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1 Rosalind Franklin was so much more than the 'wronged heroine' of DNA
2 Who Is Rosalind Franklin?
3 Professor Raymond Gosling, DNA scientist
4 Rosalind Franklin the Scientist
5 Raymond Gosling's Contribution to the DNA Discoveries | Mind & Matter
6 Professor Raymond Gosling
7 Centenary of the Birth of Rosalind Franklin: the backbone of DNA's double helix
8 In Covid year, why ‘unsung heroine of DNA’ Rosalind Franklin needs to be remembered for more
9 PastCast: The other DNA papers
10 Rosalind Franklin's Numerical Data Went Farther Than One Double Helix Picture
11 Rosalind Franklin: British scientist celebrated with commemorative 50p coin
12 Due credit
13 Movies on TV this week: Sunday, Nov. 8, 2020
14 Debunking the myth of Rosalind Franklin as ‘feminist icon’
15 Amazon Mens Day Quiz Answers for you: Win Mont Blanc Perfume
16 Happy Birthday, DNA Pioneer Rosalind Franklin
17 United Kingdom: DNA pioneer Rosalind Franklin features on latest “Innovation in Science” coin series
18 The Scientist Who First Showed Us The Double Helix: A Personal Look At Rosalind Franklin
19 Podcast: Twisted history—The true story of how the DNA double helix was discovered
20 'Photograph 51' asks: Did DNA pioneer Rosalind Franklin get the credit she deserves?
21 Rosalind Franklin and the Double Helix: Physics Today: Vol 56, No 3
22 An Irish Twist on 'The Secret of Life'
23 Rosalind Franklin Died 60 Years Ago Today Without The Nobel Prize She Deserved
24 Success on the horizon for home-grown band Rhuvaal
25 The forgotten scientists who paved the way to the double helix
26 The most important X-ray crystallography photo in history
27 Rosalind Franklin: Biography & Discovery of DNA Structure
28 Sexism in science: did Watson and Crick really steal Rosalind Franklin’s data?
29 5 facts about Rosalind Franklin, DNA pioneer
30 Podcast: A world without Rosalind Franklin
31 Rosalind Franklin Still Doesn't Get The Recognition She Deserves For Her DNA Discovery
32 Photograph 51
33 Unravelling the Double Helix by Gareth Williams review — DNA before Watson and Crick
34 Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling to star in Netflix’s most expensive movie yet
35 Ryan Gosling will be 'The Wolfman' in new Universal monster movie
36 How Rosalind Franklin's "Photo 51” Told Us the Truth About Ourselves
37 The Campaign To Honour An Unsung Female Scientist On The New £50 Note
38 56 thoughts on “Rosalind Franklin Saw DNA First”
39 150 years of scientific illustration
40 Nicole Kidman Plays The Lost Lady Of DNA
41 Rosalind Franklin: Navigating workplace politics to gain recognition in science
42 New Nanotechnology Imaging Technique Sheds Light on DNA Structure
43 Nicole Kidman praised for West End return in DNA play
44 Rosalind Franklin
45 The Genesis of a Discovery: First Steps
46 Which of Ellen’s Most Frequent Guests Have Stuck by Her, and Who’s Kept Mum?
47 How to Design a Better Double Helix
48 The Resolution Revolution: Building a Better Microscope to See at the Atomic Level
49 PHOTOGRAPH 51 | Let's Play
50 What you can learn from Ryan Gosling’s suit looks in La La Land
51 Eva Mendes reveals why she doesn't post about partner Ryan Gosling and their children
52 Podcast: Remembering Rosalind Franklin: The overlooked scientist who helped discover the DNA double helix
53 Rosalind Franklin and Photo 51 Honored in Google Doodle
54 The Most Modern 18th-Century Room You’ve Ever Seen
55 Tennessee Titans WR Kalif Raymond is ready for a chance to shine
56 Researchers develop technique to produce a direct image of the DNA helix and its inner structure
57 Telepathic Infrastructures
58 Seeing science – in pictures | Art and design
59 William Astbury: Forgotten hero of DNA’s discovery
60 Historic DNA image by ‘forgotten’ pioneer Rosalind Franklin goes on public view
61 Watson and Crick Did Not Discover DNA
62 Movies on TV this week, Sept. 13: 'The Silence of the Lambs'
63 Than A Prize Unwon: The Manifold Legacies Of Rosalind Franklin
64 What Was the Most Influential Photograph in History?
65 Gosling's launches its first online shop
66 Photograph 51: A woman alone » Witness Performance
67 Writers to Watch Fall 2020
68 The 100 best nonfiction books: No 15 – The Double Helix by James D Watson (1968)
69 My home: Royal designer Tim Gosling's palatial apartment in Clapham started as three tiny flats
70 The fascinating story of how scientists unraveled DNA’s double helix
71 In Crick's Letters, Rivalry Among DNA Sleuths Comes to Life
72 DNA pioneer James Watson stripped of honorary titles after racist remarks
73 Interior Designer Tim Gosling Talks Architecture, Fashion and Nudity
74 Nuclear fission to DNA: Women's contribution to science that the world will not forget
75 A third Blade Runner movie is as inevitable as the robot revolution
76 What Near-Death Experiences Reveal about the Brain
77 'The Umbrella Academy': The Siblings Attend the Worst Family Reunion Ever (RECAP)
78 What Does DNA Look Like? After 66 Years, We're Still Learning More.
79 These were the top 10 baby names of the 2000s
80 Movies on TV this week: Sunday, Aug. 30, 2020
81 Joe Jonas has platinum-certified style that is easy to copy
82 Movies on TV this week: 'Chinatown' on Encore and more
83 Who is Raven Symones wife? Find out who the actor married during quarantine
84 Science inches closer to real BioShock-style plasmids
85 Italian word of the day: 'Paperone'
86 THEN AND NOW: Actors who played villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe
87 C
88 20 Blonde Male Celebrities Before and After They Dyed Their Hair
89 Movies on TV this week: Sunday, May 17, 2020
90 Movies on TV this week, May 31: A Clockwork Orange and more
91 Mary Lou Cavanaugh, 81
92 Rosalind Franklin: The Unsung Hero Behind the Discovery of DNA's Structure
93 Ryan Murphy's Hollywood fails to let go of the industry's most tired trope: the white savior
94 Students Up In Arms After Muslim Woman Has Niqab Veil 'Ripped From Her' In King's College London Attack
95 Movies on TV this week: Sunday, May 10, 2020
96 Tennessee Titans 2020 Training Camp Preview: Wide Receivers
97 The 25 best whodunit films
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99 2020 Bermuda Tech Summit Reveals Roster of Expert Speakers
100 Keri Russell & 9 Other Actors You Didn’t Know Were In The Mickey Mouse Club