misinformation': Georgia Senate runoff elections are latest battleground for Facebook and Twitter falsehoods
32 Why gratitude is important in Islam – Part I
33 Lalmonirhat Lynching: Now DC's probe body finds no proof of Quran desecration
34 Holding Quran in hand, Babar Azam’s ‘girlfriend’ shares shocking affair details – DP ...
35 Quran Written on Copper, Biggest in Asia
36 Conditional MCO: Music, Quran teachers allowed to teach one-on-one sessions from Saturday (Nov 28)
37 Rashida Tlaib accuses Amazon of profiting during the pandemic while neglecting workers. Staff are 'afraid to g
38 Faith leaders pair with health officials to save India's largest slum from COVID-19
39 Workshops for Quran Teachers Underway in Iraq
40 Tajweed Recitation of Entire Quran by Siddiq Minshawi on Saudi Quran Radio
41 Al-Hussary, First Qari Whose Tarteel Recitation of Entire Quran Was Recorded on Cassette
42 Christian aid group applauds investigation into forced conversions, marriages in Pakistan
43 From Mecca to Jerusalem
44 Books, syllabuses, ijazah: A look into the educational system in Ottoman madrassas | Daily Sabah
45 Jordanian Quran Scholar Dies of Coronavirus
46 Quran doesn’t tell people to fight any more than Gita, Bible, Torah. Why pick on Muslims
47 Bridging Atlantic divide in studies of Quran
48 Most Americans see Bible, Quran and Book of Mormon as 'expressions of the same truths'
49 Iran Nat'l Quran Contest: 14 Quran Experts Named to Evaluate Contenders' Performances
50 Tunisian Woman Sentenced to Prison Over Joke Alluding to the Quran
51 Muslim scholars condemn desecration of holy Quran
52 Quranic Program Marks Birthday of Hazrat Abdul Azim Hassani (AS)
53 Abdul Basit Family Gifts Recitation Series to Egypt's Quran Radio
54 Ramadan marks the revelation of the Quran, which places knowledge above all
55 Quran quietly sells for record £7m despite questions over its provenance
56 Riots in Sweden After Koran Burning by Far-Right Activists
57 Riots in Sweden after far-right activists burn copy of Quran
58 UAE mosques resume Friday prayers with COVID-19 precautions
59 Sweden: Far-right activists burn copy of Quran, plan more stunts
60 Sweden: Racist group burns holy Quran
61 Quran: The power of recitation
62 Turkey condemns 'disrespect' against Quran in Sweden
63 12 Most Amazing Verses From The Quran That are True Life Lessons
64 Three Iranian Qaris Receive Qiraat Ashar Permission
65 Quran, Prophet's Sayings Have Always Instructed Muslims To Remain Distant During Epidemics
66 Norwegian PM defends ripping of Quran pages as 'freedom of speech' | Daily Sabah
67 Old Video Used to Claim 'US Accepts Quran' to Fight COVID-19
68 Laylat al-Qadr: Commemorating the Revelation of the Quran
69 The place of women in the Quran
70 Turkey condemns far-right Danish group's desecration of Quran in Sweden | Daily Sabah
71 Jamiat-ul-Huffaaz Bhatkal holds hifz competition
72 Need a Quran teacher? There's an AI for that
73 Rare Timurid-era Quran sells for over $8m at UK auction
74 Tunisian carrying Quran fatally stabs 3 in French church
75 Muslim scholars union condemns Quran burning in Sweden
76 Six benefits of reciting Quran
77 A TikToker with over 6 million followers has come under fire for dancing to a verse of the Quran
78 China's attempt to change the Quran | Daily Sabah
79 Pakistan aims to fight Islamophobia via Quran education
80 Austria’s Hofer draws fire for claiming ‘Quran more dangerous than corona’ | Daily Sabah
81 American Singer Jennifer Grout Shares New Quran Recitation Video
82 Tarteel launches an AI-powered mobile app to help Muslims recite and memorize Quran
83 Ilhan Omar didn't break the law when she used a Quran to take the oath of office
84 “Quran mentions Coronavirus, Allah has sent it to the world to see who survives”, Burkha clad women make bizarre claims
85 Negotiator Fawzia Koofi: 'Doha Talks Entering New Phase'
86 The Quran reveals that fasting rituals of Ramzan are rooted in pre-Islamic pagan and Jewish practice
87 Would Muhammad Convert Hagia Sophia Into a Mosque?
88 Insulting Quran An Insult to All Prophets
89 Tunisian woman gets six-months jail sentence for Covid-19 post mimicking Quran
90 Saudi accused of 'Judaising' the Quran – Middle East Monitor
91 Much to be thankful for. A few prayers of thanksgiving to remind us of that.
92 CPM tilts spotlight from gold smuggling to Quran
93 Atheist Republic founder Armin Navabi tears up the Quran and spits on it, tweets video with #DesecrateTheQuran
94 No, This Video Does Not Show A Discussion On Quran In Frances Parliament
95 Exceptional Iranian Quran sells for over £7m at Christie's
97 Two articles published in Saudi Arabia websites call for reexamination and editing of the Quran, but, for spelling and grammatical errors alone: Here are details
98 Fact Check: Does US accept Quran to fight COVID-19?
99 Father of Police Shooting Victim Jacob Blake Recites Quran For His Son
100 Why the Quran Was a Bestseller Among Christians in 18th Century America