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1 Rajinikanth Praises Tamil Nadu Govt For Action Against Rationalists For 'Offending' Lord Muruga
2 Economic rationalists strike back – why do we need manufacturing?
3 Delhi DCP Rajesh Deo among 121 recipients of MHA award
4 Two Tamil Nadu Periyar Activists Arrested For 'Offensive' Video On Lord Muruga
5 Opinion | The clarity with which atheists should view believers
6 The forgotten killing of Rationalists
7 As AYUSH Minister Gets COVID-19, It's Time to Get Serious About Ayurveda
8 America needs both intuition and rationalism to uphold democracy | TheHill
9 Everything is going to be OK | Community |
10 We Don’t Live on Campus. We Live on the Internet.
11 Can India's rationalists stop the total eclipse of reason?
12 Coronavirus lockdown | Rationalists criticise preparations for Puri Rath Yatra
13 How Bangladeshi Bloggers Paid The Price For Protesting Religious Fanaticism
14 The future belongs to rationalists: Javed Akhtar
15 Rationalists to swim during solar eclipse on Dec 26
16 Midbrain Activation Software Market (Impact of COVID-19) Top Growing Companies: Lumosity, Happy Neuron, My Brain Trainer, Crosswords, Braingle, Queendom
17 Rationalists spread awareness about myths surrounding Solar Eclipse | Ground Report
18 LGT: When Emotions Generate Returns
19 The Psychological Damage Periyar’s Pseudo-Rationalism Did To Tamil Nadu
20 Slate Star Codex and Silicon Valley’s War Against the Media
21 Bhoot Vidya, Indian rationalists and nature of universe
22 Rationalists decry Centre’s advisory on Coronavirus
23 Get a cabin in the Great Smoky Mountains during the pandemic
24 With Charvaka Rationalists
25 Christianity Offers No Answers About the Coronavirus. It's Not Supposed To
26 Red Notice against prominent rationalist Sanal Edamaruku for conning woman
27 Coimbatore: Rationalists, scientists work to bust solar eclipse myths
28 From the biography: How the Dalai Lama combines a rationalist’s view with a spiritual outlook
29 The risks of rationalism in a believing world
30 The Scholar Starting Brawls with the Enlightenment
31 Rationalists techie assaulted for derogatory comment on the Gita: Case lodged
32 Inaugurating Mysuru Dussehra, litterateur Bhyrappa says atheists being portrayed as rationalists
33 Karnataka rationalists to go for a swim, consume food during partial solar eclipse
34 A Simple Stoic Weighs the Sanctity of Place: Thoughts on the Art of Kathryn Keller
35 Maybe the Rationalists are right – AI could go terribly wrong
36 Dear Taslima Nasreen, God has no KRAs and will survive coronavirus pandemic
37 PAIN OF SALVATION – “Restless Boy” Drum Playthrough Video Streaming
38 Same Group Of Activists Behind Killings Of Three Rationalists': Official
39 ‘Rationalists’ murder weapon in Vasai Creek
40 The mysterious case of murdered rationalists and their missing killers
41 The Javed Akhtar interview | If you say you are, wittingly or unwittingly, accepting the status quo
42 HC raps CBI, CID over trial delay in Narendra Dabholkar, Govind Pansare murder cases
43 Bengaluru's Town Hall to witness breakfast during eclipse, protests later
44 Accused of 'Defaming Islam', B'desh Blogger Who Defended Buddhist Monk Fears for Family
45 Indian rationalism, Charvaka to Narendra Dabholkar
46 It's Not About the Stars
47 At the heart of Andhra’s booming capital lies a quaint ashram for rationalists
48 Simon Hammond: The Consultancies Are "Overthinking Rationalists Masquerading As Creative Transformers"
49 What Alternate Reality Games Teach Us About the Dangerous Appeal of QAnon
50 The Magical Rationalism of Elon Musk and the Prophets of AI
51 Dabholkar murder: Norwegian technology, Ukrainian divers help CBI recover weapon from seabed
52 How COVID-19 is hitting some democracies harder than others
53 Govt brought in CAA to divide Hindus & Muslims: Experts
54 A Rationalist’s Mystical Moment
55 The Party of Davos is the biggest loser in Britain’s election
56 Rationalists Under Attack: “If We Shut Up, They Succeed”
57 ‘Checking if accused held in Gauri Lankesh murder has links to Dabholkar, Pansare killings’
58 Rationalists and the idea of India
59 Murders Most Foul: Years later, why are investigations of the deadly killings of rationalists and activists still pending?
60 ‘Aid Without Religion Trust’ Viewed & Enjoyed Annular Solar Eclipse with the Citizens
61 Ex-Editor of Sanatan Prabhat Funded Group to Murder Rationalists
62 Basava Premanand, the godman buster who challenged Sathya Sai Baba of Puttaparthi
63 Watching an eclipse amid rain and clouds
64 Spinoza and ‘no platforming’: Enlightenment thinker would have seen it as motivated by ambition rather than fear
65 Beware the Racist Who Claims to Be “Rational”
66 Shabana Azmi slams ‘pathetic trolls’ doubting Javed Akhtar’s Richard Dawkins award win, calls it a ‘preposterous...
67 Theology vs. Philosophy; Aquinas vs. Maimonides
68 Indian Politicians Pick Magic Over Science in Coronavirus Fight
69 Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis has no time to review rationalists’ killing cases: Bombay HC
70 MM Kalburgi shot dead: How many deaths will it take till we know that too many rationalists have died?
71 Anti-rational plot: Who killed Narendra Dabholkar and 3 other rationalists?
72 Once godmen, they are now rationalists
73 Why almost everyone believes in an afterlife – even atheists
74 Dabholkar murder: It took Rs 7.5 crore, Norwegian tech and Ukrainian divers to recover gun from seabed
75 Rationalists, experts rubbish mid-brain activation theory
76 CBI scores with recovery of revolver in Dabholkar murder case
77 Religion is obsolete
78 In search of the unknown: The tussle between paranormal researchers and rationalists
79 Why the BJP is threatened by Periyar and other rationalists
80 Superstition and the inherent cruelty of rationalists
81 Epistemology
82 'Lakshman rekha' to keep out venomous snakes in Chhattisgarh quarantine centres
83 Predict the outcome of 2019 polls and win ₹1 cr: Rationalists dare astrologers
84 Saving rationalism from the rationalists
85 Justice Dharmadhikari of Bombay HC resigns citing personal reasons
86 The three rationalists murdered in the last two years in their own voice
87 Atheists and rationalists all over the world are under threat: DMK MP Kanimozhi
88 Rationalists too condole death of Kanchi Shankaracharya Jayendra Saraswathi
89 Live chat: Death to rationalism?
90 Gandhi and China
91 ‘Rationalists’ murders attack on secularism’
92 Breakingviews
93 The closing of the conservative mind: Politics and the art of war
94 Plato Would Have Laughed at Our Era's Faith In Rationalism
95 Humanist and rationalists condemn case filed against Babu Gogineni, express solidarity
96 Islamic Rationalism | Issue 60
97 Big Brains podcast: The science of conspiracy theories and political polarization with Eric Oliver
98 The Silicon Valley Mindset
99 Have nothing to do with rationalists or Leftists: Amish Tripathi
100 If God is dead, is it OK if we save ourselves?