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1 Loved and Lost: Domenic Parisi was a barber to many generations of men — including Richard Nixon
2 Dear Donald, Dear Mr. President: A Trump-Nixon '80s tale
3 Richard Nixon Tried to Hide the Plot Against Salvador Allende in Chile. Trump Bragged About Efforts to Kill Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.
4 How Richard Nixon Became an Accidental Archivist
5 Trump-Nixon letters highlight unique relationship
6 The presidential election of 1968 looks a lot like today’s — but it was very different
7 National Coaches Day Traces History to Richard Nixon
8 Watch now: Sullivan native has kept Richard Nixon's half-eaten sandwich for 60 years
9 A lot has changed since Kennedy and Nixon's first nationally televised presidential debates
10 President Richard Nixon's fondness for Donald Trump revealed in archived letters at Orange County library
11 How Richard Nixon 'Stole' This Photo and Twisted It Into a Campaign Slogan
12 How the JFK-Nixon debates in 1960—the first on live TV—set the stage for all to come
13 JFK and Richard Nixon Held the First Virtual Presidential Debate 60 Years Ago
14 Trump refused to debate virtually. But Nixon did and got the best of JFK.
15 Out of Our Past: Reporter corrected Nixon during his visit to Richmond
16 Soul Brother No. 1 James Brown Endorses Richard Nixon? Believe It
17 Virtual debates aren't new. Sixty years ago, Kennedy and Nixon debated 3,000 miles apart
18 Here's what happens after polls close in a US presidential election
19 From the Archives: Richard Nixon in Savannah in 1970
20 How Richard Nixon Manipulated the Context of a Photograph for His Campaign
21 The Time Nixon’s Cronies Tried to Overturn a Presidential Election
22 Illinois man keeps sandwich Richard Nixon half-ate 60 years ago
23 Radio Diary: JFK, Nixon And The 1960 Presidential Election
24 From the archives: Nixon’s income tax bill was $1,670 for two years
25 Watch now: Richard Nixon ate a sandwich in Central Illinois 60 years ago. Here's the story of the man who kept it.
26 OPINION EXCHANGE | Name that president: A home stretch quiz about America's chief executives
27 Remembering The Journal reporter who broke the story of Nixon’s taxes, and never revealed his source
28 A Look Back at the Kennedy-Nixon Presidential Debate Reveals an American Political Class That Could Debate With Respect
29 Healthy Democracies Prosecute Presidents Like Trump
30 Donald Trump is the worst possible option for president
31 Echoes of Nixon reverberate as Trump presses Barr to target Biden
32 Pets, Pets, Pets
33 Cal Thomas: Can Joe Biden be trusted?
34 Will muting Trump and Biden save the presidential debates?
35 State Sen. Borrello proposes split of electoral votes
36 President Trump claimed during the debate the GOP will take back the House on Election Day. That is unlikely.
37 Can you solve these real 'Jeopardy!' clues about the '70s?
38 Today in History
39 How Does Trump's Racism Compare With Past Presidents'? : Code Switch
40 Lessons From a War Gone By
41 How the Kennedy-Nixon Debate Changed American Politics
42 Markets vs economy — how each is telegraphing the 2020 election, according to PNC
43 The Case Against Donald Trump
44 Canadian Dispatch: Intrigue over Canada-China-U.S. relationship
45 Celebrate And Vigorously Defend The Endangered Species Act
46 THEN AND NOW: How campaigning for president has changed over the years
47 Election Tips And Resources
48 Today in History: U.S. Navy frigate Constitution, also known as 'Old Ironsides,' was christened
49 Trump seeds the ground for possible loss with personal attacks
50 Elections haven't changed much – except for campaign tactics
51 Black Lives Matter Maine stages rally at Portland police station
52 Abortion politics polarized before Roe. When it’s gone, the fighting won’t stop.
53 'Effectiveness, efficiency and access': President Gee recounts being first Supreme Court Fellow
54 Today in history: Oct. 21 | National News |
55 Trump's environmental policies pose the biggest threat
56 Longtime vet-med dean Pritchard dead at 95
57 The first Presidential debate: Kennedy vs. Nixon, 1960
58 Domenic Parisi, barber who cut Nixon's hair, dies of COVID
59 Trump Is No Richard Nixon
60 The Foote Files: The Resignation Of President Richard Nixon
61 Trump Has Been Comparing Himself to Nixon. That’s Hooey.
62 'Watergate Girl' Jill Wine-Banks on Her Pioneering Role Investigating Richard Nixon
63 Trump’s Lessons From Nixon Missed One Important Thing
64 Donald Trump said he 'learned a lot' from Richard Nixon
65 Richard Nixon bears responsibility for the pandemic’s child-care crisis
66 Think the Trump tapes are worse than the Nixon tapes? Think again.
67 Opinion | Donald Trump Isn’t Richard Nixon. He’s Jimmy Carter.
68 Newly Declassified Tapes Reveal Ex-US President Richard Nixon's Hatred Towards Indians
69 Trump reaches for Nixon playbook after protests that have rocked America
70 Mesmerizing ‘deep fake’ video shows Richard Nixon giving nationally broadcast Apollo 11 eulogy he never had t
71 Secretary Michael R. Pompeo Remarks at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum: “Communist China and the Free World's Future”
72 Trump in 2020 sounds a lot like Richard Nixon, George Wallace
73 Watch now: Richard Nixon ate a sandwich in Sullivan 60 years ago. Here's the story of the man who kept it.
74 Is West Turning Away from Nixon's Approach to China?
75 Nixon in Agony review – Berkoff gets inside disgraced president's head
76 6 Good Things Richard Nixon Did for the Environment
77 Never-before-seen photos of Richard Nixon post-Watergate, by his Secret Service agent
78 Unlike Trump, Richard Nixon was a Patriotic Commander-in-Chief who Revered our Fallen and Wounded Heroes
79 Elvis Presley and Richard Nixon: The Story Behind Their Famous Handshake Photo
80 What the most epic pardon of all time tells us about Trump
81 What Happened After Nixon Failed to Appoint a Woman to the Supreme Court
82 The Terrible Cost of Presidential Racism
83 How An Intrepid Greek Exile, The CIA And The Boston Globe Nearly Kept Richard Nixon Out Of The White House
84 Riots helped elect Nixon in 1968. Can Trump benefit from fear and loathing too?
85 How Trump's 'Law And Order' Strategy Differs From Nixon
86 MIT Creates Nixon Moon Landing Speech Using Deep Fake Technology
87 Trump is following the playbook of Nixon and Joe McCarthy
88 Anger at Donald Trump may turn great artists into political cartoonists. It’s happened before.
89 What Mike Pompeo doesn’t understand about China, Richard Nixon and U.S. foreign policy
90 How Nixon’s Presidency Became Increasingly Erratic After Kent State
91 How Nixon’s Invasion of Cambodia Triggered a Check on Presidential Power
92 Trump May Compare Himself to Nixon in 1968, but He Really Resembles Wallace
93 Get Up Get Active | Richard Nixon County Park
94 What Was The Watergate Scandal That Brought Down Nixon?
95 Trump and Nixon: Separated at Birth? | BU Today
96 Illinois man has kept Richard Nixon's unfinished sandwich for 60 years
97 The crusade: When Billy Graham brought Richard Nixon to Knoxville | Opinion
98 'The politics of racial division': Trump borrows Nixon's 'southern strategy'
99 Man has kept Richard Nixon's half-eaten sandwich for 60 years
100 Paul Krugman: Donald Trump is no Richard Nixon