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1 GOP leaders press Trump team to detail fraud charges as they cautiously navigate the President
2 Expert: Republicans May Block Biden's Cabinet Nominees
3 Scarborough says he'll never return to Republican Party after GOP supported Trump | TheHill
4 To the Republicans telling the truth, thank you. This was one of the smoothest elections ever
5 Republicans Rediscover the Dangers of Selling Bunk to Their Constituents
6 The Wisconsin voting system Donald Trump is attacking was built by Republicans
7 Trump speaks to Pa. Senate committee, says he won 'by a lot'
8 Why so many Republican officials went along with Trump’s fraud claims
9 Split-Ticket Voters Helped Biden, Republicans in Nebraska, Maine
10 Top Republicans praise Trump's Flynn pardon | TheHill
11 West Virginia's Republican governor blasts mask critics
12 Michigan Republicans just showed us the future, and it’s not pretty
13 Did Trump draw out a new Latino Republican voter bloc in Florida?
14 Trump’s legacy may be an increasingly authoritarian Republican Party
15 Republicans created an anti-democratic mob
16 Obama: Republican Party members believe 'white males are victims' | TheHill
17 The Republican Party has split in two. Let’s keep it that way.
18 Sen. Dick Durbin: Republicans made this pillar of justice a shell of its former self
19 More Republicans Tiptoe Toward Acknowledging Biden’s Victory
20 Senate Republicans' Georgia bullying failed. But Lindsey Graham's ethics violations stand out.
21 Trump Calls Into Pennsylvania Event, Urges Overturning Election
22 Heavily Republican incoming class of Alaska legislators prepares for next session
23 Nearly a sixth of the Senate Republican caucus has tested positive for coronavirus
24 Here's One Thing Republicans and Democrats Agree On: Criminal Justice Reform
25 Amazon Hires Former Republican NLRB Member to Fight Union Push
26 Republicans in Congress Stay Largely in Line Behind Trump
27 Bernstein names 21 Republican senators who privately expressed contempt for Trump
28 VanderSloot backs effort to keep Republican Senate | Idaho
29 How Trump Hopes to Use Party Machinery to Retain Control of the G.O.P.
30 Republican Senator Lamar Alexander calls on Trump to allow transition: ‘People remember the last thing you do.’
31 Republican John James concedes in Michigan Senate race | TheHill
32 Trump and Giuliani are the Republican Party
33 St. Louis County Republican exploring run for statewide office
34 Leonard Pitts: Any Republican unwilling to defy Trump is unworthy of the label 'patriot'
35 After holding the line in 2020, Senate Republicans face another tough map in 2022
36 Barack Obama: The Republican Party Has Become The Colbert Report
37 West Michigan Republican legislator calls for state mask-wearing law
38 Air Force Accused of Influencing Georgia Runoff in Favor of Republicans
39 Republican Lawmakers And Celebrities Push Trump To Free Marijuana Prisoners Before Leaving Office
40 Texas Republicans will hold all the cards when redistricting Houston. It’ll still be messy.
41 Republicans With Any Love of Country Must Acknowledge That Trump Has Lost
42 Top Republicans still holding out on Biden — Rubio suggests he won't confirm Biden national security team — Universities plan more classroom instruction despite Covid-19 uptick
43 Biden will have the presidency. But Republicans still have the power
44 Republican Resistance Looms in the Senate for Biden’s Nominees
45 The Republican Party’s future: Being terrorized by its unhinged base
46 Judge throws out lawsuit filed by Republican Dan Rodimer over election results
47 Some Republicans Call for Trump to Back Up Claims of Fraud
48 Former Winnebago County Board Chairman candidate Burt Gerl joins Republican Party
49 Republicans Are Souring on Trump’s Antics
50 How A Record Number Of Republican Women Got Elected To Congress
51 This is *exactly* why Republican leaders need to speak up against Trump's election lies
52 14 Republican states file brief backing Idaho transgender sports law
53 Trump will cast a long shadow over Republican party despite defeat
54 Republicans dash to defend perilous 2022 Senate map
55 Christie calls Trump's legal efforts a 'national embarrassment' as more Republicans speak out
56 Republican leaders swore an oath to defend the Constitution. That means telling Trump it’s over.
57 Anti-mask Republican representatives seek impeachment of Sununu
58 Duty or Party? For Republicans, a Test of Whether to Enable Trump
59 Romney blasts ‘undemocratic’ Trump for pressuring Republicans to overturn election results
60 The deafening silence of Republican senators on Donald Trump's increasingly erratic behavior
61 In Georgia Recount, a Republican Feud With Trump at the Center
62 Op-Ed: What broke the Republican Party?
63 Missouri Senator Blunt fires back at Carl Bernstein tweet about 21 Republican senators expressing contempt for President Trump
64 Lyon County election results show strong lead for Republicans
65 The Republican Party is much worse off than we thought
66 Michigan mask law backed by Republican lawmaker as pandemic continues
67 The GOP's Post-Trump Identity Crisis: What's Next For The Republican Party?
68 Republican Life in California
69 New York City's lone Republican in Congress takes aim at AOC
70 How Republicans Defied Expectations Down The Ballot
71 Ohio governor sees growing criticism from fellow Republicans
72 McConnell warns Republican senators to stay healthy or risk their lame-duck agenda
73 How far Republican presidents have fallen
74 With pandemic raging, Republicans say election results validate their approach
75 Michigan Republicans Backtrack After Refusing to Certify Election Results
76 Trump, the Republican Party and the Future
77 Republicans Fared Well In 2020 Election Races — Just Not Trump
78 After Trump: first shots fired in battle for Republican party's future
79 Republican who temporarily blocked certification of Detroit's results shared election conspiracy theories on Facebook
80 Republicans quietly plot to sink Biden nominees
81 Trump Lost the Race. But Republicans Know It’s Still His Party.
82 Republicans Supporting Trump, Remember: Lies Have a Long Half-Life
83 Republicans Shy From Asking Trump to Concede
84 GOP leaders’ embrace of Trump’s refusal to concede fits pattern of rising authoritarianism, data shows
85 Republicans Back Trump’s Refusal to Concede, Declining to Recognize Biden
86 Lindsey Graham fuels Republican civil war in Georgia
87 Republicans have declared war on democracy itself
88 Analysis: Texas Republicans and their nettlesome party animal
89 Win or Lose, It’s Donald Trump’s Republican Party
90 Republicans ask Michigan election board to delay certification for two weeks, audit Detroit votes
91 Senior Republican senators say Biden should have access to classified briefings
92 Republicans React To Trump's Defeat And Biden's Victory : Updates: 2020 Election Results
93 How Republicans pulled off a big upset and nearly took back the House
94 Republicans start to relent: 'It looks like it will be President Biden'
95 70% of Republicans say election wasn't 'free and fair' despite no evidence of fraud – study
96 This is how much trouble Republicans are in
97 The Election That Broke the Republican Party
98 Brad Raffensperger, Georgia's Top Elections Official, Is Under Fire
99 Republican election official in Philadelphia says he's seen no evidence of widespread fraud
100 GOP splits over Trump’s false election claims, unfounded fraud allegations