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Result Content Idea Research
1 Edinburgh is actually further west in the UK than Bristol
2 Rhodri Marsden's Disco Album Aims To Shake Off Brexit Jitters
3 Cardiacs' Tim Smith: a one-man subculture who inspired total devotion
4 There is a Brexit disco concept album and it's surprisingly good
5 'Let's go WTO': Scritti Politti star creates Brexit-themed disco album
6 Article 54: The Hustle: A Brexit Disco Symphony review — an unexpected joy
7 I recorded a Brexit-themed disco album — there's no shortage of songs about EU
8 Rhodri Marsen has just released a Brexit disco concept album u2013 and itu2019s wondeful
9 Twitter backs Shelter campaign with #DuvetKnowItsChristmas film
10 Who needs a desk when you've got an ironing board? Ingenious ideas while WFH
11 From online classes to fun games: 35 apps and services you can now download for free – or a hefty discount
12 The rise of the Gif: How a mere file extension became a format for emotional expression
13 Duvet Know It's Christmas Is Back With People Sharing Hilarious Festive Sleeping Arrangements
14 'Quit sending millennials things to print at home': Why does no one own a printer any more?
15 PimEyes: Free face-search tool can track down all the images of you on the internet
16 The end of the 'fat finger' problem? Why the back of your smartphone is about to become very useful
17 How electronic bracelets are helping long-distance couples feel each other's 'touch' when they're apart
18 From smart helmets to wristbands: how technology could enforce social distancing
19 The pain of happy Facebook memories during a pandemic: remember, social media is performative
20 Clearview: the app that helps strangers find your name and personal info from a single photo
21 An end to the 'reply all' faux pas? How Microsoft has changed the email feature for the better
22 Leaked documents show TikTok tried to filter out videos from unattractive users
23 From AI to 5G: Predicting the future of technology in 2020
24 Wearable air conditioners are here: the Reon Pocket can lower your temperature by 13 degrees Celsius
25 After India bans the TikTok app, will other countries follow suit?
26 What happens to your old laptop or phone? Here's why e-waste is such a huge problem
27 Could the coronavirus pandemic catapult delivery drones into the mainstream in the UAE?
28 Uncovering the weird ways us Brits really spend Christmas
29 Rhodri Marsden: Am I the only person in the world who hates the ukulele?
30 Beyond cyberchondria: Why we should probably stop using Siri and Alexa for health advice
31 The death of the laptop? Why tablets are becoming more like computers
32 On-screen braille to voice-guided maps: Are smartphones finally catering to the visually impaired?
33 Dream Themes' Rhodri Marsden on playing in a TV themed tribute band
34 Y-front underpants: Rhodri Marsden's Interesting Objects No.96
35 'Mum suggested under the ironing board': where are you sleeping this Christmas?
36 A pair of blue suede shoes: Rhodri Marsden's Interesting Objects No.98
37 Lush invents a record made of soap to sing Happy Birthday when you wash your hands
38 A minefield of memes: how politics is playing out on social media
39 Future friend or foe: how our relationship with technology evolved in 2019
40 The first jukebox: Rhodri Marsden's Interesting Objects No.88
41 The lunar golf club: Rhodri Marsden's Interesting Objects No.99
42 Rhodri Marsden's Interesting Objects: The Nessler Permanent Wave Machine
44 Rhodri Marsden's Interesting Objects: Thomas Harriot's Moon Drawing
45 Rhodri Marsden's Interesting Objects: The fake Beach Boys mixer
46 Rhodri Marsden's Interesting Objects: London's first pillar box
47 Rhodri Marsden's Interesting Objects: Oscar Wilde's cabbage
48 The Cullinan Diamond: Rhodri Marsden's Interesting Objects No.97
49 Rhodri Marsden: The lost art of boredom
50 The Gobbledygook Memo: Rhodri Marsden's Interesting Objects No.106
51 The Crystal Palace iguanodon: Rhodri Marsden's Interesting Objects No.93
52 Copy cat: Why cloning dead pets doesn't always have a happy ending
53 The Etch A Sketch: Rhodri Marsden's Interesting Objects
54 Rhodri Marsden's Interesting Objects: 'Mary had a little lamb'
55 Can this playlist of relaxing songs help you beat anxiety?
56 The ENIAC machine: Rhodri Marsden's Interesting Objects No.100
57 Rhodri Marsden: "The NoPhone is funny but let's say 'bah humbug' to anti-smartphone grouches"
58 The Duryea Motor Wagon: Rhodri Marsden's Interesting Objects No.89
59 Rhodri Marsden's Interesting Objects: The 1812 Overture cannon
60 The head of Nelson's Pillar: Rhodri Marsden's Interesting Objects No.103
61 Rhodri Marsden: Struggling to express your emotions? There's a sticker for that...
62 Could Google and Facebook become the world's new colonialists?
63 Telepathy technology is coming – are you scared?
64 #DuvetknowitsChristmas returns to show your bad bedroom arrangements
65 Revealed: How we really spend the hours and minutes of everyday life
66 Michael Jackson's white glove: Rhodri Marsden's Interesting Objects No.105
67 Rhodri Marsden: The overuse of people's first names is just sinister,
68 Rossini's Spanish jacket: Rhodri Marsden's Interesting Objects No.101
69 The Sword of Tristan: Rhodri Marsden's Interesting Objects
70 Microsoft has ended its support for Windows 7, so what does it mean for users?
71 Rhodri Marsden's Interesting Objects: The 1865 edition of Alice's Adventures In Wonderland
72 Why 3D printed building is more than a fad
73 Pavlov's bell: Rhodri Marsden's Interesting Objects No.102
74 More than words: Are 'emoji' dumbing us down or enriching our communications?
75 Rhodri Marsden's Interesting Objects: The Mastermind chair
76 Rhodri Marsden's Interesting Objects: The microwave oven
77 Rhodri Marsden: Have I got any spare change? It depends what you mean
78 Rhodri Marsden's Interesting Objects: The ice-hockey mask
79 When John Peel interviewed Rhodri Marsden: Goth jokes, fanzines, and a whole musical sub-culture
80 The 30mph speed limit sign: Rhodri Marsden's Interesting Objects No.104
81 Rhodri Marsden's interesting objects: The table knife
82 Rhodri Marsden: 'I'm obviously joking. You shouldn't take me so
83 Rhodri Marsden's interesting objects: General George Pickett's shad bake
84 Rhodri Marsden's Interesting Objects: Remington No 1
85 Rhodri Marsden: To X or not to X? That is the baffling piece of
86 Rhodri Marsden's Interesting Objects: Pope Pius VII's paper crown
87 Rhodri Marsden: A Twitpic of my dinner – but do I own the rights?
88 The TV instant replay machine: Rhodri Marsden's Interesting Objects No.90
89 Rhodri Marsden's Interesting Objects: Kool Herc's party flyer
90 Rhodri Marsden's interesting objects: Brer Fox an' Brer Rabbit board game
91 Rhodri Marsden's Interesting Objects: The Chinese Flag
92 Rhodri Marsden's interesting objects: Thomas Edison's Telescribe
93 Why do we like making lists?
94 Rhodri Marsden's Interesting Objects: The Joey Ramone street sign in New York
95 Duvet Know It's Christmas: People Are Sharing Their Hilarious Christmas Sleeping Arrangements
96 Rhodri Marsden's Interesting Objects: Gef the Talking Mongoose
97 Rhodri Marsden's Interesting Object: The Christmas tree light
98 Rhodri Marsden's Interesting Objects: Prince's symbol
99 Rhodri Marsden: 'I've deleted Wakie
100 The touch-tone telephone keypad: Rhodri Marsden's Interesting Objects