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1 New Converse 'Mi Gente' capsule collection celebrates Latino heritage
2 Bay Area authors honor Hispanic Heritage Month with book recommendations
3 Day 8: An International View Of Domestic Affairs | Wyoming Public Media
4 12 Best Movies Celebrating Latinx And Hispanic Culture To Watch During Hispanic Heritage Month
5 Hartford Public Library Celebrates Latina Poets | Greater Hartford, CT Patch
6 Remote RebootReinicio remoto
7 Trump Campaign Touts Nobel Peace Prize Nominations as 'Big Thing,' History Suggests Otherwise
8 Trujillo's ghost: The effects of the dictator's bloody reign still linger in the Dominican Republic
9 Who are the other dictators buried in Madrid?
10 The Return of Rita Indiana, A Singular Icon of Dominican Music
11 Antonio Imbert Barrera, Who Helped Assassinate Dominican Dictator Trujillo, Dies at 95
12 Playwright Carmen Rivera's Searing Portrait Of Dictator Rafael Trujillo
13 In Dominican Republic, a Museum of Horrors of Trujillo Era
14 The Right's Continued Dominance in the Dominican Republic
15 1960: The Mirabal Sisters
16 Three-Fourths of Obscura Quit the Band, Launch New Project
17 A Son Reflects on a Dictator's Legacy in His Life
18 Retired deputy not guilty in neighbor encounter | Local News
19 Newsmaker: Julia Alvarez
20 In the Time of the Butterflies to be staged at SUNY-New Paltz
21 Obscura Announce Lineup Changes as Three Members Exit Band
22 Legal fireworks are back in Rialto after council rescinds temporary ban
23 80 Years On, Dominicans And Haitians Revisit Painful Memories Of Parsley Massacre
24 Justices Won't Test Grand Jury Secrecy in 1956 Disappearance
25 Longtime Caribbean journalist Bernard Diederich dead at 93 | News |
26 I Am Afro-Latina, And My Blackness Won’t Be Erased
27 Labor Secretary Tom Perez’s Grandfather Served Dominican Dictator
28 Bernard Diederich, Legendary Caribbean Correspondent And Author: 1926-2020
29 ‘Democracy Is in Play’: What to Know About Protests in the Dominican Republic
30 Parsley played a crucial role in a brutal massacre
31 Council hopefuls in Fontana, Rialto, San Bernardino vie for election in November
32 Obscura Guitarists Steffen Kummerer and Rafael Trujillo Talk New Album, 'Diluvium'
33 The Forgotten Parsley Massacre Still Plagues Dominican-Haitian Relations
34 Remembering The NYPD Shooting Of Dominican Immigrant Kiko García And What It Means During Today's #BlackLivesMatter Movement
35 Dominican Republic: George Floyd protests spark reckoning with race as elections loom
36 When Caracas was a Safe Haven From Tyranny
37 Rita Moreno & the Mirabal Sisters Are Amongst the Latinas Honored in Time's 100 Women of the Year Project
38 Trial of retired deputy sheriff in Fourth of July case continues
39 At Milagro, ‘En el Tiempo de Las Mariposas’ floats with the spirit and sting of resistance
40 Bienvenidos a Dyckman St.
41 Meth through the years, facts from 1919 to its latest surge
42 Harry Belafonte's Upper West Side Legacy
43 For Spain, Franco's exhumation causes consternation
44 The Dominican Republic took in Jewish refugees fleeing Hitler while 31 nations looked away
45 Haiti, Dominican Republic : The Two-Way
46 The Dominican Republic's Shameful Deportation Legacy – Foreign Policy
47 Anti-Black Latinos During BLM Protests Are Hurting Our Communities
48 Honoring Las Mariposas
49 Father's Day comes to the DR under attack by covid-19
50 Julia Alvarez on New Book ‘Afterlife’ and Why Writing About Grief Requires Brevity
51 Michèle Stephenson's film Stateless reveals anti-Black sentiments in the Dominican Republic
52 The bloody origins of the Dominican Republic’s ethnic ‘cleansing’ of Haitians
53 A History of Influencing Presidential Children to Change Policy
54 Revitalizing Feminism in the Dominican Republic | NACLA
55 In Junot Diaz's 'Islandborn,' A Curious Child Re-Creates Her Dominican Roots
56 Rafael Leonardo Black, Solitary and Self-Trained Artist, Dies at 71
57 What’s on the November 2020 ballot for San Bernardino County?
58 Guitarist Christian Münzner Re-Joins Obscura
59 Political controversy in Dominican Republic reverberates in RI
60 [i]The Dictator's Seduction: Politics and the Popular Imagination in the Era of Trujillo[/i] by Lauren Derby
61 Tribeca 2020 Review: A Community Threatened to Be Erased is Committed to Film in Michèle Stephenson's “Stateless”
62 NEA Big Read Lakeshore to present virtual author event
63 Dominican race for president comes to R.I.
64 Greater Faith Bible Church, Sic Psycles partner for Thanksgiving dinner giveaway
65 The Dominican Republic's mass Haitian deportation reflects its racist history
66 Rafael Trujillo Wins Finn World Masters >> Scuttlebutt Sailing News
67 Labor Sec. Tom Perez: No Doubt Grandfather Opposed Dictator Trujillo
68 'In the Time of the Butterflies' | |
69 Estrellas Orientales: family tradition 3rd-generation owners go for 1st title since '68
70 I thought I knew how my family escaped the Holocaust. The truth was hidden in a Dominican town.
71 Dominican Dictatorship Remembered | The World from PRX
72 Documenting the 'Stateless'
73 ‘Oscar Wao’ Review: The Tragedy, and Comedy, of Manhood
74 'Caudillo' or crusader against socialism? Florida's Latinos debate Trump
75 What Do We Mean When We Say Fascist?
76 Review: A new novel offers a look into the lives of Dominican immigrants
77 Celebrated Latina author Julia Alvarez on her new novel 'Afterlife,' isolation and sisterhood
78 It's been a very weird year for politics | Daily Sabah
79 Countering Fear: An Illinois Town Braces For 2020 Census
80 AP Explains: A look at Franco and why he is being exhumed
81 Some days you're lucky. Others you're just plain blessed.
82 Photos Of Protests For International Day For The Elimination Of Violence Against Women
83 Rialto councilman apologizes for aborted sanctuary city exploratory meeting
84 The Origins of Anti-Haitian Sentiment in the Dominican Republic
85 Strong cast highlights Prime Stage's 'In the Time of the Butterflies'
86 From Cuba to Chile, a Journey through Jewish Latin America
87 Víctor Víctor, known for the hit 'Mesita de Noche,' is dead at 71
88 Two Fontana residents are among four candidates running for 5th District supervisor
89 OBSCURA Frontman Said Lineup Split Was Over Creative Differences
90 History of relationship and discrimination between the Dominican Republic and Haiti
91 Because its "Person of the Year" is often a man, Time has chosen 100 "Women of the Year"
92 Ignoring the Murder of a Journalist in the Name of National Interest
93 Literacy Might Shield the Brain from Dementia
94 Big Read Lakeshore featured author Julia Alvarez shares her story at Tuesday talk
95 Denver readers can catch local writer Kali Fajardo-Anstine in conversation with author Julia Alvarez next week
96 The Soaring SistersElevadas
97 Rialto joins list of San Bernardino County cities to declare racism a public health crisis
98 Dominican Republic mulls constitutional change amid protests
99 How Washington Heights Became 'Little Dominican Republic'
100 Portrait Of: Author Julia Alvarez