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1 List of Republicans breaking with Trump grows longer | TheHill
2 Trump looms over Georgia's high-stakes Senate races, worrying Republicans
3 Republicans have no excuse for opposing Biden’s nominees
4 Nine Texas Republicans call for more Justice Department action on election
5 US Republicans Balk as Trump Uses Defense Bill for Leverage on Big Tech
6 After Biden Win, Nation’s Republicans Fear the Economy Ahead
7 Democrats just moved toward Republicans on the stimulus. What’s their plan?
8 Aggrieved Republicans Offer Little Evidence Of Election Fraud In Seven Hour Hearing
9 Republicans are winning over Asian immigrants like my father. Here's why
10 Republicans call for resignation of Wisconsin election chair
11 Biden’s economic team set to prepare ambitious recovery plan, challenging Republicans’ renewed debt worries
12 Wisconsin Republicans float provisions to address COVID-19
13 PX column: Republicans see opportunity at chaotic Cincinnati City Hall. False hope? Or can GOP compete in blue city?
14 Pennsylvania Republicans Want Gov. Tom Wolf To Call A Special Session On The 2020 Election
15 Ossoff warns of 'paralysis' if Republicans keep control of Senate
16 Even as Trump Claimed Fraud, These Republicans Didn’t Bend
17 Democrats more optimistic that partisanship will improve in 2021
18 Runoff Republicans urge Georgians to vote by mail despite Trump’s attacks
19 Littwin: Special session on COVID is not so special for those Republicans who refuse to wear masks
20 Mike Jacobs: ND Republicans face legal pot and political fault lines
21 ‘They’ll freeze them out’: Democrats fear Senate Republicans will block Biden’s judges
22 Republicans Plan to Stick With Deranged Party Leadership Team That Just Lost House, Presidency, Maybe Senate
23 Trump’s latest Fox News rant was one of his most dangerous. Republicans can’t ignore it.
24 Republican Ohio Gov. DeWine faces impeachment calls from GOP rebels over Covid restrictions
25 GOP picks McMorris Rodgers for Energy and Commerce; Westerman for Resources
26 Can dozens of new Republican congresswomen change the face of the GOP?
27 The media are handing off their platforms to Republican propagandists — yet again
28 Republicans in Congress Stay Largely in Line Behind Trump
29 Georgia Republican reportedly flipped shares of anti-malware company dozens of times while serving on Senate’s cybersecurity subcommittee
30 More Republicans Tiptoe Toward Acknowledging Biden’s Victory
31 Will Republicans support a bipartisan relief bill?
32 If Arizona Republicans want to survive, we can't keep fighting the 2020 election
33 With all eyes on Georgia, RNC chair tries to convince Republicans to vote in runoff elections
34 Can Republicans Regroup on Health Care?
35 How Will Biden Deal With Republican Sabotage?
36 Trump's legal absurdities force more Republicans to speak out
37 Trump's Election-Fraud Claims Hurt Republicans Too
38 Many Colorado Republicans go maskless during special session on COVID-19 relief
39 Republicans quickly respond after McClain, former ComEd associates plead not guilty in bribery case
40 Republicans ready to become deficit hawks again under a President Biden | TheHill
41 The 'Freedom Force': Republican group takes on the Squad and 'evil' socialism
42 Michigan Republicans just showed us the future, and it’s not pretty
43 Republicans created an anti-democratic mob
44 Renna, Republicans withdraw ballot objections in NYS Senate race, all votes will be counted
45 Some Republicans Call for Trump to Back Up Claims of Fraud
46 How Republicans Defied Expectations Down The Ballot
47 Some are blaming ‘ghost candidates’ for helping Republicans win in Florida
48 GOP silence on Trump's false election claims recalls McCarthy era
49 The Republican Party is much worse off than we thought
50 WI Republicans propose free weekly at-home rapid COVID-19 tests
51 Trump Lost the Race. But Republicans Know It’s Still His Party.
52 ‘Stop the destructive rhetoric’: Pasco election chief rips Trump’s ‘baseless’ voting conspiracies
53 Republicans Back Trump’s Refusal to Concede, Declining to Recognize Biden
54 The Republican Party has split in two. Let’s keep it that way.
55 Republicans Fared Well In 2020 Election Races — Just Not Trump
56 Republicans Rediscover the Dangers of Selling Bunk to Their Constituents
57 Republicans and Democrats Need to Work Together. Earmarks Can Help.
58 To the Republicans telling the truth, thank you. This was one of the smoothest elections ever
59 How House Republicans shocked the political world
60 Republicans React To Trump's Defeat And Biden's Victory : Updates: 2020 Election Results
61 Romney blasts ‘undemocratic’ Trump for pressuring Republicans to overturn election results
62 Trump and Giuliani are the Republican Party
63 The deafening silence of Republican senators on Donald Trump's increasingly erratic behavior
64 Poll: Majority of Republicans would support Trump in 2024
65 This is how much trouble Republicans are in
66 Republicans start to relent: 'It looks like it will be President Biden'
67 Georgia Republicans Worry Trump Feud Could Hurt Key Senate Runoffs
68 The Rotting of the Republican Mind
69 'This is getting insane': Republicans push back against Trump's false election claims
70 Republicans Fend off Democrats in Statehouse Fights
71 Republicans dash to defend perilous 2022 Senate map
72 How Republicans pulled off a big upset and nearly took back the House
73 Republicans Are Souring on Trump’s Antics
74 Here's definitive proof Republicans are still afraid of Donald Trump
75 Republicans Won Almost Every Election Where Redistricting Was At Stake
76 Duty or Party? For Republicans, a Test of Whether to Enable Trump
77 Biden will have the presidency. But Republicans still have the power
78 Senate Confirms Democrat Clements, Republican Christie to FERC
79 Republicans Supporting Trump, Remember: Lies Have a Long Half-Life
80 Republicans have declared war on democracy itself
81 Top Republicans Are Silent on Biden Victory as Trump Refuses to Concede
82 Republicans With Any Love of Country Must Acknowledge That Trump Has Lost
83 Republicans Shy From Asking Trump to Concede
84 Trump will cast a long shadow over Republican party despite defeat
85 Republicans need to decide whether they believe in democracy
86 The Republican Party’s future: Being terrorized by its unhinged base
87 Trump ally McCarthy is reelected leader of House Republicans
88 Biden Asked Republicans to Give Him a Chance. They’re Not Interested.
89 'Makes me sick': Georgia Republicans seek to ride Trump shock to holding Senate control
90 With pandemic raging, Republicans say election results validate their approach
91 Republicans muzzle anger over Trump’s Pentagon culling, afraid antagonizing him could imperil Georgia runoff
92 GOP leaders’ embrace of Trump’s refusal to concede fits pattern of rising authoritarianism, data shows
93 These Republicans are publicly recognizing Biden's legitimacy as President-elect
94 GOP splits over Trump’s false election claims, unfounded fraud allegations
95 How Trump Hopes to Use Party Machinery to Retain Control of the G.O.P.
96 Texas Republicans again sweep the ballot, crushing Democratic hopes
97 Republicans have elected a record number of women and minorities. It wasn’t an accident.
98 Republican Resistance Looms in the Senate for Biden’s Nominees
99 Christie calls Trump's legal efforts a 'national embarrassment' as more Republicans speak out
100 After Trump: first shots fired in battle for Republican party's future