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1 DEP board taking comments on RGGI | News |
2 Governor Cuomo Announces Adoption of New Regulations to Reduce Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Cap by 30 Percent
5 It’s not too late: RGGI can help PA combat climate change
6 RGGI Carbon Tax Hits Dominion Bills Next Summer
7 Committee approves resolution opposing RGGI | News
8 Letter to the editor: RGGI hikes energy costs
9 Resgreen Group Completes Wanda SD Disinfecting Autonomous Mobile Robot
10 Support Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative
11 Public Comment Period Opens on Proposed Rulemaking to Establish Pennsylvania as Member of Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative
12 We can help fight climate change in Pennsylvania | PennLive letters
13 Resgreen Group Brings Affordable and Effective Disinfecting Robot to Market
14 RGGI, behind the rhetoric: What we know about the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative
15 Overheard at New England Energy Summit
16 Rep. Struzzi resolution opposing RGGI advanced by House environmental committee
17 The Environmental Quality Board Seeks Comments On CO2 Budget Trading Program Regulations
18 Letters: Thankful for ‘unsung heroes’ at Juniper Village; Biden has right priorities
20 Key Takeaways from PA's New RGGI Analysis
21 A Blueprint for Durable Climate Policy: The Evolution of RGGI
22 RGGI will add clean energy jobs, boost the economy
23 It's time to speak up about local environmental issues (column)
24 Wolf vetoes bill that would keep Pennsylvania out of RGGI | StateImpact Pennsylvania
25 RGGI carbon dioxide allowance prices jump to five-year high
26 Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative: CO2 Cap and Trade
27 RGGI in the PA Legislature, or Welcome to the Terrordome
28 New Reports Show RGGI Protects Kids' Health and Saves Money
29 The RGGI Discussion in PA Is Getting Real
30 Poll shows strong support for RGGI cap-and-trade program
31 Yes, the PA DEP Has Legal Authority to Do a RGGI Rule
32 N.J. environmental chief is retiring after 3 years and 13 major lawsuits filed against polluters
33 Constitutional Implications of Pa. Executive Branch Efforts to Join RGGI | The Legal Intelligencer
34 Stalemates marred progress in Pa.'s 2019-20 legislative session
35 Pa. House moves to block RGGI entrance as DEP estimates it will save money and lives
36 Sierra Club on McCabe Leaving DEP
37 Virginia joins Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative
38 Setting the Record Straight on the Benefits of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative
39 RGGI is good for children's health
40 Pa. doesn't have to choose between good jobs and a healthy environment | Opinion
41 RGGI will not benefit Pennsylvania | Opinion
42 What's Next for Pennsylvania and RGGI
43 Oversight Board Approves Pa. to Join Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative
44 Transportation & Climate Initiative Touted for Benefits to Rural Communities
45 Chairman Metcalfe Stages (Another) Sham Hearing on RGGI
46 Virginia Regional Carbon Trading: Ready, Set, Join RGGI!
47 More than carbon: securing clean water by protecting forests
48 PA House Moves To Block Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Entrance
49 Hearing debates Pennsylvania's participation in RGGI
50 Pennsylvania governor keeps door open for RGGI
51 Thomas Schuster: RGGI will protect, prepare Pennsylvania for years to come
52 Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative is good for Pa. | Letter
53 Virginia lawmakers agreed to join a regional carbon market. Here's what happens next.
54 On RGGI, Democrats resist cost carveouts for some power producers while greenlighting others
55 3 things Rep. Metcalfe's one-sided hearing got wrong about RGGI | Opinion
56 A northeast law limited carbon emissions. It also helped kids breathe.
57 RGGI and Coal in PA: Separating Fact from Fiction
58 Governor rejects withdrawal from RGGI | News |
59 Opponents of RGGI hail Senate vote | News |
60 Three state legislative battles could swing zero-carbon energy plans
61 Should Pa. join the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative to fight climate change? | Pro/Con
62 Letter to the editor: RGGI will help Pa. in post-coal world
63 Pennsylvania House advances bill requiring lawmakers to sign off on RGGI participation
64 Industry leaders protest Pennsylvania inclusion in RGGI
65 Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative brings in first Southern state
66 CP Daily: Tuesday December 1, 2020 « Carbon Pulse
67 Fossil Fuel Industry and Koch Network Fighting Pennsylvania's Move to Join Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative
68 State DEP Defends Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Plans
69 DEP projects Pa. could cut carbon emissions dramatically as part of cap-and-trade effort
70 State to Get Millions for Climate Change Strategies After Rejoining Regional Energy Initiative
71 Citing executive overreach, House committee advances bill blocking Pa. from joining RGGI
72 Joining RGGI will help Pa.'s economy grow smarter — and healthier | Opinion
73 Bill to Keep Pa. Out of Cap-and-Trade Program Passes, Faces Veto
74 DEP: County 'special focus' of RGGI plan | News
75 Pennsylvanians need RGGI without delay
76 FERC's carbon pricing statement draws criticism, cautious support
77 Gov. Wolf pushes back deadline for DEP to ‘develop a strong plan’ on greenhouse gases
78 Climate Deniers on Front Line of Battle Over Pennsylvania Joining Cap-and-Trade Program to Slash Carbon Pollution
79 Officials Discuss Future of ISO-NE During Summit
80 Stalemates marred progress in Pennsylvania's 2019-20 legislative session
81 Your View: Regional greenhouse gas program a winner for Pa.
83 Power plant emissions down 47% under the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative
84 Critics: Pa. RGGI Hearing Stacked with Detractors
85 Doomed PA Cap & Trade Bill Headed For Governor's Desk
86 Pa. can show leadership in the new energy era -- Without joining RGGI | Opinion
87 Op-Ed: Don't blow it: Pennsylvania must keep pro-shale energy policies
88 Pennsylvania needs to join the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative to cap air pollution | PennLive letters
89 Pennsylvania Lawmakers Move to Block Governor's RGGI Plan
90 New York Proposes Regional Greenhouse Gas Changes
91 New Jersey Prioritizes Clean, Equitable Transportation in RGGI Spending Plan
92 NJ RGGI proceeds
93 New York to include small combustion turbines in annual carbon emission limits
94 CP Daily: Tuesday November 3, 2020 « Carbon Pulse
95 Pennsylvania should keep fracking and oil as pro-energy policies | Opinion
96 House puts carbon cap-and-trade gears in motion with RGGI bill vote
97 After year of tough votes, Dermody loses reelection, clearing way for Democratic free-for-all
98 House committee takes first step to block Pa.'s entry into regional cap-and-trade program | StateImpact Pennsylvania
99 Rep. Metzgar voices opposition to RGGI at hearing – Pennsylvania Business Report
100 How much credit does RGGI deserve for the Northeast's progress on emissions?