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1 The Moon Landing of HIV Vaccine Research: RV144, Ten Years Later
2 RV144 HIV Vaccine — Precision Vaccinations
3 Experimental HIV vaccine regimen ineffective in preventing HIV | National Institutes of Health
4 Cross clade immune responses found in South Africa from the RV144/Thai HIV vaccine regimen
5 Cross-clade immune responses reported in South African RV144 HIV vaccine regimen
6 HIV vaccine shows signs of cross-subtype protection
7 Fauci: Countless Lives Have Been Saved, but an HIV Vaccine and Cure Remain Elusive
8 HIV Vaccine Trial Halted After No Efficacy Observed
9 HIV Vaccine Combo Produced Antibody Responses Within 6 Weeks
10 NIAID Observes HIV Vaccine Awareness Day 2020
11 Combo of two HIV vaccines fails its big test
12 Protection against HIV Acquisition in the RV144 Trial
13 The Thai Trial and Other HIV Vaccine Studies
14 Good News, Bad News in HIV Prevention Research
15 New sequencing study provides insight into HIV vaccine protection
16 Study demonstrates HIV antibody responses within six weeks of initial vaccination
17 With Uhambo's and research lessons, once more unto the breach
18 HIV Vaccine Candidate Included in HVTN 132 Study
19 Zaia Draws on Decades of Innovation in Infectious Disease for Breakthroughs in Gene Therapy
20 HIV vaccine trial failure is a “wake up call” for southern Africa, say researchers
21 GeoVax Prepared to Advance GOVX-B11 HIV Vaccine to Next Clinical Trial
22 Creating viral targets can weaken HIV vaccination
23 Study demonstrates antibody responses within 6 weeks of initial vaccination
24 New study shows response to HIV vaccine in 6 weeks
25 sponsored HIV vaccine trial launches in South Africa
26 NIH and partners to launch HIV vaccine efficacy trial in the Americas and Europe
27 Monoclonal Antibodies, Derived from Humans Vaccinated with the RV144 HIV Vaccine Containing the HVEM Binding Domain of Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) Glycoprotein D, Neutralize HSV Infection, Mediate Antibody-Dependent Cellular Cytotoxicity, and Protect Mice from Ocular Challenge with HSV-1
28 HVTN study confirms correlates of risk associated with decrease in HIV transmission
29 Safety and immune responses after a 12-month booster in healthy HIV-uninfected adults in HVTN 100 in South Africa: A randomized double-blind placebo-controlled trial of ALVAC-HIV (vCP2438) and bivalent subtype C gp120/MF59 vaccines
30 Large-scale HIV vaccine trial to launch in South Africa
31 First new HIV vaccine efficacy study in seven years has begun
32 Antibody and cellular responses to HIV vaccine regimens with DNA plasmid as compared with ALVAC priming: An analysis of two randomized controlled trials
33 Novel Strategy To Adapt Simian-Human Immunodeficiency Virus E1 Carrying env from an RV144 Volunteer to Rhesus Macaques: Coreceptor Switch and Final Recovery of a Pathogenic Virus with Exclusive R5 Tropism
34 Scientists achieve the first proof of concept for an HIV broadly neutralising antibody vaccine in monkeys
35 Host genetics played a role in vaccine efficacy in the RV144 HIV vaccine trial
36 HIV Vaccine Could Be Available in 2021, Expert Says
37 Developing a vaccine against HIV infection
38 Analysis of HLA A*02 Association with Vaccine Efficacy in the RV144 HIV-1 Vaccine Trial
39 It's all go for a new HIV vaccine efficacy trial this year
40 HIV Vaccine Efficacy Trial Mosaico to Launch in Americas, Europe
41 Safety and immunogenicity of a multivalent HIV vaccine comprising envelope protein with either DNA or NYVAC vectors (HVTN 096): a phase 1b, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial
42 'Move Away From Texas': What We Heard This Week
43 HIV Vaccine Awareness Day 2019 — May 18, 2019 | National Institutes of Health
44 Clues emerge to explain first successful HIV vaccine trial
45 Cautious optimism for an HIV vaccine | December 5, 2016 Issue
46 Who is coronavirus warrior Dr. Deborah Birx? | TheHill
47 5 developments in HIV vaccine research over the past year
48 Researchers come a step closer to finding HIV vaccine
49 HIV vaccine that generates broadly neutralising antibodies passes first safety and proof-of-concept study in humans
50 Learning and Achieving: The Legacy of Deborah Birx – Houghton Star
51 Flashback: Anthony Fauci on the HIV Epidemic 10 Years Ago
52 Huge diversity in current HIV vaccine research, Research for Prevention conference hears
53 Why HIV vaccine trials were stopped in SA
54 Experimental HIV vaccine gives protection against more than one strain of AIDS-causing virus
55 The three big studies pushing at the frontiers of HIV prevention
56 NIH Issues Statement on 2018 HIV Vaccine Awareness Day
57 For First Time, AIDS Vaccine Shows Some Success
58 NIH statement on HIV Vaccine Awareness Day
59 Scientists report big improvements in HIV vaccine production
60 Macaques may have finally helped find a cure for HIV
61 Candidate AIDS vaccine passes key early test
62 US funding agency upbeat about HIV research despite SA vaccine failure
63 Is There a Future for Effective Vaccines for Infectious Diseases?
64 This Week in Science
65 Who Is Dr. Deborah Birx? All About the Health Official Fighting Coronavirus
66 HIV vaccine elicits antibodies in animals that neutralize dozens of HIV strains
67 GeoVax Presents HIV Vaccine Study Data OTC Markets:GOVX
68 Benefits of partially effective HIV vaccine limited by resistance, study suggests
69 The search for an effective HIV vaccine continues
70 Skilled partners in the conduct of HIV prevention trials join COVID-19 response
71 Trump taps Penn State grad Deborah Birx to aid coronavirus battle amid national emergency
72 How close are we to a 'workable' HIV vaccine?
73 HIV-1 Envelope Glycoproteins from Diverse Clades Differentiate Antibody Responses and Durability among Vaccinees
74 Why Don't We Have A Vaccine For HIV Yet?
75 HIV/AIDS Vaccine Candidates Based on Replication-Competent Recombinant Poxvirus NYVAC-C-KC Expressing Trimeric gp140 and Gag-Derived Virus-Like Particles or Lacking the Viral Molecule B19 That Inhibits Type I Interferon Activate Relevant HIV-1-Specific B and T Cell Immune Functions in Nonhuman Primates
76 HIV Vaccine Needed To Stop AIDS : Shots
77 Central Pennsylvania native helps lead the nation's fight against COVID-19
78 Social distancing will continue ‘through the summer,’ Dr. Deborah Birx says
79 Museum selling Dr. Deborah Birx bobblehead in support of COVID-19 medical workers
80 Scientists Question NIH Priorities in Awarding Scarce Government
81 HIV Poses as E. Coli to Confuse Immune Defenders
82 Moving Forward in HIV Vaccine Development
83 Unravelling the mystery of the vaccine trials | aidsmap
84 The quest for an HIV vaccine | UNAIDS
85 Opinion | Dr. Birx: brilliant doctor with Trump issues
86 Extensive HIV vaccine study planned in South Africa
87 New Vaccines in the Pipeline 2019
88 Persistence yields progress in AIDS vaccine research
89 HIV-Exposed Infants Vaccinated with an MF59/Recombinant gp120 Vaccine Have Higher-Magnitude Anti-V1V2 IgG Responses than Adults Immunized with the Same Vaccine
90 Monoclonal Antibodies Specific for the V2, V3, CD4-Binding Site, and gp41 of HIV-1 Mediate Phagocytosis in a Dose-Dependent Manner
91 Influence of the Envelope gp120 Phe 43 Cavity on HIV-1 Sensitivity to Antibody-Dependent Cell-Mediated Cytotoxicity Responses
92 NIH and partners launch HIV vaccine efficacy study
93 Reuters Health News Summary
94 Crohn's disease drug produces long-lasting viral undetectability and T-cell restoration off treatment in monkeys
95 U=U Meets With “Extreme Backlash” in Thailand
96 HIV Vaccine: When Will We Have One?
97 What AIDS Taught Coronavirus Leaders: You Can’t Bank on a Fast Vaccine
98 GeoVax Provides Update on Its HIV Vaccine Program | Vaccines | News Channels
99 Another HIV vaccine efficacy trial will start this year
100 Study Explains How the First Effective HIV Vaccine Worked |