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Result Content Idea Research
1 US blacklists Pak cop Rao Anwar for corruption, serious human rights abuse
2 The making of Rao Anwar
3 Pashtun Tahafuz Movement compounds Pakistan's worries
4 Rao Anwar's listing
5 Rao Anwar isn’t done with the police yet
6 Pakistan’s ‘killer’ cop Rao Anwar to sue US government
7 SC disposes of case pertaining to judicial inquiry against ex-SSP Rao Anwar
8 Former SSP Rao Anwar says he should be gunned down at a street-center if found involved with criminals
9 Rao's counsel refutes MNA's statement about Naqeebullah
10 Health Workers, Activists Condemn Charges Against Hospital Owner in Delhi Riots Case
11 Delhi Riots: 'Dr Anwar Falsely Referred, Remove Name from Chargesheet'
12 Naqeebullahs family requests SHC to cancel bail of Rao Anwar, other accused
13 Rao Anwars lawyer cross-examines key witness in Naqeebullah murder case
14 Rao Anwar seeks exemption from appearance in Naqeeb murder case
15 Karachi Biennale: Price of speaking out against police killings
16 Civil society members express concern over 'shutdown' of exhibit on Rao Anwar at Karachi Biennale
17 Court dismisses bail plea of suspects in Naqeebullah murder case
18 Rao Anwar, 17 others indicted in Naqeeb murder case, plead 'not guilty'
19 Pakistani Rights Group Applauds US for Sanctioning Law Enforcement Official
20 Naqeebullah’s father passes away amid court battle with Rao Anwar
21 Rao Anwar retires from police
22 Dawn Investigations: Rao Anwar and the killing fields of Karachi
23 Pakistan shuts art installation depicting extrajudicial killings
24 Bail pleas of five ex-policemen dismissed in Naqeeb murder case
25 Rao Anwar found 'responsible' of Naqeeb Mehsud's murder
26 Father of Naqeebullah Mehsud passes away amid court battle with Rao Anwar
27 'Rao Anwar announced Naqeebullah's death hours before it happened'
28 In refusing to support an installation that named Rao Anwar, Karachi Biennale reveals the burden of privilege
29 Rao Anwar staged fake encounter: inquiry
30 ‘Highly influential’ Rao Anwar will destroy all evidences, fears IO
31 SHC seeks arguments over plea filed against Rao Anwar’s bail
32 Naqeebullah murder case: Eyewitness recounts harrowing tale of torture
33 ATC summons witnesses in Naqeebullah murder case on Feb 13
34 Naqeebullah murder: Pakistan police officer Rao Anwar arrested from Supreme Court
35 Rao Anwar likely to be released on bail soon in Naqeebullah case
36 Rao Anwar removed as SSP Malir over involvement in alleged extrajudicial killing
37 Rao Anwar’s first media appearance after US sanctions
38 JIT offers Rao Anwar 'deal' in Naqeebullah 'encounter' case: sources
39 The rowdy Rao Anwar
40 Rao Anwar shifts family to unknown location
41 Rao Anwar, the cop who 'encountered' Malir
42 Complaint lodged in NAB against Rao Anwar
43 ATC indicts Rao Anwar in Naqeebullah murder case
44 JIT declares Rao Anwar prime suspect in staged encounter of Naqeeb Mehsud
45 Rao Anwar arrested after finally appearing before SC in Naqeebullah murder case
46 Naqeeb murder case put off till April 9 due to coronavirus lockdown
47 Naqeebullah murder case: SC asks why Rao Anwar wants to go abroad
48 Court resumes hearing of Rao Anwar's bail plea
49 Rao Anwar granted bail in Naqeebullah murder case
50 Police seek public assistance on social media to arrest Rao Anwar, his team
51 Who is Rao Anwar?
52 Pakistan shuts art exhibit denouncing deadly police raids
53 Court summons DIG East in Naqeebullah murder case
54 Rao Anwar submits ‘ISI appreciation letter’ in court
55 SSP Rao Anwar survives 'suicide attack' in Karachi
56 Eyewitness makes startling disclosure in Naqeebullah case
57 Rao Anwar, others to be indicted in Naqeeb murder case on 25th
58 Adeela Sulemans Karachi Biennale exhibit destroyed: Questions abound over shocking vandalism
59 Pakistan taken on a self-destructive journey
60 Court issues NBWs for witnesses in Naqeebullah murder case
61 Installation by Artist Adeela Suleman Destroyed at Karachi Biennale
62 ATC summons witnesses in Naqeebullah murder case
63 Another slain man's family seeks FIR against SSP Rao Anwar
64 Rao Anwar handed over to police on physical remand until April 21
65 Trump unveils slew of sanctions over human rights abuses overseas
66 Never seen a case where suicide bomber's body is in one piece: CTD official on Rao Anwar attack
67 When justice remained pending
68 SHC disposes of petition against notification declaring Rao Anwar's house a sub-jail
69 Plea for inquiry into Rao Anwar’s assets withdrawn
70 Petition related to judicial inquiry of Rao Anwar fixed for hearing
71 Rao Anwar asks apex court for removal of name from ECL
72 Won’t rest till Naqeebullah Mehsud gets justice, says brother
73 2020: A Revolutionary Year for Showbiz | Bollywood
74 Rao Anwar files review petition against Naqeebullah JIT
75 Pakistani Police Officer, Wanted for Extrajudicial Killings, in Custody
76 SC rejects constitutional petition against Rao Anwar, others
77 Order on Rao Anwar's exemption plea reserved
78 SC orders in-camera briefing regarding Rao Anwar
79 Verdict in Naqeebullah murder case to be drawn in three months, fixed by SHC
80 Prominent Pakistani Biennial Roiled by Controversy After Authorities Remove Work About Police Killings
81 Rao Anwar reinstated as SSP Malir two weeks after suspension
82 ATC administrative judge wants Rao Anwar arrested before February 19
83 Rao Anwar's aide, former DSP Qamar Ahmed, arrested in Karachi
84 Wanted SSP Rao Anwar still at large as SC deadline approaches
85 Tribesmen vow to continue sit-in until Rao Anwar is arrested
86 Naqeebullah Mehsud murder case adjourned till Feb 2020
87 Witnesses yet to identify Rao Anwar as prime accused, reveal sources
88 Rao Anwar walks free on bail in fake FIR case against Naqeebullah
89 A Brutal Attack on Justice and Civil Liberties in Imran Khan's Pakistan
90 SC requested to form commission to probe 444 killings in Karachi
91 SSP Rao Anwar says four ‘terrorists killed in Karachi shootout
92 Rao Anwar tired of playing ‘cat & mouse’: Appears before the Supreme Court
93 Rao Anwar offered deal in exchange of cooperation in Naqibullah murder case: sources
94 SC gives Sindh IG yet another deadline to arrest still at-large Rao Anwar
95 Petition against Rao Anwar: SHC seeks arguments on maintainability of petition
96 Triumph of Greed
97 Plea against declaring Rao Anwar’s home as sub-jail withdrawn
98 Naqeebullah killing: New case against Rao Anwar, police party registered
99 Armed operations to kill suspects is ‘policy’ of Sindh police, alleges Anwar
100 No progress in Naqeebullah case despite Rao Anwar’s arrest: report