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1 Parma orchard researchers assess damage from recent frosts
2 Yale researchers find clues to sex differences in autism
3 North Texas researchers develop device that can detect one of COVID's most serious symptoms
4 Researchers Look for Potential Treatments for Alzheimer Disease
5 SMU Researchers Create a Patent-Pending System To Speed Up the Drug Discovery Process By Months » Dallas Innovates
6 UK researchers conducting ‘mix and match’ COVID-19 vaccine trials
7 Researchers Detail More Cases of Clots Tied to COVID Vaccines
8 Highly dense urban areas are not more vulnerable to COVID-19, researchers say
9 Duke researchers urge US support of global vaccinations in new paper
10 Researchers revise indicator of mobility limitation in older adults
11 Cisco/Talos Researchers Find Attackers Using Slack and Discord to Distribute Malware
12 Researchers say cool white paint could combat urban heat
13 UVA researchers reveal shortage in at-home medical care
14 Researchers face attacks from Bolsonaro regime
15 Researchers begin testing Pfizer vaccine on children as young as two
16 Researchers say a staggering 2.5 billion T. rex once roamed the Earth | TheHill
17 Researchers say chemical used in food, beverage containers could ‘seriously damage’ brains
18 Researchers develop microscopic theory of polymer gel
19 Israeli researchers make breakthrough discovery to combat obesity
20 Fruit flies give researchers new insights into the 'highway of the nerve cells'
21 Researchers are working on COVID-19 vaccines that don’t have needles
22 Researchers warn against some electronic air purifiers
23 Technology experts, researchers reimagine health care
24 Researchers see links between renewable energy and improved health | TheHill
25 Will you need a COVID every year? Researchers look at the data
26 The pandemic brought WNY researchers together to help the region – and the world
27 Grant will allow UNL researchers to help shape future of farming
28 Kaiser Permanente Researchers Review Regulatory Barriers to US Biosimilar Uptake
29 Researchers integrate human stem cells into monkey embryo
30 USU researchers develop power converter for long-distance, underwater electric grids
31 Researchers predict new variant-propelled surge in COVID cases will hit Charlottesville in May
32 CNIO researchers explain the toxicity of USP7 inhibitors, under development for cancer treatment
33 Researchers led by Indian-origin scientist identify genes that fight virus causing Covid-19
34 This ancient shark fossil is exquisite. But some researchers wonder if they'll be able to study it
35 Jaguar spotting at US-Mexico border surprises Arizona researchers
36 Researchers Develop Blood Test for Depression Severity, Bipolar Disorder
37 Joe Szynkowski: Researchers just found the secret to career happiness
38 COVID-19 vaccines — minus the needle? Researchers working on capsules, nasal sprays
39 ▷ Researchers Train AI to Diagnose, Measure Mesothelioma Via Scan
40 Researchers discover 300 million-year-old ‘Godzilla shark’ fossil
41 Researchers warn about a more severe fire season
42 Researchers say drought is plaguing Arizona and the entire western U.S.
43 What researchers learned from the first collar camera on a wild wolf
44 Researchers probe intriguing interaction between sugars and the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein
45 Innovative gun violence program saved many lives and millions of dollars, researchers find
46 Louisville researchers studying tear gas health effects
47 Researchers chart path to drastically lower administrative costs of health care
48 Texas A&M researchers working to develop a more reliable power grid in the face of emergencies
49 Researchers have created embryos that are part-human and part-monkey
50 Researchers trick Duo 2FA into sending authentication request to attacker-controlled device
51 Researchers Get a Deeper Look at Some of the Oldest Color Photos Ever
52 Researchers visualize fast brain signals from outside the skull
53 Researchers Say Flawed Methodology Was Used to Justify Weakening the Clean Water Act, Agencies Failed to Account for Transboundary Pollution
54 Reflecting sunlight would cool the earth, but Minnesota researchers find far-reaching consequences
55 Researchers identify new targets to control angiogenesis
56 Participants needed for COVID-19 impact study by USM, Tougaloo researchers
57 Researchers' work will help the pipeline industry limit the destructive power of bubbles
58 Google researchers boost speech recognition accuracy with more datasets
59 Researchers observed pygmy killer whales off Maui in 2019. The data was concerning
60 CISA Urges Caution for Security Researchers ...
61 Researchers discover potential new way of fighting TB
62 Researchers connect the dots between aquatic biodiversity and human nutrition
63 You can't charm directory researchers
64 Insulin 100: U of T researchers work on novel drug therapies for diabetes, other illnesses
65 Researchers Turn Spider Webs Into Music | Smart News
66 TAMU-CC Researchers Secure $1.6 million for Matagorda Bay Mitigation Projects
67 3 mRNA vaccines researchers are working on (that aren't COVID)
68 Butte County homelessness crisis is trauma-related, health researchers say
69 With Wisconsin Disparities in Mind, Researchers and Advocates Reimagine Health Care for Black Mothers
70 Blood type and COVID-19 risk not linked, Intermountain Healthcare researchers find
71 Researchers establish the first entanglement-based quantum network
72 After COVID, brain fog lingers. UW researchers are finding out why
73 Researchers see a 'tractable approach' to taming chromosomal metastasis
74 SE
75 NC State researchers also calling for above-average 2021 hurricane season
76 USF researchers predict Piney Point wastewater spread
77 Researchers find brain regions responsible for intoxicating effects of alcohol
78 Researchers Receive Grant to Improve Cellular Therapies to Treat 'Incurable' Diseases
79 Researchers denounce revived theory of Caribbean cannibalism
80 Local researchers studying COVID immunization on aging immune systems
81 Army Researchers See Potential of Low-Cost Tech in Dynamic Threat Training; Eric Holder Quoted
82 Taskar Center researchers propose framework for inclusive modeling of pedestrian experiences
83 Researchers create bio-concrete from invasive plant and animal species
84 Duke researchers find out why women may fight off COVID better than men
85 Google is poisoning its reputation with AI researchers
86 Researchers to study Apple Watch's ability to detect COVID-19, flu
87 Researchers identify five double star systems potentially suitable for life
88 UK researchers plan to 'deliberately infect' COVID-19 survivors
89 2021 hurricane season will be active, NC State researchers predict
90 Grounded In Science, Climate Researchers Are Rethinking How Often They Fly
91 Researchers Clarify Alzheimer Disease Biomarkers and MRI Measures
92 Researchers at Harvard's GenderSci Lab Explore Connections Among Race, Sex, and Covid-19 Mortalities | News
93 Zoom fatigue is real and even worse for women. Stanford researchers explain why
94 Researchers Discover Signs Of Life On Venus Using Data From NASA’s Pioneer Venus Multiprobe!
95 Researchers share first-ever collar camera footage from wild wolf
96 Despite critics, researchers investigate possible new mental health disorder
97 Researchers make concrete greener and stronger with scrap tires
98 Dimming the sun to fight climate change? U.S. researchers are looking into it
99 WhatsApp Flaw Allows Cyber-Stalking via Online Status, Researchers Say
100 Researchers Reveal Stroop Test Patterns Based on ADHD Subtype