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1 Judge Rakoff Refuses to “Ice” Diamond Patent Inequitable Conduct Allegations
2 In Sarah Palin Case Judge Rakoff Says Jury Could Find NYT Malice So Trial 1 Feb 2021
3 Banks Win CARES Act Referral Fees Fight
4 Man With Life Sentence For Burning Man To Death Seeks Compassionate Release in SDNY
5 Rakoff Says Sasol And Ex-Execs Can't Escape Plant Cost Suit
6 Palin can sue New York Times for defamation: Judge
7 As Yankees fight release of MLB letter, Randy Levine to argue for team in court
8 Businessmen Can't Slip Pot Bank Fraud Charges, Rakoff Says
9 Judge Rakoff Clears Sarah Palin's Defamation Lawsuit Against NY Times for February Trial
10 Citibank, JPMorgan Don't Have to Share PPP Loan Fees, Court Says
11 Owen Watson Has Feb 2021 SDNY Trial Even As Disputes Virtual Grand Jury Amid COVID
12 Sarah Palin Will Take the New York Times to Trial
13 White Collar Roundup
15 Rakoff Bars ICE From Conducting Civil Immigration Arrests at State Courthouses | New York Law Journal
16 Ginsburg's Law Clerks Likely to Be Reassigned as New Term Unfolds | National Law Journal
17 Judge tosses Nine West creditors' claims over leveraged buyout
18 Rakoff Shrugs Off Arbitrator's Comments as 'Attempt at Humor' in Upholding Award | New York Law Journal
19 Judicial Inconsistency Frustrates Purpose of Insider Trading Law, Rakoff Says | New York Law Journal
20 Amid COVID Judge Rakoff Releases George Joseph Who Has Been Passing Out In His Cell
21 Sasol Trims Investors' Lake Charles Chemical Project Claims
22 Rakoff Tosses Fraud Suit by Fantasy Sports Players Over MLB Sign-Stealing Scandal | New York Law Journal
23 Nation and world news briefs | National |
24 Covid & the Courts | by Jed S. Rakoff
25 Sued for PPP JPM Chase Citigroup Signature Tell Judge Rakoff of Chevron Deference
26 Rakoff Refuses to Dismiss Lawsuit to Halt Immigration Arrests at State Courthouses | New York Law Journal
27 Deadly Terror Networks And Drug Cartels Use Huge Banks To Finance Their Crimes. These Secret Documents Show How The Banks Profit.
28 Rakoff Threatens To End ICE Arrest Hearing Over Interruptions
29 Rakoff Appears Inclined To Back Uber's Price-Fixing Win
30 SDNY Judge Rakoff Sets Robbery Conspiracy Trial For January 19 Pending Assignment Cttee
31 Rakoff Skeptical CUNY Must Pay Staff In CARES Act Case
32 Amid Coronavirus Insider Trader Millul Asks Judge Rakoff For Release From Allenwood
33 'This is so boring!' Unmuted listeners interrupt phone hearing over ICE courthouse arrests
34 What is Produced in the Southern District, Stays in the Southern District: Judge Rakoff Denies Plaintiff’s Requests to Use Documents In Chinese Proceeding
35 Ex-Judge Endures Ribbing From Rakoff In Return To Court
36 Mass., NY ICE Courthouse Arrest Cases Different, Court Told
37 Johansi Lopez Avoids Federal Lockup As SDNY Judge Rakoff Cites Coronavirus and Compassion
38 Rakoff Take On Constructive Discharge Law Hits 2nd Circ.
39 Yankees To Appeal Rakoff Order Unsealing Sign-Stealing Doc
40 Locked down? Open up to… David Rakoff’s defensively pessimistic wit
41 Weigard and Akhavan Charged With $100M Pot Scam Before January Trial Argue To Dismiss
42 Rakoff Won't Free 2 Insider Traders But Says Prison Dept. May
43 Maisonet Remains Detained Despite COVID 19 Argument As Judge Rakoff Says Police Overstretched
44 Bronx Crack Seller With Life Sentence Asks For Re Sentencing From SDNY Judge Rakoff
45 Judge stays order to make public MLB's rules violations letter to Yankees
46 In GSE Bonds Case Torsella Cited As SDNY Judge Rakoff Asks To See Time Sheets
47 Law360's Pro Say: Judge Rakoff Talks COVID And The Courts
48 A Tribute to David Rakoff with 'Selected Shorts' at Southampton's Avram Theater
49 Rakoff Mulls If MLB Promises Fairness In Sign-Stealing Case
50 Judge Rakoff Awards Damages Based On Plaintiff's Estimate of International Sales
51 Two V&E lawyers lead Astros to court win in sign-stealing case
52 Mathis Joseph Said He Bought Oxy For Friends But Guilty Plea to Sales Accepted in SDNY
53 Accused in Slashing of Witness Neck SDNY Trial Set For 2021 After Wade Hearing
54 In SDNY Sean Stewart Got 24 Months From Judge Rakoff Now Self Surrender Postponed
55 Smith Charged With Robbing Bronx Barber Also Has Asthma And Bail Hearing Before SDNY Judge Rakoff
56 SDNY Judge Rakoff Expedites Discovery and Bond Hearing For Lizarraga Bricks on Bus Case
57 Rakoff Indicates Ruling by Year's End on NY AG's Suit to Halt ICE Courthouse Arrests | New York Law Journal
58 Amid Coronavirus Bronx Alleged Murderer To Seek Bail For Fourth Time Before Judge Rakoff
59 Judge Rakoff Sentences ‘Silver Platter’ Sean Stewart To 24 Months Prison In Insider Trading Case
60 Rakoff Declines 74-Year-Old Arms Dealer's Release Bid
61 Covid in the Prisons | by Douglas G. Morris
62 Insider Trader Millul Faces Arrest At Allenwood On ICE Detainer As Case Bounced From SDNY
63 Insider Traders Pinto Thomaz and Millul Want Out Of Otisville and Allenwood Despite ICE Detainer
64 In Sarah Palin Case NYT Lawyer Says Bennet Negligence Is Not Defamation in SDNY
65 Judge Rakoff Rules "And" can mean "Or"
66 In SDNY Judge Rakoff Tells Margolies Lawyer Why Not Fly In Witness From Missouri But No To Delusional
67 For Venezuela Laundering Through UAE Bagley Pleads Guilty Now Sentencing Oct 1
68 Jed S. Rakoff
69 Co-Conspirator In Co-Working Ponzi Scheme Gets 4 Years
70 Weigard Charged With $100M Pot Scam Faces December SDNY Trial Wants Bill of Particulars
71 WWE Can't Dodge Stock-Drop Suit Over Saudi Relationship
72 Pot Credit Card Transactions Didn't Hurt Anyone, Rakoff Hears
73 Diamonds Are Forever, And Diamond IP Suits Survive For Now
74 CUNY Beats Injunction in CARES Act Suit Over Faculty Layoffs
75 Judge Jed Rakoff on free love, the death penalty, defending crooks and Wall Street justice
76 Judge Orders Yankees to Unseal Letter From MLB Allegedly Linked to Sign Stealing
77 Labaton Sucharow Takes Lead In WWE Stock-Drop Suit
78 New York City's backlog in criminal cases rises to 39200 after trials postponed
79 DOJ points to Rakoff decision to fight Cognizant “outsourcing” concerns
80 Do judges contribute to injustices? A conversation with Judge Jed Rakoff
81 Lunch with the FT: Jed Rakoff
82 Judge OKs $77M Fees In Fannie, Freddie Bond Price-Fix Suits
83 SDNY Judge Rakoff Admonishes Defendant Pitterson Who Testifies To Stick to the Questions
84 Sarah Palin’s case against the New York Times shows how hard it is to sue the media
85 Rakoff Hammers Salon Owner With $500K Insider Trading Fine
86 Rakoff Scolds Gov't, Sets Life Spine Kickback Trial For 2020
87 In SDNY Serial Fraudster Bershan Gets 7 Years After Mental Health and Victims Testify To Judge Rakoff
88 Judge Rakoff Rules That 'Silver Platter' Statement Inadmissible In Insider Trading Case
89 Attys Avoid Sanctions For 'Overzealous' Brief In Platinum Suit
90 Detentions By ICE In Courthouses Argued Nov 1 Before SDNY Judge Nathan Now Tried To Rakoff Case
91 Judge Rakoff Tears Up Interrogatories of Photographer of Apple Pie Used In Pure Wow Website
92 The Rakoff Rejection
93 An Insider-Trading Ruling That Delights Prosecutors—and One Manhattan Judge
94 Rakoff Tells Gov't To Dump 'Level Playing Field' Language
95 Judge Jed Rakoff: The Outtakes
96 Banks Accused Of Fixing Bond Prices Jam Courtroom of Judge Rakoff In Race To The Bottom
97 No Mr. Nice Guy—Just Ask Wall Street
98 10 years. 179 arrests. No white defendants. DEA tactics face scrutiny in New York.
99 Patterson Told ACS His Daughter Was Being Six Trafficked While Sexting Her Gets Conflicted CJA
100 DraftKings Users Suit on Baseball Sign-Stealing Is Rejected