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1 Road Warrior Animal dies at 60: WWE legend, Legion of Doom member Joe Laurinaitis remembered
2 'Oh, what a rush!' Remembering 'Road Warrior Animal' Joe Laurinaitis
3 Joseph Laurinaitis, wrestling’s ‘Animal’ of the Road Warriors, dies at 60
4 Joe Laurinaitis, a Star as Tag Team’s ‘Animal,’ Dies at 60
5 The Greatest Tag Team in the History of Professional Wrestling
6 Road Warrior Animal, A Wrestling Legend, Has Died At 60
7 Why Road Warrior Animal didn't like controversial WWE storyline that he was involved in (Exclusive)
8 EXCLUSIVE: Road Warrior Animal Corrects One Dark Side of the Ring Revelation
9 WWE's Road Warrior Animal Died During Romantic Wedding Anniversary Getaway
10 Top 7 Wrestling Hairstyles | 411MANIA
11 Drew McIntyre says Road Warriors were the best tag team of all-time
12 Wrestling superstar Joe 'Animal' Laurinaitis was also a great dad
13 Road Warrior Animal Reacts To The Road Warriors "Dark Side Of The Ring"
14 What We Learned From Dark Side of the Ring: The Road Warriors
15 WWE news: Who are the 50 greatest wrestlers of all time?
16 Road Warrior Animal's Death: Everything We Know
17 Road Warrior Animal Explains Why Retribution's Push Isn't Working
18 The Tragic Death of WWE Hall of Famer Paul Bearer
19 Joe Laurinaitis, pro wrestler Road Warrior Animal, dies at age 60
20 Road Warriors Hawk and Animal Focus of Next Dark Side of the Ring
21 The Legendary Road Warriors (Hawk and Animal)
22 The Berzerker talks wrestling Goldberg, missing Curt Hennig and Road Warrior Hawk
23 10 Backstage Stories About The Road Warriors Fans Should Know
24 Monday Night Wrong: Road Warrior Hawk jumps off the Titantron
25 Daily Pro Wrestling History (11/22): The Undertaker debuts at WWF Survivor Series 1990
26 Remembering Road Warrior Animal | Sports |
27 WWE Legend Road Warrior Animal Has Died
28 Road Warrior Animal discusses RetroMania videogame, WWE Hall of Fame, WCW, winning WWF gold for the first time and more
29 Chargers team doctor accidentally punctured QB Tyrod Taylor’s lung, Road Warrior Animal dies at 60, and more s
30 The Undertaker Is Adding To His Impressive Net Worth by Teaming up With Snoop Dogg in an Interesting Collaboration for WWE
31 Daily Pro Wrestling History (12/01): Stan Stasiak wins WWWF title
32 Wrestling world reacts to the death of Joe Laurinaitis, WWE's Road Warrior Animal
33 Legion Of Doom: 10 Facts Fans Need To Know About The Road Warriors
34 The Road Warriors are Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team Ever. Here’s Why.
35 Joe Laurinaitis, wrestler known as 'Animal,' dies at 60
36 Pro wrestling's 'Animal' of the Road Warriors tag team dies
37 10 Powerful Wrestling Promos That Never Uttered A Word
38 Joe Laurinaitis, The Road Warrior Animal, Passes Away at 60
39 Road Warrior Animal doesn't think Tessa Blanchard should be Impact's World Champion, thoughts on what wrestling companies are missing
40 Video: Road Warrior Animal & Paul Ellering WWE Hall of Fame Speech
41 Road Warrior Animal: Al Snow Unveils Shirt to Raise Money for Late Wrestling Star's Family
42 Road Warrior Animal's Death Occurred During Anniversary Getaway With His Wife
43 Video: Road Warrior Animal vs. Heath Slater in his last match in WWE (SmackDown, July 20, 2012)
44 Video: WWE Universe pays tribute to Road Warrior Animal
45 Dark Side Of The Ring: The Last Ride of The Road Warriors
46 "Dark Side Of The Ring" Trailer For The Road Warriors Episode
47 Daily Pro Wrestling History (11/23): Sting makes WWE debut at Survivor Series 2014
48 Road Warrior Animal on how he found out about Hawk's death
49 Demolition vs. Road Warriors: 5 Ways Each Team Was The Superior Duo
50 5 Ways The Legion Of Doom Was Best In WWE (& 5 Ways They Were In WCW)
51 Q&A with Road Warrior Animal
52 411's Dark Side of the Ring Report
53 WWE Tag-Team Mount Rushmore from The New Day to Hardy Boyz but NO Hart Foundation or New Age Outlaws
54 Remembering Joe "Road Warrior Animal" Laurinaitis: WWE Wrestler Died at 60
55 The Week in Wrestling: Adam Cole on his RoH title, Road Warrior Animal on tag teams
56 This Day in Wrestling History (Oct. 19): Road Warrior Hawk Passes Away
57 Owen Hart, Road Warriors Getting 'Dark Side of the Ring' Treatment
58 Dead Wrestler Of The Week: Road Warrior Hawk
59 Road Warrior Animal Reveals Why He and Hawk Left WCW
60 Road Warrior Animal Says He Was Disrespected By WWE
61 Jim Ross Recalls Breaking Up Backstage Fight Between Dr. Death Steve Williams & Hawk, Discusses Who He Thinks Would Have Won
62 Road Warriors: 10 Best Matches In Their Careers | TheSportster
63 WWE News: Bret Hart Pays Tribute To Road Warrior Animal, WWE Looks At Anoa'i Family Showdowns, Guests For Sunday's The Bump
64 Sonny Onoo Recalls Randy Savage & Road Warrior Hawk Backstage Incident
65 How WWE Lured Roman Reigns, Help Road Warrior Animal’s Family
66 Sonny Onoo Looks Back on Randy Savage and Road Warrior Hawk Coming to Blows at NJPW Event
67 Eddie Sharkey Talks Training Road Warriors, McMahon Splitting The Territories, More
68 Update on the death of Road Warrior Animal
69 The 10 Worst Tag Teams Champions Of The 2000s | TheSportster
70 Road Warrior Animal Reveals His One Regret In Pro Wrestling
71 Road Warrior Animal Reflects on Hawk and the Road Warriors' Milestones
72 Paul Ellering reveals he was going to return to WWE this year, looks back on the success of the Road Warriors, defends Rocco the Dummy, working with AOP in NXT
73 Bruce Prichard On If Hawk Was Okay With Droz In Legion Of Doom, Recalls 'Brutal' DOA Vs LOD Match
74 WWE’s Jeff Hardy Storyline Continues a Sordid Tradition That MUST End
75 The Rock reveals what his chances would have been if he was in WWE's Brawl For All
76 Dark Side of the Ring returning for 3rd season; details and topic revealed
77 Lexington business property sells for $500,000 | Property Transfers
78 2020 WWE Clash of Champions matches, card, Gold Rush predictions, start time, location, date, rumors
79 This Day in History (1/28)
80 Coweta Tigers Embrace Challenge Of 'Road Warrior Way'
81 10 WWE Tag Teams Who Were Total Sweethearts (5 Who Acted Like Jerks)
82 Vice announces details, topics for 'Dark Side of the Ring' season two
83 Pro Wrestling News: Road Warrior Animal Comments on Sting Being an "Icon"
84 Eddie Sharkey On Training The Road Warriors, Wasn't Bothered By Vince McMahon Breaking the Territories
85 DARK SIDE OF THE RING: A First Look At "The Last Ride of The Road Warriors" Has Been Released
86 10 Gimmicks That Would Only Work In The Attitude Era
87 Young wrestling fans go wild as the Legend of Doom did battle with the Viking Warrior
88 5 WCW Wrestlers Randy Savage Loved (& 5 He Had Backstage Heat With)
89 Road Warrior Animal Criticizes WWE's Handling Of The Revival And Authors Of Pain
90 The Road Warriors Are Now Officially in the WWE Hall of Fame
91 James Laurinaitis blasts Michigan for using father in graphic
92 5 shocking myths surrounding WWE superstars
93 Face Off: What These 15 Wrestlers Look Like Without Face Paint
94 Tony Schiavone discusses some of his greatest memories during his time as a wrestling commentator including Road Warrior almost poking his eye out
95 WWE News: Road Warrior Animal fires back at Becky Lynch after recent exchange
96 C Vs. C: The Road Warriors Were the Greatest Tag Team in Pro Wrestling!
97 Fitzy: Hey Julian Edelman, you're needed
98 10 WWE Funko Pops We Can't Believe They Haven't Made Yet
99 First look at “The Last Ride of The Road Warriors” episode of Vice’s Dark Side of the Ring
100 Andy Cannizaro wants Mississippi State to become road warriors