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1 Here are the prominent Republicans backing Biden
2 GOP Senate candidate says Trump, Republicans will surprise in Minnesota | TheHill
3 Republicans look to circumvent gridlock for Paycheck Protection Program
4 House Republicans push to reopen Paycheck Protection Program amid coronavirus relief gridlock
5 The longer Trump stays in office, the crazier the GOP becomes
6 QAnon conspiracy theorist to feel warm embrace of Republicans in Congress
7 Republicans on Indianapolis city council call for repeal of mask mandate
8 Democrats nearly triple Republicans in requests for mail-in ballots in Kentucky
9 Republicans Killed the Obamacare Mandate. New Data Shows It Didn’t Really Matter.
10 Trump Calls on Republicans to Seek a Bigger Coronavirus Relief Deal
11 The Energy 202: Many California Republicans side with Trump in dismissing climate change as wildfire cause
12 Taking a Cue From Trump, House Republicans Offer Narrow Agenda
13 Republicans set aside past concerns over controversial Georgia candidate as they urge her to join 'team'
14 NRCC cancels $2 million in Houston-area ads
15 How Conservative Youth Are Mobilizing Republicans Around Climate Action
16 California Wildfires and the Politics of Climate Change
17 Key Republicans Release Privacy Bill Focused on Transparency
18 Psychology of politics: Do Republicans and Democrats favor different personality traits?
19 Letter: Not the Republicans of the past | Opinion |
20 Republicans call for Raimondo to add diversity to the Judicial Nominating Commission
21 Nearly Half Of All Americans, Including Most Republicans, Say They Would Not Get Covid-19 Vaccine
22 Majority Of Republicans Support Marijuana Legalization Bill That Democrats In Congress Delayed Vote On
23 Senate Republicans signal openness to working with Biden | TheHill
24 Republicans goes after Hickenlooper over report he took vacation time as wildfire burned
25 How Republicans Undermined Ex-Felon Voting Rights in Florida
26 Dems Rip Republicans For Canceling Session During Pro-Gun Rally
27 Republicans’ problems with young voters go far deeper than Trump
28 Warning of Russian disinformation, Senate Democrats tried to squelch Republicans’ report on Hunter Biden.
29 Group of Pa. doctors fault Republicans for fighting Gov. Wolf’s pandemic restrictions
30 Trump's Shift on Stimulus Leaves Republicans Skeptical, Divided
31 Republican's write-in campaign highlights post-primary intrigue | Roegner
32 Wisconsin's mask mandate mostly ignored at Republican events
33 Proposed Republican rules changes anger Montana Democrats | 406 Politics
34 ‘A blatant and unfounded attack’: Ohio’s chief justice, a Republican, blasts state GOP for accusing judge of political bias
35 Republicans hoping Kistner can flip Craig seat in 2nd District
36 In Trump stump rally, Lehigh Valley Republicans cheer on the McCloskeys, who pointed guns at St. Louis protes
37 Republicans blast Biden ahead of CNN Town Hall
38 Republicans relish Trump's rallies. Democrats see them as making their point.
39 Poll Shows Democrats Leading Over Republicans in Three Key Senate Races
40 GOP growing more indifferent to Trump controversies as election nears
41 Republican senators in tough races obscure their position on pre-existing conditions
42 Senate Republicans hold joint fundraiser in Anchorage
43 Letter: Republicans look a lot like the tyrants of ancient Athens
44 Republicans Revive 2018 Election Strategy: Scare Voters
45 Generation Z In The GOP: Young Republicans Reflect On The Future Of Their Party
46 This Republican Party Is Not Worth Saving
47 Republicans killed the Obamacare mandate. New data shows that it didn’t really matter.
48 New poll shows Hoosiers prioritize the environment over the economy, even among Republicans
49 This Republican Senate candidate appears to have no idea what the Voting Rights Act is
50 Silverii: The Republican Party has no platform, and the Colorado GOP is just as adrift
51 Minnesota's political geography: Republicans keep getting close but Democrats have urban and suburban strength
52 Vulnerable Republicans avoid criticizing Trump after admission to Woodward about downplaying virus
53 DFLers, Republicans agree: Quit stealing political signs
54 Republican Jennifer McCormick is endorsing Democrats in Indiana election
55 Lt. Governor, Republicans respond to governor's school decision
56 Ex-Republican Party chairman Michael Steele rips Trump supporters: 'Yeah, I'm with stupid'
57 Scientists Believe Congressional Republicans Have Developed Herd Mentality
58 Florence Republicans to show support for police officers Saturday
59 Republican herd mentality
60 ‘The View’ segment with Maryland Republican Kimberly Klacik ends abruptly after she says host Joy Behar ‘paraded around in blackface’
61 Letter to the editor: History lesson on Republicans vs. Democrats
62 Guest joins Republicans in introducing Legislation to Keep America Secure
63 The G.O.P. Plot to Sabotage 2021
64 Seven reasons to vote every Republican out of office
65 When Republicans and Unions Got Along
66 Senate Republicans Unite Around ‘Skinny’ Coronavirus Bill Ahead of Tight Election
67 Republicans never get to complain about these things again
68 Prominent Republicans turn on Trump
69 Can Republicans hold the Senate?
70 Gov. Murphy, lawmakers agree to tax rich, offer $500 rebates; Republicans fear it will drive people out of state
71 Behind Every Republican Man
72 Black Republicans, Donald Trump, and America’s “George Floyd moment”
73 Republican Anna Paulina Luna has a history of clashing with Twitter
74 Do Republicans or Democrats benefit from mail-in voting? It turns out, neither
75 Trump is destroying the Republican Party. Why won’t any of his peers speak up?
76 Kansas Republicans choose replacement for Julia Lynn on November ballot
77 What Obamacare? Republican candidates go mum on health care law
78 Marion County Republicans to hold Grand Opening Monday
79 Of Course Republicans Want to Suppress the Youth Vote
80 College Republicans condemn UCF, call targeted COVID-19 testing of Greeks 'disturbing'
81 Gen Z conservatives build new groups for anti-Trump Republicans
82 Trump’s Strategy: Make ‘Wobbly Republicans’ Think Their Party Is Great Again
83 Republican lawmakers slam Pa. Supreme Court ruling on elections: ‘It is about allowing one party to steal thi
84 The problem with Republican doomsday predictions for a Biden presidency
85 Trump's August Fundraising Lags Biden's By $150 Million
86 There's A Trump-Biden Divide On Door-Knocking This Election
87 Bill Owens, Hank Brown lead top Republicans backing proposed income tax cut
88 RNC 2020: What Republicans made of Trump speech
89 Trump Says Some Really Strange Things. Republicans Say No Comment, Again.
90 GOP failed to heed decline of California Republican Party
91 The Republicans’ Conspiratorial Convention
92 Here are the prominent Republicans not supporting Trump, and those who are supporting Biden
93 It’s not just Trump. All Republicans must go.
94 Republicans have insufficient evidence to call elections ‘rigged’ and ‘fraudulent’
95 Opinion: The Republican Party has a tough choice to make
96 Texas Republicans fight vote by mail expansion while using it themselves
97 Republicans Nominate Trump at RNC, Who Flings Baseless Attacks at Biden
98 RNC 2020: The Republican Party now the Party of Trump
99 FACT CHECK: Republicans Blast Socialism At RNC. Here's What It Is
100 More than two dozen former Republican lawmakers endorse Joe Biden on first day of GOP convention