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1 Republicans, Democrats Split On Health Care Issues, Could Delay Reform
2 Watch: Health equity and the next four years
3 Health expert: Black and Latino homelessness will spike without pandemic relief package
4 Harvard Experts Explore Implications of 2020 Election for US Health Policy in Report | News
5 Republicans and Democrats split on health care issues, could delay stimulus, insurance reform
6 Solv Health raises $27 million as health care providers move online
7 Voting for Health: Party Opinions, Election Results & the Healthcare Policy Implications of Election 2020
8 Biden's mask order plan slams into a red wall
9 The Covid curves are bending the wrong way
10 Forum: Pandemic's Disproportionate Impacts on Minority Communities in U.S. Cities
11 NPR Poll Finds Pandemic Financially Imperils Nearly Half of American Households : Shots
12 Richest Republicans View Health Care Far Differently Than Poorest, NPR Poll Finds
13 Nearly a Quarter of Rural Americans Unable to Receive Medical Care During Pandemic, School of Public Health Poll Finds | News
14 Harvard Professor Robert Blendon, ScD, Discusses the Republican Presidential Candidates
15 Poll: 61% of U.S. households with children report facing serious financial problems during the coronavirus outbreak
16 Living on the edge: More than 4 in 10 households face serious financial problems during pandemic: POLL
17 Half of households in 4 largest US cities report financial problems due to pandemic according to NPR and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation poll
18 Latino Households Disproportionately Hit By COVID-19, Harvard Poll Finds | News
19 The pandemic’s financial pain is worst for Black and Latino parents, a survey finds.
20 Half of Chicago households report serious financial problems during the COVID-19 pandemic, NPR-Harvard poll finds
21 POLITICO-Harvard poll: Stark partisan divide on reopening America
22 Poll: Majorities of Latino, Black, and Native American households across the U.S. report facing serious financial problems during the coronavirus outbreak
23 Poll: Pandemic Worsens Minorities' Income And Savings
24 Most American Families Facing Financial Danger During Pandemic: Poll
25 Economic Pain From Pandemic Is Much Worse Than Expected, NPR Poll Finds
26 Communities of color hit hardest financially by COVID-19: study | TheHill
27 POLITICO-Harvard Poll: Health care costs are top priority heading into elections
28 Should Medicare for All be Democrats' top priority?
29 COVID-19 has depleted Latino, Black & Native American household funds
30 Poll: 24% of households in rural America report being unable to get medical care for serious problems during the coronavirus outbreak, with 56% reporting harmful health consequences as a result
31 COVID relief and the misplaced outrage about Rage
32 Americans Report Burning Through Savings, Struggling To Pay Rent And Buy Food : Shots
33 Households with Kids are Facing “Serious Financial Problems"
34 Covid-19's economic impact on Latino families is 'much worse' than expected, poll finds
35 If they sweep on Election Day, Dems still face a challenge meeting health promises
36 How The Pandemic Is Widening The Racial Wealth Gap
37 'People aren't stupid': Pence's virus spin tests credibility
38 Opinion: Congress Should Do Their Job So Millions of Americans Can Do Theirs
39 Trump's RNC speech lacked some coronavirus safeguards. That might have been the point
40 Falling Covid-19 cases create opportunity and peril for Trump
41 Donald Trump Is Losing On An Issue Voters Care A Lot About. Here's How He's Trying to Change That
42 Americans Don’t Trust The People In Charge Of The Coronavirus Fight
43 What virus? At GOP's convention, pandemic is largely ignored
44 Poll: Adults in the top 1% highest income bracket have dramatically different life experiences than middle- and lower-income adults when it comes to financial problems, health care, and life satisfaction
45 The Critical Condition of Health Care in 2020
46 POLITICO-Harvard poll: Pandemic fallout, racial reckoning are deeply personal to 2020 voters
47 New study finds most Americans don't really care about inequality
48 Income Inequality Webcast From NPR And Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health : Shots
49 Let COVID spark a new drive to expand medical education
50 Americans' Conflicting Views About The Public Health System, And How To Shore Up Support
51 Pandemic Financially Imperils Nearly Half of American Households, Poll Finds
52 More than half of residents in big U.S. cities are struggling financially amid coronavirus pandemic
53 Fact-check: Would there be fewer coronavirus cases without testing?
54 Moving past 'invisible enemy,' Trump nudges nation to reopen
55 Survey: Seriously ill Medicare beneficiaries can face considerable financial hardship
56 Even among the insured, cost of illness can be devastating, Harvard-backed poll finds
57 Experts worry politics will guide voters' virus precautions
58 Even the coronavirus can't bridge America's partisan divide
59 Understanding The American Public's Health Priorities: A 2006 Perspective
60 When Insurance Won't Cover Drugs, Americans Make 'Tough Choices' About Their Health
61 American families face 'impossible choices,' severe financial strains amid COVID-19 pandemic
62 Intermountain, Sanford hospital systems plan to merge
63 New Apple Watch heralds remote health monitoring
64 Half of Americans fear a health-related bankruptcy
65 CDC to issue order temporarily halting some evictions for public health reasons
66 Watch: The future of employability and broadband
67 Fed Will Keep Rates Unchanged Until at Least 2023
68 The pandemic's racial disparities are bigger than health care
69 Biden on Trump's "socialist" attack: "He thinks he's running against somebody else"
70 Trump says he "up-played" the coronavirus
71 Boston Children's Hospital new CEO taking over mid-pandemic
72 Most Residents in Four Biggest Cities Face 'Serious Financial Problems'
73 Watch: A conversation following the vice presidential debate
74 How Income Inequality Affects Health Equity, Patient Experiences
75 The high price of workplace stress – Harvard Gazette
76 72% of Latino households report money problems amid COVID-19, compared with one-third of white households
77 Airlines to Furlough Tens of Thousands of Workers on Thursday
78 As McConnell Dismisses New Covid Relief Bill as 'Political Stunt,' Survey Shows 60% of US Families Struggling to Get By
79 Authorities seek public’s help to find Blendon Twp. man, 92
80 Pandemic Places Nearly Half of US Households in Financial Peril
81 UPDATE: Blendon Twp. man located after two-day search
82 Coronavirus pushes U.S. unemployment to Great Depression levels
83 COVID-19 and its unique impact on kids
84 POLITICO-Harvard poll: Despite vaping crisis, Americans view e-cigarettes as far more dangerous than marijuana
85 Measuring poverty in the midst of America’s covid-19 epidemic
86 Americans Want The Health Care System To Change. Just Not Their Own Health Care.
87 Leaders struggle to balance science and politics as they set pandemic policy
88 Democrats face big test over healthcare agenda on Super Tuesday
89 Attitudes Toward The Use Of Quarantine In A Public Health Emergency In Four Countries
90 Despite health advice, some leaders can’t help but shake hands
91 How Americans Split on Health Care: It’s a 3-Way Tie
92 POLITICO-Harvard poll: New Congress should fight hate crimes, tackle drug prices
93 New studies show discrimination widely reported by women, people of color and LGBTQ adults
94 Do 160 Million Americans Really Like Their Health Plans? Kind Of
95 'Trumpcare' could consume president | Robert J. Blendon
96 An Attack Ad That Claims Michigan Sen. Gary Peters Supports ‘Medicare For All’ Doesn’t Hold Up
97 POLITICO-Harvard poll: Americans worried about data hacks, want higher taxes on e-cigs
98 Poll: Americans blame pharma, insurers and providers for high health costs
99 Think ‘Medicare For All’ Is The Only Democratic Health Plan? Think Again
100 Poll finds that at least one quarter of Asian Americans report being personally discriminated against in the workplace and housing