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Result Content Idea Research
1 John Cronin Served from Vietnam to Rhodesia at War | Connecting Vets
2 Zimbabwe: Unmasking Sanctions Promoters
3 Who is to blame for Zimbabwe’s land reform disaster?
4 Toward a Global History of White Supremacy
5 Helping Paws: Chihuahuas, labs and pit bulls
6 A special diploma for a special woman
7 Separation of Matabeleland from Zimbabwe will end in bloodshed and tears
8 Rhodesia’s Dead — but White Supremacists Have Given It New Life Online
9 2 dogs devoted to each other need new home together after owner dies
10 Epic tale of Rhodesian Commandos gets a reprint
11 Trump's Immigration Restrictions Echo Rhetoric of Africa's White Settler Regimes
12 Why a judicially modified (JMO) MDC-T won't confer legitimacy on Zanu PF govt
13 Academic calls for Scotland to invoke Rhodesian independence model
14 Hyperinflation returns to Zimbabwe as ZANU-PF emulates Rhodesia's authoritarianism
15 An account of Rhodesia’s end days: A Kiwi narrates his participation in peacekeeping force
16 Let’s gear up for renaissances
17 S'pore-based social enterprise delivers affordable healthcare to the poor
18 Zambia claims Rhodesian Man, the 250,000-year-old fossilised skull at London’s Natural History Museum
19 The road from Rhodesia: local gives rare glimpse into her childhood in wartime Africa
20 Why is this village memorial in Norfolk being targeted by 'topple the racists'?
21 A Life in Focus: Ian Smith – last white leader of Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, who fought to preserve minority rule
22 Growing up in a war zone: Collingwood woman to talk about childhood in Rhodesia
23 Why African governments still hire mercenaries
24 An American adventure and sacrifice in Rhodesia
25 The White Lobby
26 Riding to war with the Rhodesian Mounted Infantry
27 The Rhodesian SAS: selection & operator training
28 Damn the Terrs: American warriors fighting for Rhodesia
29 The Rhodesian SAS, a little known but deadly Special Operations unit
30 Learning From the Kariba Dam
31 Stella Madzimbamuto: Nurse, mother, freedom fighter
32 UK Rejects Request To Compensate Ex-Rhodesian Soldiers
33 Trump's 'America first' pledge has echoes of Rhodesia’s racist white nationalists
34 Mike Auret (1936 – 2020): A lifelong campaigner to reveal the truth about Zimbabwe’s independence
35 Rhodesia issues ‘scorched earth’ threat – archive, 1966
36 Baroness suggests Nelson Mandela statue next to Cecil Rhodes one
37 UK quarantine arrivals form lists defunct countries including USSR
38 The year Spanish Influenza attacked Rhodesia
39 The Rhodesian SAS: Covert external operations
40 Death Squads Masquerading as Law Enforcement Agents: Getting to the roots of the problem
41 Soldiers of Fortune
42 Pet Project 2020: Animals available for adoption in Massachusetts on Oct. 16
43 A charming Cotswolds home, plus more lustworthy homes for sale in Monmouthshire, Somerset and Scotland
44 Multi-million pound housing development in Rhodesia to open show home
45 Arrival at assembly point Lima: Ceasefire declared throughout the whole of Rhodesia
46 The emotional lives of birds are as complicated as ours
47 Meet the ‘Pablo Escobar of the Falcon Egg Trade’
48 Is it About Black Lives or Is It About Power?
49 Hands off Rhodesia, says black journalist
50 Ode, ode Chiware: The horror of Rhodesia!
51 ‘My apartheid-era charge sheet has Charlie Haughey as my ethnic tribal chief!’
52 Tommie Smith, John Carlos did the Black Power salute at the Olympics on this day in 1968
53 Remembering Dr CG Msipa . . .former Midlands Governor’s education legacy alive, well
54 Inside the Rhodesian ‘Keep’ . . . Lest we forget
55 Forty years ago, Zimbabwe was born
56 Why The Former African Country Rhodesia Resonates With White Supremacists
57 Celeste Williams: 'I'm no chicken." Steve Womack on the other hand
58 New Political Party Modelled Along Rhodesian Run Govt Formed
60 The troublesome history of Zimbabwe's dead dictator
61 The Rhodesian SAS: Battle against all odds
62 1962: A turning point in action-reaction between black, white political actors in Southern Rhodesia
63 I miss Smith's Rhodesia
64 Pulling down statues of racists? Africa’s done it for years
65 I Told Civil Rights Activists I Was Feeling Hopeless. They Responded: “Are You Kidding Me?”
66 Local Event: Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppies For Sale in Austin Texas
67 Why White Supremacists Identify With Rhodesia | by Robert Beckhusen | War Is Boring
68 SADC remembers Julius Nyerere
69 This Rhodesian Ridgeback-Mix Puppy is Searching for His Forever Family
70 Instant Opinion: 'vicious cycle of lockdowns will destroy us'
71 Rhodesian comparisons: Cutting off the nose to spite the face
72 How White Nationalists Have Co-Opted Fan Fiction
73 Rhodesian Versus Zimbabwean Sanctions
74 Obituary: John Gordon Davis: Rhodesian-born author of 'Hold My Hand I'm Dying'
75 Justice: Overhauling colonial laws for the common good
76 This week in history: March 2–8
77 I'm grateful to have been born and bred in Rhodesia, as there's clearly nothing for me in Zimbabwe
78 Murder accused Barbara Eckersley to face trial in Goulburn next April
79 Anti-poaching squad drives insurgents out of northern Mozambique with snipers and helicopters
80 Foreign Fighters and the Global War for White Supremacy
81 Correction: AF-Obit-Robert-Mugabe story
82 Zanu PF tell whites 'to shut up' on reforms
83 Zimbabwean Jackie du Preez who played for South Africa dies at 77 |
84 ‘I was motivated by Rhodesia propaganda’
85 Dating the Broken Hill skull: Homo heidelbergensis was younger than we thought
86 Moyo fires back at 'Rhodesian taxi driver' Matemadanda
87 'ED curfew a reminder of Rhodesia, Gukurahundi periods'
88 From Zimbabwe to England: A story of war, home and identity
89 General Sandy Maclean, former commander of the Rhodesian army appointed supreme commander of the defence forces of Zimbabwe by his erstwhile foe Robert Mugabe – obituary
90 How To Kill A Country
91 Museveni: 'Identity can't be more important than livelihoods and jobs'
92 The relationship between church, politics: Zim perspective
93 Welcome to News
94 Smuggled weaponry: How the Rhodesian FAL became a favorite for anti-communists
95 The Rise and Fall of Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s Longtime Dictator
96 Casualties of Britain's culture wars: the museum exhibits you can no longer see
97 How to Create American Selous Scouts
98 Oxford college wants to remove statue of Rhodes
99 Higham Ferrers author delighted with re-release of best-selling military book
100 'I Got More Justice from Mugabe than I Ever Got from Britain' – Byline Times