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1 A Z-RNA nanoswitch encoded by "junk DNA" turns-off immune responses against self
2 A prometastatic splicing program regulated by SNRPA1 interactions with structured RNA elements
3 Biogen taps Envisagenics' AI to speed up RNA splicing R&D
4 Flagship launches Laronde to develop circular RNA therapies
5 Biogen and Envisagenics Announce Collaboration to Advance RNA Splicing Research
6 A Z-RNA nanoswitch encoded by 'junk DNA' turns-off immune responses against self
7 Establishing RNA-RNA interactions remodels lncRNA structure and promotes PRC2 activity
8 Cancer: how one type of RNA could be the future of treatment
9 Agents that target viral RNA could be the basis for next generation anti-viral drugs
10 Messenger RNA: A Technology of the Moment
11 In-Depth: Study suggests coronavirus infection could alter our DNA
12 RNA holds the reins in bacteria: Researchers observe RNA controlling protein synthesis
13 Lilly buys into MiNA's protein-boosting RNA tech in $1.25bn deal
14 Lilly Intensifies RNA-Focused Drug Development with MiNA Therapeutics' saRNA Platform
15 RNA holds the reins in bacteria: U-M researchers observe RNA controlling protein synthesis
16 RNA Metabolism Gene Mutation Linked to Rare Disease
17 Toxin-antitoxin RNA pairs safeguard CRISPR-Cas systems
18 On the trail of travelling RNA
19 BioEcho receives CE-IVD mark approval for SARS-CoV-2 RNA extraction kit
20 BioEcho Life Sciences Gets CE-IVD Mark for Viral RNA/DNA Extraction Kit
21 Steitz Receives Warren Alpert Foundation Prize for Her Pioneering RNA Work
22 Messenger RNA Vaccines: Beckoning of a New Era in Cancer Immunotherapy
23 Global RNA-based Therapeutics and Vaccines Market Trajectory & Analytics Report 2021-2027
24 How diet controls RNA maturation: New mechanism for regulating RNA maturation that depends on diet
25 Certain RNA Expression Signatures Are Predictive of Outcomes for HER2+ Early Breast Cancer
26 The Achilles heel of the coronavirus
27 Structures of mammalian RNA polymerase II pre-initiation complexes
28 Tissue-swelling method divulges RNA locations, sequences in cells
29 RNA emerges as diagnostic tool
30 Rare genetic disease caused by mutations in protein that controls RNA metabolism
31 Lilly, MiNA Ink Broad RNA Deal Worth $1.25B Benzinga
32 2021 Warren Alpert Prize awarded to two scientists for RNA discoveries
33 Is Avidity Biosciences Inc (RNA) Stock About to Get Hot Thursday?
34 Structure of human Mediator–RNA polymerase II pre-initiation complex
35 Interfering RNA nanoparticles could be a potential COVID-19 therapy
36 RNA secondary structures can contribute strongly to gene regulation, research shows
37 IN BRIEF: 10x Genomics sues NanoString over RNA-analysis patents
38 Pfizer COVID vaccine protects against worrying coronavirus variants
39 Swiss scientists discover coronavirus's Achilles heel
40 Making AI algorithms show their work
41 DNA and RNA Probes Market: Growing Importance of its Role in Treating Inherited Sickness to Bolster Demand
42 RNA vaccines should provide "sufficient protection" against variant from India: EMA official
43 Study Finds Tar-Like Peptides Block Nucleic Acids, Leading to Motor Neuron Death in Familial ALS
44 New CRISPR Guide RNA Screen Helps Define Genetics of Spinal Cord Regeneration in Zebrafish
45 RNA scientists identify many genes involved in neuron development
46 XYZeq: Spatially resolved single-cell RNA sequencing reveals expression heterogeneity in the tumor microenvironment
47 SARS-CoV-2 pandemic underscores importance of understanding evolution of RNA genomes
48 Dyne Therapeutics Presents New Preclinical Data from its Myotonic Dystrophy Type 1 Program During American Society
49 Twist Bioscience, Vivlion Partner on Guide RNA Libraries for CRISPR Applications
50 RNA Disease Diagnostics Announces Publication of Stepwise
51 Depletion of Circular RNA circ_CORO1C Suppresses Gastric Cancer Develo | CMAR
52 Neural plasticity depends on this long noncoding RNA's journey from nucleus to synapse
53 The Infodemic: RNA Vaccines Don't Turn Body into 'Virus-making Factory'
54 De-stressing the T cells in need
55 RNA CCDC26 promotes thyroid cancer malignant progression | OTT
56 Long non-coding RNA LINC00649 regulates YES-associated protein 1 (YAP1)/Hippo pathway to accelerate gastric cancer (GC) progression via sequestering miR-16-5p
57 Shape-shifting Ebola virus protein exploits human RNA to change shape
58 M2 macrophage-derived exosomal long non-coding RNA AGAP2-AS1 enhances radiotherapy immunity in lung cancer by reducing microRNA-296 and elevating NOTCH2
59 Host-virus chimeric events in SARS-CoV2 infected cells are infrequent and artifactual
60 Callbacks Help Prevent Lost HCV Patients
61 Further evidence supports controversial claim that SARS-CoV-2 genes can integrate with human DNA
62 Physician-scientist and mRNA Researcher Drew Weissman, MD, PhD to Address Graduates at Drexel's College of Medicine Commencement
63 HTG Molecular Diagnostics Reports First Quarter 2021 Results and Provides a Corporate Update
64 MP Singh lauds Rotary Club Jabalpur South for contribution of RNA extraction machine
65 Researchers discover novel non-coding RNAs regulating blood vessel formation
66 Nanopore sequencing platform can detect the building blocks of DNA and RNA
67 Using ultrasound and RNA-loaded nanoparticles to deliver potent medicine to brain tumors
68 Rna And Dna Extraction Kit Market Analysis, Trends and Prospect | Major Players – Agilent Technologies Inc., QIAGEN, Merck KGaA, Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc. – KSU | The Sentinel Newspaper
69 2'-O methylation of RNA cap in SARS-CoV-2 captured by serial crystallography
70 EMA: RNA vaccines should provide “sufficient protection” against variant from India
71 Three-way strategy employed by SARS-CoV-2 during infection
72 Viome Forays Outside Molecularly Informed DTC Wellness Testing With Oral Cancer Assay
73 RNA Disease Diagnostics Announces Inaugural Joint Meeting of Expanded Board of Directors and Advisory Board
74 RNA Microarray Market -Competitive Landscape and Key Product Segments 2027 – KSU | The Sentinel Newspaper
75 Preliminary Findings of mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine Safety in Pregnant Persons
76 Targeted RNA Sequencing Kits Market Share and Growth 2021 to 2026 | Thermo Fisher, Illumina, Roche, Berry Genomics, Nucleus Biotech, Oxford Nanopore – KSU | The Sentinel Newspaper
77 Extracellular RNA as a way to diagnose disease
78 Metagenomi Presents New Findings on CRISPR-Associated Transposases (CAST) that Allow for Targetable Genomic Integration of Large DNA Fragments
79 Persistence of SARS-CoV-2 virus and viral RNA in relation to surface type and contamination concentration
80 Giant intracardiac thrombosis in an infant with leukaemia and prolonged COVID-19 viral RNA shedding: a case report
81 Identification and Validation of a Novel RNA-Binding Protein-Related Gene-Based Prognostic Model for Multiple Myeloma
82 BOC RNA's GMP Oligonucleotide Facility Ready to Roll for Clinical Application
83 New cellular atlas maps out healthy and cancerous breast tissue
84 DNA and RNA Extraction Kit Market Global Research and Clinical Survey Report 2021-2026 | Thermo Fisher Scientific, Promega, Bioneer, PCR Biosystems – The Shotcaller
85 Novel non-coding RNAs regulating blood vessel formation
86 Spotted around the web: Developing striatum, autism incidence in Japan, psychedelic therapies
87 What are RNA Therapeutics?
88 How COVID unlocked the power of RNA vaccines The technology could revolutionize efforts to immunize against
89 Processive RNA polymerization and promoter recognition in an RNA World
90 New videos show RNA as it's never been seen
91 Three ways RNA is being used in the next generation of medical treatment
92 Regulating the ribosomal RNA production line
93 RNA molecules are masters of their own destiny
94 A deep dive into cells' RNA reality
95 Explained: Why RNA vaccines for Covid-19 raced to the front of the pack
96 RNA Research Brings Hope to Millions with Rare Diseases
97 RNA ties itself in knots, then unties itself in mesmerizing video
98 RNA-DNA World Circumvents RNA World Sticking Point
99 Dynamics of RNA–protein interactions studied in living cells
100 RNA stabilization by a poly(A) tail 3′-end binding pocket and other modes of poly(A)-RNA interaction