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1 Heated words exchanged at Richfield Town Council regarding church permit
2 Federal RLUIPA law: religious protection or hammer vs. municipalities preserving character?
3 South Florida: Religious Land Use And Institutionalized Persons Act RLUIPA
4 Ninth Circuit Rejects “Equal Terms” RLUIPA Challenge to Riverside Zoning Ordinance
5 Ateres Bais Yaacov Academy of Rockland County Files Federal RLUIPA Complaint Against Town of Clarkstown, New York
6 The Rhetoric About a “Decline” in Religious Liberty Is Good News for Americans
7 First Circuit Rejects RLUIPA & Constitutional Appeal
8 Hunt Valley Baptist v. Baltimore Highlights RLUIPA Violation
9 RLUPA Ripeness and Local Zoning Ordinances
10 Public hearing set for Churches in commercial zones
11 What the Religious Freedom Index tells us about faith and politics and COVID-19
12 Justice Department Sues Jackson Twp. over Restrictions on Religious Schools and Housing
13 How Zoning Laws Are Used to Discriminate Against Churches, Mosques, and Synagogues
14 Condemning Worship: Religious Liberty Protections and Church Takings
15 BATTLE ENDS: Woodcliff Lake Agrees To Allow Orthodox Worship Center And Pay $1.5 Million
16 DOJ files lawsuit against Stafford County for blocking construction of Islamic cemetery
17 Justice Department sues Michigan city for violating religious land use act
18 Zoning Ordinance Prohibiting Religious Assemblies Did Not Violate Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Person’s Act
19 Milbank Attys Assist Muslim Nonprofit In Cemetery Fight
20 The Obama Administration's Approach to the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act (RLUIPA): Not Very Different From the Bush and Clinton Administrations'
21 Jewish academy files $10 million discrimination lawsuit against Clarkstown, CUPON
22 Toms River to negotiate with Justice Department on religious zoning after lawsuit threat
23 Judicial Restraint in the Time of COVID-19? | Robinson+Cole RLUIPA Defense
24 Islamic Center's Federal Suit Against Vineland Settles for $550,000 | New Jersey Law Journal
25 Commentary: Tartikov v. Pomona and RLUIPA
26 High Stakes For South Nyack Dissolution Vote
27 DOJ on NJ Garden State Islamic Center RLUIPA Litigation
28 Community View: RLUIPA ripe for challenge
29 NJ Court Digs Into Tribe's Fee Bid Under Religion Law
30 Justice Department: Ramapough Indians' Denial Of Religious Freedom Complaint Should Proceed
31 US Department of Justice takes action against New York village targeting Orthodox Jews
32 10th Circuit rules on vegan diet case | News |
33 Feds slap Stafford County with lawsuit over Muslim cemetery
34 The President Cannot Order the States to Open Houses of Worship During COVID-19
35 Trump Judges Allow Georgia Prison's Limitation on Beards Despite the Impact on Muslim Men: Confirmed Judges, Confirmed Fears
36 Toms River In Talks With Feds On Religious Development
37 Feds tell Airmont: Stop discriminating against Jews or face legal action again
38 Duncanville Church Fights Eminent Domain Seizure in Court
39 Both Sides Claim Victory After Appeals Court Ruling Involving Rabbinical College and Village of Pomona
40 Justice Dept: Zoning targets Orthodox Jews in Rockland County
41 Tartikov case in Pomona demonstrates the danger of RLUIPA's power
42 Jackson Township Council responds to federal lawsuit
43 BJC on the legacy of Ruth Bader Ginsburg
44 Muslim Inmate Challenges Prison TV Ban in Fourth Circuit
45 RLUIPA Cases Involving Muslim Organizations on the Rise Since 2010
46 Is It Anti-Semitism, Or NIMBYism? Lawsuits Multiply As Towns Struggle With Growing Orthodox Population
47 Short Circuit: A Roundup of Recent Federal Court Decisions
48 Federal Court: “There is no pandemic exception to the Constitution of the United States or the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment.”
49 Department of Justice suing town of Walthill, Neb., for denial of construction of church
50 DOJ Settles With Farmersville Over Plan to Build Islamic Cemetery
51 Agudath Israel Applauds the DoJ for Action Against Village of Airmont
52 US Dept. of Justice investigating Bunnell, tells city to keep Sheltering Tree open in the meantime
53 7th Circuit Rules Church’s RLUIPA Claims Against Markham, Illinois Ripe for Review
54 Case preview: Justices to consider availability of money damages in religious freedom lawsuits
55 Christian school sues Oregon county over right to meet at church property
56 4th Circuit Rules Ethnic Bias Gives Rise to RLUIPA Claim
57 Toms River officials meet with lawyer to figure out religious land-use laws
58 U.S. Department of Justice files discrimination lawsuit against city of Troy for Muslim restrictions
59 Justice Dept. Threatens To Sue Toms River Over 10-Acre Zoning
60 Johnson County Churches, Cities Going to Court Over Land Use Disputes
61 Ramapo's Mike Parietti says he carries his principles as he runs for office, now Congress
62 After Chabad decision, Toms River hires expert in religious land law
63 Justices Decline Appeals on Private School Zoning, Public-Sector Speech
64 Communities pay a high price when religious groups invoke land-use law
65 The Re-making of America’s Cities by Religious Organizations and the Department of Justice
66 U.S. govt. sues Jackson over restrictions that allegedly target Orthodox Jewish community
67 Towson Chabad files federal lawsuit against Baltimore County, alleging religious discrimination
68 U.S. Supreme Court Upholds California’s COVID-19 Restrictions on Religious Worship
69 Lawsuit accuses Chestnut Ridge of discrimination vs. Orthodox and Hasidic Jews
70 Ebola Quarantines, RFRA, and RLUIPA, and the Right to Infect?
71 Holt v. Hobbs: Unanimous victory for Muslim prisoner in religious rights case
72 Why Kavanaugh and a conservative Supreme Court punted a religious liberty case on procedure
73 Minneapolis Org Looks to Communities of Faith to Tackle Homelessness
74 Religious School Sues Clarkstown Over Defunct Grace Baptist Church Deal
75 Airmont: Federal judge refuses to dismiss Hasidic Jewish school's discrimination lawsuit
76 Coeur d'Alene Press
77 Chinook Ind. Nation v US Dept of Interior & more Tribal
78 Nashville church's tiny home village faces zoning challenge
79 How have Christians and non-Christians fared before the Supreme Court in RFRA and RLUIPA cases?
80 Arizona Prisons Change Kosher Food Offering To 'Common Fare Meal'
81 Religious Tobacco Protection in Prisons Uncertain
82 Trump's Justice Department backs Orthodox Jews in zoning battle
83 County Zoning Proposal Sparks Concerns | Local News | Bend
84 ACLU Calls for Investigation into Religious Liberty Violations of Immigrant Detainees
85 Jackson Township Just Hired the Lawyer Who Lost to the DOJ to Defend Against Federal RLUIPPA Lawsuit
86 Are religious prisoners specially entitled to conjugal visits?
87 Zoning Law Aside, Mosque Projects Face Battles
88 Tartikov seeks $5.2M in legal fee reimbursement from Pomona
89 St. Francis of Assisi controversy continues: Church wants city to consider new material
90 Jewish academy takes Clarkstown to court in Grace Church case
91 Inquiry prompts Virginia prisons to change religious rules
92 Feds side with church in lawsuit against St. Ignace
93 New Jersey shul wins $2.5 million religious-discrimination case
94 Yee Haw! Cowboy Church’s Religious Rodeo Clears Some Hurdles
95 Judge: Troy mosque lawsuit can move forward
96 Why was Toms River councilman censured for 'improper, unethical, irresponsible conduct'?
97 Va. inmate wins religious freedom lawsuit
98 Court Rules California Church Can't Meet in Downtown Building it Owns
99 North Jersey Chabad wins legal fight
100 Jackson Township Refutes Anti-Semitism Claim