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1 Biden has solid lead in Wisconsin, narrower edge in Pennsylvania: Reuters/Ipsos poll
2 Half of Republicans say Biden won because of a 'rigged' election: Reuters/Ipsos poll
3 Nearly 80% of Americans say Biden won White House, ignoring Trump's refusal to concede: Reuters/Ipsos poll
4 Days before U.S. election, Biden's lead widens in Rust Belt: Reuters/Ipsos poll
5 Americans largely reject Trump's victory declaration: Reuters/Ipsos poll
6 Euro zone business activity shrinks but vaccine hopes boost optimism -Reuters/Ipsos poll
7 Euro zone business activity shrink sharply in November as lockdowns bite
8 Four in ten supporters of Biden, Trump would not accept election defeat: Reuters/Ipsos poll
9 Trump pulls statistically even with Biden in Florida; Arizona is a dead heat: Reuters/Ipsos
10 Democrat Gary Peters maintains lead in Michigan U.S. Senate race: Reuters/Ipsos poll
11 North Carolina U.S. Senate race a dead heat; Democrat leads in Michigan: Reuters/Ipsos poll
12 Biden nears finish line with lead in polls, but Trump still close in swing states: Reuters/Ipsos poll
13 Explainer: Red mirage, blue mirage
14 So what if Biden is up in the polls? Weren't they wrong last time?
15 In Senate races, Democrat leads Republican in Arizona, North Carolina a dead heat: Reuters/Ipsos
16 Democratic challenger Kelly holds steady lead in Arizona U.S. Senate race: Reuters/Ipsos poll
17 Arizona's top election official decries violent threats over election results
18 Americans largely reject Trump's victory declaration
19 Exit polls in the 2020 US presidential election
20 Biden lead over Trump grows in Michigan, race is statistically even in North Carolina
21 Trump's election power play: Persuade Republican legislators to do what U.S. voters did not
22 Majority of Americans, including many Republicans, say wait for election to replace Ginsburg
23 Nearly 80% in US, say Biden won, nixing Trump's refusal to concede -- Reuters/Ipsos poll
24 Exclusive: Peru's Sagasti says he will not push for referendum on constitution
25 Too hard to vote? Fired-up Black voters are doing it anyway
26 Biden says nothing will stop transition as Trump vows new legal action
27 No bounce in support for Trump as Americans see pandemic, not crime, as top issue: Reuters/Ipsos poll
28 Reuters/Ipsos poll shows Biden widening lead over Trump in Michigan, tied in North Carolina
29 McGough: Trump's election fraud allegations are absurd. Republican voters are buying them anyway
30 Biden opens 13-point advantage as Trump popularity drops to seven-month low: Reuters/Ipsos poll
31 Exclusive: Most Americans sympathize with protests, disapprove of Trump's response
32 Americans' concerns about coronavirus jump as cases surge, Reuters/Ipsos poll shows
33 Majority of registered voters oppose U.S. election delay: Reuters/Ipsos poll
34 Reuters/Ipsos poll shows Trump moving into statistical tie with Biden in Florida
35 Reuters/Ipsos poll shows Biden ahead in Wisconsin, a close race in Pennsylvania
36 Reuters/Ipsos poll shows Biden leads Trump nationally, but race much tighter in key states
37 Should the US consider adopting Israel's 'low tech' election model?
38 Reuters/Ipsos poll shows Biden lead over Trump growing in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania
39 Forty percent of Americans back Trump executive order on TikTok: Reuters/Ipsos poll
40 Americans broadly back more federal coronavirus relief: Reuters/IPSOS poll
41 Bipartisan majority of Americans want more money for Postal Service: Reuters/Ipsos Poll
42 Poll: Biden leads Trump narrowly in Florida on eve of election
43 Latest US election poll from Reuters/IPSOS has a Trump / Biden tie in Florida
44 Trump approval dips amid mounting coronavirus death toll, trails Biden by 8 points: Reuters/Ipsos poll
45 Exclusive: A quarter of Americans are hesitant about a coronavirus vaccine
46 Richard Bammer: President-elect Joe Biden knows the value of making amends
47 Americans losing faith in what Trump says about the coronavirus: Reuters/Ipsos poll
48 Reuters/Ipsos poll shows Biden leading in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin
49 Trump's Supreme Court gambit could benefit Biden: Reuters/Ipsos poll
50 Trump appears to cut into Biden's lead in Pennsylvania: Reuters/Ipsos poll
51 Democrat Cunningham appears to lead Republican Tillis in North Carolina: Reuters/Ipsos poll
52 Despite Trump's pressure, most Americans think it is unsafe to reopen schools: Reuters/Ipsos poll
53 60% of U.S. adults plan to get seasonal flu vaccine: Reuters/Ipsos poll
54 Democratic challenger's lead appears to narrow in Arizona Senate race-Reuters/Ipsos poll
55 Analysis: Trump cannot count on last-minute deciders to save him
56 Approval of Trump's pandemic response stays steady, Biden favored in election: Reuters/IPSOS poll
57 Biden gets no convention bounce after Democratic gathering: Reuters/Ipsos poll
58 Exclusive: Most Americans, including Republicans, support sweeping Democratic police reform proposals
59 Most Americans believe Russia targeted U.S. soldiers, want sanctions in response, Reuters/Ipsos poll shows
60 Democratic challenger narrowly leads in North Carolina Senate race: Reuters/Ipsos poll
61 Reuters/Ipsos poll shows Biden leading Trump in Michigan, tied in North Carolina
62 Support dips for protests, but many Americans reject Trump's response: Reuters/Ipsos poll
63 Biden appears to pull slightly ahead of Trump in Florida
64 Most Americans, unlike Trump, want mail-in ballots for November if coronavirus threatens: Reuters/Ipsos poll
65 Biden leads Trump in Michigan, race statistically even in North Carolina: Reuters/Ipsos poll
66 Exclusive: Harris could help Biden with women, young voters, maybe some Republicans too
67 Two in three Americans want to see Trump's tax returns, Reuters/Ipsos poll shows
68 Republican convention praise of Trump economy is risky strategy, poll highlights
69 U.S. public more aware of racial inequality but still rejects reparations: Reuters/Ipsos polling
70 Biden leads Trump nationally by 9 points, with suburbs focused on coronavirus, not crime: Reuters/Ipsos poll
71 Three of ten Americans laid off in coronavirus crisis worried about food, shelter: Reuters/Ipsos poll
72 Biden leads Trump by 12 points nationally among likely voters: Reuters/Ipsos
73 With 2020 race all but halted over coronavirus, Biden quietly widens lead over Trump: Reuters/Ipsos poll
74 Democratic challenger edges further ahead in Arizona Senate race: Reuters/Ipsos poll
75 Exclusive: Republicans, Democrats agree on one thing: Doubt about fair election – Reuters/Ipsos poll
76 Biden lead unchanged at 9 points after chaotic presidential debate: Reuters poll
77 Biden's edge evaporates as Trump seen as better suited for economy, coronavirus response, poll shows
78 Biden, leading Trump by eight points, also has a big advantage with undecided voters: Reuters/Ipsos poll
79 Despite scattered protests, most Americans support shelter-in-place, Reuters/Ipsos poll shows
80 Most Americans to avoid sports, other live events before coronavirus vaccine: Reuters/Ipsos
81 Approval of Trump's coronavirus response sinks to lowest on record amid surge in cases: Reuters/Ipsos poll
82 Bipartisan majority of Americans reject Trump idea to reopen by Easter: Reuters/Ipsos poll
83 Americans divided on party lines over risk from coronavirus: Reuters/Ipsos poll
84 Arizona Republican senator trails Democratic challenger-Reuters/Ipsos poll
85 Americans heed warning to wash hands often to control coronavirus, Reuters/Ipsos poll finds
86 Back on top: nationally, Democrats are again rallying around Biden: Reuters/Ipsos poll
87 Trump's handling of coronavirus pandemic hits record low approval: Reuters/Ipsos poll
88 Americans split along party lines over green stimulus: Reuters/Ipsos poll
89 Biden leads Trump nationally by 9 points: Reuters/Ipsos poll
90 Looking for a winner, Democrats keep Biden and Sanders on top: Reuters/Ipsos poll
91 Florida president polls: Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden polling average
92 Sanders climbs, now tied with Biden among registered voters: Reuters poll
93 Reuters/Ipsos poll: 3% support Bloomberg for Democratic nomination
94 Let them speak: Most Americans want witnesses in Trump impeachment trial
95 Republicans stay loyal to Trump despite concerns about his taxes: Reuters poll
96 Exclusive: Poll signals strengthening support for Biden over Trump in three battleground states
97 Analysis: With pandemic dominating U.S. election, older voters turning away from Trump
98 Reopenings stall as U.S. records nearly 50,000 cases of COVID-19 in single day
99 Majority of Americans favor wealth tax on very rich: Reuters/Ipsos poll
100 POLL-Democrat Cunningham appears to lead Republican Tillis in North Carolina